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  1. Who all is going to this? I will be there with my daughter.
  2. Just as it is the right of the people sitting next to you to tell you to SHUTUP. Correct? Many of us pay a lot of money to see these games. The last thing we want to hear is some fan impersonator booing the team.
  3. Quite a leap there isn't it? Who said anything about a standing ovation? I believe there is a middle ground. So somewhere between NOT booing and not giving a standing ovation will suffice quite nicely.
  4. I am a chick...I think it is hilarious.
  5. I may be wrong, but I believe during that time they were both in Washington working in the Senate. I dont' believe they were in NC during the time of the parade. My friend Lori is Burr's assistant I will ask her.
  6. That video was a riot. President Bush is a funny guy and the team really seemed to enjoy his speech. I really like how Rod raised his hand when Bush mentioned their noses.
  7. Yeah...that Hurricane logo is definately weak. :roll: I mean...just look at that Penguin on those other jerseys. Now that is a force to be reckoned with.
  8. I sent their editor an email pointing out the error. I figured hey...might as well. I told them that I didn't think even BrindAmour could help the professional football team in North Carolina win the Stanley Cup.
  9. Scotty 9.5 WINNAH! Chris 4.75 :lol:
  10. Where shall we start posting the photos? :wink: You GO Mike! If I were a chick I'd probably be stalking Williams though. Maybe Wizard (does anybody else here think he's a dead ringer for Warren Beatty?). Cam's got that boyish charm about him, as does Staal, but Willie's got a kind of ... "dangerous" look about him. Brindy's appeal comes more from the inside that the outside, but that can go a long way too. But personally I'd take our very own "Captain" -- 300Section -- over pretty much anybody. She got it goin' on! :wink: Haha! Are we going to have to open a third thread for Hotties Of The Boards? You mean my "Goddesses of the Caniac Nation" project? Why not? I'll be happy to supply the photos... :mrgreen:
  11. I am a total Rod woman here too!
  12. That is very cool! I haven't made it to a practice yet but plan on taking my son very soon.
  13. Thanks! Hard for me to keep up. You know how I feel about these non-televised games. :wink: And now my computer seems to be moving in slow motion. It is TELEVISED!!! If you have DirecTV...it is on channel 769. I am currently watching it. Somehow they aren't charging you the pay per view fee.
  14. I don't know if this has been said...BUT if you have DirecTV the game is ON!!! I am watching it. It is on channel 769.
  15. The site says TBD but does anyone know what time practice is tomorrow? I have never been to a practice. Can you just walk in and watch? THANKS!
  16. Nuff said! 237)You sign on and find that one of your favorite threads has been severely derailed and locked. So you start a new one hoping it stays the course....please :x 261) When you go to the games you refuse to let anyone else drive because you are the only one with a Hurricanes license plate and flag on your car!
  17. That was great! You had some great shots in there!
  18. Ok let's use free speech. Next time I am at a game and someone boo's the team I will tell them to Shutup. Too funny..... Now that is a good way to end my Friday. I do try! No one had better boo my Brind Amour! :mrgreen:
  19. Ok let's use free speech. Next time I am at a game and someone boo's the team I will tell them to Shutup.
  20. I totally agree. If you feel the need to boo just leave. It is just wrong.
  21. Time to remember that the true fans will love you and continue to back you up. GO CANES!
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