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  1. Someone PLEASE wake me up. I MUST be dreaming. Well done JR. Well done. Welcome to NC Semin! You are MOST welcome HERE!
  2. Ummmmm....ok. Give him one year at 7 or 2 at 12ish. I'm sold.
  3. Maybe Fritsch is being promoted to first line winger. You know....LIKE SEMIN....HINT HINT HINT. I know, JR....Rocket Science.
  4. I'll take both Kostitsyn brothers and Semin.
  5. Gagnani and Corvo this off-season. I feel better and better about next season already.
  6. Yeah....gee....none of their fathers would agree with that move would they? I and my son would be overjoyed. Let's keep wasting games and time. No problem.
  7. How to fix this???? Address the security at the airport and the RBC Center.....because Mo keeps sneaking on-board the planes and into the locker room. Only way I can figure he is still coaching.
  8. Hey Mo! Things you should be thankful tomorrow when you sit at the table: 1. Still having a job. 2. Being JR's best bud. 3. PK believes you are a hockey god. 4. Still having a job. Amen. "If you don't have fans with lots of opinions, you're not in a very good market," Rutherford said. 99% of the fans want the same thing and have the same opinion. That's the part he doesn't get.
  9. What is the organization waiting on? Lavi was 12-11-2 after 25 games when he was fired. Mo is sitting on 6-11-3 after 20. No way he can even match. Double standard? And Lavi won the Cup. Sheesh. Stop wasting time and let's move on.
  10. Finally!! A thread up my alley where the admins won't whine about my posts! Look, I'm sorry Mo got hurt playing for a PK team, I really am. He's a nice guy - good since of humor. Stand up guy. I'm sure he speaks very well in those organization meetings, etc. etc. etc. I have seen those kind of people at my job too....the question remains....DO THEY DELIVER??? In Mo's case. No. From day one of head coaching. No. Record speaks for itself. Early in the decade....a team of vets that WANTED IT. Had nothing to do with Mo. After Lavi got the axe....a healed team that WANTED IT. Had nothing to do with Mo. What has he done in between? I'm listening.....Toronto fans? I'm listening too. Exactly.....nothing. He has delivered nothing other than being a baby sitter. Thanks. It's time to move on. I would respect PK more if he would just say that he is happy he won a cup and he just wants to keep an active NHL team so he can leave it for his son. Because that is all I am seeing from this organization. Hey PK and JR....move to Canada and see what kind of response you will receive. I can read the 'Art of War' a thousand times....does that mean I will know what to do when the action starts? No. That is what Mo brings to the table. He can analyze, watch tape and think till the stars burn out on what to do BEFORE a game. He doesn't know what to do DURING a game. We need a coach with dynamic games plans, grows young stars, and can adapt to TODAY's game. So who do we get? I don't really care. I would rather lose out the season under someone else than another game with him. As long as this team/coaching staff LEARNED something and didn't make the same mistakes over and over and over and over again. But PK will keep Mo to make sure we stay in the bottom of the salary range. Trying to prove his unatainable point that you can win on the cheap. Good luck with that PK. I will continue to love the Canes no matter what....but this got old two seasons ago. Open for debate.
  11. Amen brother. Testify!! I've wanted him gone since that 14-game losing streak last year but anyway... If we are stuck with him, at least surround him with some guys to help offensively and with the PP. Sheesh.
  12. WStout

    The Rebuild

    Can Skinner skate an entire season and maintain the early energy? Yep. He'll make some rookie mistakes but that is okay. If PK and JR want him on the team - he'll be here. Who sits when Samsonov returns (maybe this week)? Like others have said, unfortunately O'Sullivan. Does O'Sullivan break out? If Mo gives him some time on another line, sure. Where does Tlusty fit in to this team In Charlotte. But since Mo sees something no one else in the world does, I guess he'll be on the first line. Will this road trip make us or break us? After October, the rest of season will be cake...hoping for .500 at the end of the month. Carson in Charlotte, but Harrison still here....face palm.
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