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  1. After watching your captain almost get his head taken off on a viscous hit, you would think somebody would actually try and respond and do something. Instead, not one player responded and the team proceeded to get abused for the rest of the game. Something needs to be done. No way that should be allowed to happen. I was actually embarrassed to be a Canes fan at that moment.
  2. Skjei was one of the better dmen for the team during the playoffs. He brought some physicality and was jumping into the play on offense quite a bit. I think he will be just fine moving forward. Don’t understand why everyone wants him out.
  3. The team needs to add some grit and toughness to the lineup. Too many of the same finesse type players who wilt away once they get hit a few times. Need players that can answer the bell after seeing your captain get dropped with a vicious hit. Maybe even players who will hit the other team back instead of going into a shell because they are scared of physicality
  4. As soon as the Bruins start banging around the Canes, the game changes. The team gets rattled and plays nervous. Worried about getting hit. Looking over their shoulders. it had happened all series long. The same exact thing happened game 2, but was forgotten about because the canes held on for the win. As soon as Hamilton scored, the canes had a PP. the Bruins has about 5 short handed shots against the Canes. Then they hit the Canes all over the ice. Canes couldn’t even get out of the zone. Just like tonight. The Bruins probably were in the Canes zone for the last 10 minutes straight yo end the game. Canes tried to sit back and protect the lead. Somehow they survived and held on. This Series hasn’t even been close. The canes have been lucky the losses haven’t been worse. The Bruins gave missed on tons of easy chances. Even last night, the Canes were fortunate to even be leading after 2 periods.
  5. The refs weren’t that bad tonight. Unfortunately the Canes collapsed when faced with adversity. That should be the takeaway.
  6. Canes definitely need to add some more grit to the lineup if they want to get by a team like Boston in the future. The Canes are still young and building. Still learning. The Bruins have been there for a while now. They’re a seasoned playoff team and one of the Cup favorites for a reason. Canes are probably a few years away from being serious contenders.
  7. Losing Staal killed them. He might not score but he does lots of things that help this team. It was glaring the difference as soon as he was out.
  8. I wouldn’t trade a 1st round pick unless it is for one of the Minnesota defenseman with term left on their contracts.
  9. If I was on the committee, I would be very hesitant to trade away a 1st round pick or any top prospects. This team is just too inconsistent to go all in this year. They are just missing “something”. Last years team was on a mission to make the playoffs and played their hearts out every night. This years team, with more talent in paper, just can’t seem to bring it every night. it may just be a case of the new players just not buying into the RBs philosophy 100%. If that is the case, then maybe they trade Haula and/or Gardiner before the deadline to re-work the current group. im my opinion, the team needs to add some more toughness/physicallity to the current group. Could really use a steady Calvin DeHaan type player on the defense. I don’t know. I’m as frustrated as everyone else at times with this team this year. But I do think they need to change things up a bit. Sometimes, addition is through subtraction. Maybe, whoever is not buying all in, just needs to go.
  10. This team needs to make a Gardiner for DeHaan type trade. Need more grit and physicality on the back end. That is the main problem. This team is soft and too easy to play against on both ends of the ice. Too many finesse type players, Could use more sand paper type players to change up the mix/style a bit. A player like Ferland who is actually healthy and can stay on the ice would be nice.
  11. The team could’ve had an incredible month after the 5-0 start. The 3 games in 4 nights west coast swing followed by 5 days off still doesn’t make any sense. The San Jose game was a schedule loss. However, the Ducks game and last Jacket game are concerning. Need for some of the forwards to get going
  12. I’m not sure why the Canes waived Forsberg instead of Reimer? Forsberg is younger and cheaper. Probably more of chance he gets claimed than if Reimer. Unless Reimer really outplayed Forsberg over training camp
  13. It’s preseason game. Main thing is to avoid injuries.
  14. I still think the team needs an additional forward or two this year. Losing Williams hurt. If Dzingel is out at all, that will hurt. I really thought the Faulk trade would bring the forward the team needed for this year, not 3 years from now.
  15. Faulk has been a good player for the Canes. Was here for a lot of the lean years and through numerous coaching changes. However, the Canes weren’t going to pay him what he was looking for after the Gardiner contract so in the best interest of asset management he needs to be traded. Can’t afford to lose him for nothing in free agency.
  16. I think Fleury played really good last year when he had to step in and play during the regular season. Didn’t look out of place and was physical at times. He really wasn’t given the opportunity in the playoffs when he only averaged about 5 minutes a game. He needs NHL playing time and I think he will be a very solid player. Francis was overly patient with him and maybe kept him in the minors too long when the Canes actually had openings for dman.
  17. The one thing that the Canes have shown is that they will spend the money to sign players to contracts that on the surface seem reasonable. dzingel, TiVo, Gardiner are a few that come to mind. I don’t think that TD is in the business of overpaying anyone. So if Faulk wants over 6 million a year, there is no way they can justify paying him more than any other dman on the roster. The committee can’t just let him walk and lose him for nothing. Need to get some assets back in return this time around. Imagine if the Canes had traded Ferland at the deadline last season?
  18. I don’t know why everyone is down on Fleury. I think when he had a chance to play last year he looked good. He just needs the opportunity to play more than 4 minutes a night. On most teams he would be a solid d-man without question. No way he would clear waivers.
  19. First round picks are gold. Can be used to acquire a big time piece at the trade deadline if Canes are on contention and they would still have another first rounder to actually draft s player.
  20. I think RD was a good signing. Not much term, so if things don’t work out, it won’t hurt the Canes over the long haul. Will now have many more options to work with in the forward line combinations. I dont know if the Canes can trade one of the veteran D anymore. TVR is coming off surgery, so may need to wait and see how he is coming along. I can see the commitee move out one of the younger D prospects so they don’t risk losing them on waivers.
  21. Montreal did the Canes a favor. It really isn’t a crazy contract on AAV. Actually a very reasonable contract. Just the bonus money that is crazy. After the first year, it isn’t bad at all.
  22. If I was TD, I would sign another RFA to an offer sheet for real to send a message not to mess with him
  23. Everyone needs to relax. The players will be fine with Aho returning. It is just part of the business. He will be welcomed back in the locker room. The same thing is happening across the league with a bunch of big time RFAs that are in contract negotiations. The problem is other teams in the league know the offer would be matched immediately with those other teams. However, due to a lack of respect for the Canes, they try to prey on the Canes. Management should’ve never let it get this point and got Aho signed before he had a chance to hear other offers.
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