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  1. Yeah, not to rag on the guy but he's just not a "people person." Sometimes there are just going to be people who are not "happy go lucky" all the time. Like you said though, I could care less as long as he helps us win games!
  2. While I am glad to see they will finally have the Center Ice games in HD, I would be shocked if they have them by the end of this season.
  3. Bates is still under contract with Toronto and will be playing for their minor league team. You should probably call the Rec Zone on Monday before heading out there. They haven't skated the last two years on Labor Day even though it has been listed on the Rec Zone schedule.
  4. Yes it is. They will be delivered when they always are, the week of Labor Day.
  5. "Camp Brind'Amour" starts August 25th at the Rec Zone. The in town players (along with Aaron Ward and Bates Battaglia) skate from 10 to 12 each weekday (except Labor Day) until training camp starts. Last year the assistant coaches were there running drills so it took on more of a training camp atmosphere rather than just pickup hockey.
  6. I'm in section 130.
  7. There is a video interview with JR on the Canes site during which he said Hamilton's work ethic declined in practices.
  8. Cole. I was ready for him to be traded in the summer.
  9. While watching tonight I wondered if some fans might show up with paper bags tomorrow.
  10. I believe the quote was "he played terrible in every game he played in" but feel free to twist my post any way you like.
  11. Did you watch the Rangers game Dec. 3? He really sucked scoring a breakaway goal to seal the game
  12. If it happens, I would be surprised if it is not Letowski. Like Grahame, he will be an UFA at the end of the season that they will not re-sign. Adams is under contract for next year as is Hamilton.
  13. I meant to set the DVR for that but forgot. When I got home it was on the last game. I was at game 2 which was great to be at. It gave me hope that hockey would succeed once they made the move to Raleigh.
  14. I was at the game in Greensboro in Nov. 97 when he made his first appearance in NC. He assisted on two Alex Kovalev goals and scored one on a slap shot.
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