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  1. I for one am not saying I expect them to win the cup again. I, along with alot of other fans at the games, see the same thing...they are not playing 100%, or with enough desire. Yes they are all great athletes and get paid for it. But, we as fans, pay ALOT of money to a see half assed effort, then of course there will be boos. It is OUR RIGHT as fans to voice our disappointment as well as out approval of play!!! I have never been in favor of the thought that they are our team, and no matter what never boo. Booing is done to get their attention!!!! The effort the past few games have been like 30%, where they should be giving 110%. A few players playing hard will not get it done, i'm not saying every player, but come on atleast half the squad give it your all.

    Just as it is the right of the people sitting next to you to tell you to SHUTUP. Correct? Many of us pay a lot of money to see these games. The last thing we want to hear is some fan impersonator booing the team.

  2. What I think is ridiculous is that Dole and Burr showed up at the white house and not at the parade at the RBC center or downtown. Way to support the first professional team to win a national title.

    I may be wrong, but I believe during that time they were both in Washington working in the Senate. I dont' believe they were in NC during the time of the parade. My friend Lori is Burr's assistant I will ask her.

  3. The weird thing is that honestly, I don't think our jersey is even close to the best. I wouldn't even probably put it in top 5 or maybe 10. Sure I love it because it's ours, but I think a lot of people agree that the swirling hurricane logo is kind of... well weak. I think we should have the flag as our main logo and the hurricane as our backup logo, only problem being that people would constantly make the joke that it's a tropical storm flag rather than hurricane, though two flags would look dumb. I dunno, I'm almost hoping that we do get a jersey redesign with the new jerseys. I know most teams are staying the same but I think a few are doing something new. I just think ours is kind of boring.

    Yeah...that Hurricane logo is definately weak. :roll: I mean...just look at that Penguin on those other jerseys. Now that is a force to be reckoned with. :lol:

  4. Where shall we start posting the photos? :wink:

    I'm a guy, and I'm comfortable enough with my manhood to tell everyone that Rod Brind'Amour is the sexiest man in hockey. (It's also possible I say this because some people have told me I sorta look like him, ya know, except for the zero body fat part.) Screw Mike Modano and what's his face from Los Angeles... Brind'Amour is where it's at. If I was a chick, I'd stalk him.

    You GO Mike! If I were a chick I'd probably be stalking Williams though. Maybe Wizard (does anybody else here think he's a dead ringer for Warren Beatty?). Cam's got that boyish charm about him, as does Staal, but Willie's got a kind of ... "dangerous" look about him. Brindy's appeal comes more from the inside that the outside, but that can go a long way too.

    But personally I'd take our very own "Captain" -- 300Section -- over pretty much anybody. She got it goin' on! :wink:

    Haha! Are we going to have to open a third thread for Hotties Of The Boards?

    You mean my "Goddesses of the Caniac Nation" project? Why not? I'll be happy to supply the photos... :mrgreen:

  5. OK Number 245: You have your birthday dinner at RBC

    Dad "Where do you want to go for dinner for your Birthday?"

    son "to Dos Banditos"

    Dad: " Oh a Mexican Restaurant thats cool... Where is it?

    Son: "Right next to your beer stand on the third level at RBC..."

    Dad: "Well I only have the two tickets for that night and that would mean mom cant go..."

    Son: Thats OK I already told her she isn't invited...

    Now thats either really stupid or a True Caniac ( apologies to Brian)

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  6. There is something here called free speach and if someone wants to boo then so be it.

    Ok let's use free speech. Next time I am at a game and someone boo's the team I will tell them to Shutup. :lol:

    Too funny..... Now that is a good way to end my Friday.

    I do try! No one had better boo my Brind Amour! :mrgreen:

  7. I've just returned home from tonight's game against Phoenix. Yes, the performance tonight was poor; however, it is never appropriate to boo this team. Never. To boo the team gives credence to those who said hockey isn't for this area. If we can't support them through good times and bad, then we don't deserve them.

    I don't care if they dress up as Princess Jasmine and start skating Disney on ice. As long as the Hurricanes are in Carolina, I'll save my boos for Buffalo.

    I totally agree. If you feel the need to boo just leave. It is just wrong.

  8. It's time to focus.

    It's time to trust.

    It's time to sacrifice.

    It's time to care less.

    It's about the guy in front of you.

    It's time to go for it.

    It's time to be cocky.

    It's time.....

    to act like you want to be Stanley Cup Champions AGAIN.

    Best of luck. You can do it.

    Time to remember that the true fans will love you and continue to back you up. GO CANES!

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