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  1. I still think the team needs an additional forward or two this year.  Losing Williams hurt.  If Dzingel is out at all, that will hurt.  


    I really thought the Faulk trade would bring the forward the team needed for this year, not 3 years from now.

  2. Faulk has been a good player for the Canes. Was here for a lot of the lean years and through numerous coaching changes.  However, the Canes weren’t going to pay him what he was looking for after the Gardiner contract so in the best interest of asset management he needs to be traded.  Can’t afford to lose him for nothing in free agency.

  3. I think Fleury played really good last year when he had to step in and play during the regular season.  Didn’t look out of place and was physical at times.  He really wasn’t given the opportunity in the playoffs when he only averaged about 5 minutes a game.  He needs NHL playing time and I think he will be a very solid player.


    Francis was overly patient with him and maybe kept him in the minors too long when the Canes actually had openings for dman.  

  4. The one thing that the Canes have shown is that they will spend the money to sign players to contracts that on the surface seem reasonable.  dzingel, TiVo, Gardiner are a few that come to mind.  


    I don’t think that TD is in the business of overpaying anyone.  So if Faulk wants over 6 million a year, there is no way they can justify paying him more than any other dman on the roster.  


    The committee can’t just let him walk and lose him for nothing.  Need to get some assets back in return this time around.


    Imagine if the Canes had traded Ferland at the deadline last season?  

  5. I think RD was a good signing.  Not much term, so if things don’t work out, it won’t hurt the Canes over the long haul.  Will now have many more options to work with in the forward line combinations.  


    I dont know if the Canes can trade one of the veteran D anymore.  TVR is coming off surgery, so may need to wait and see how he is coming along.  


    I can see the commitee move out one of the younger D prospects so they don’t risk losing them on waivers.

  6. Everyone needs to relax.  The players will be fine with Aho returning.  It is just part of the business.  He will be welcomed back in the locker room.  


    The same thing is happening across the league with a bunch of big time RFAs that are in contract negotiations. The problem is other teams in the league know the offer would be matched immediately with those other teams. However, due to a lack of respect for the Canes, they try to prey on the Canes. 


    Management should’ve never let it get this point and got Aho signed before he had a chance to hear other offers.

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  7. The offer sheet is a slap in the face.  This is exactly what all the Canadian reporters have been talking about for the last few days. What s joke.


    I have a bad feeling the canes are going to match and then trade Aho.  TD doesn’t seem like he is the kind of person who likes to have his hand forced.


    in actuality, the contract isn’t even that bad.  Probably actually under market value for Aho.


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  8. This shows zero respect for the Canes organization.  What s joke.  If I was TD, I would offer sheet every RFA on the market.  Screw up everyone.  Laine, Marner, rataanen.  All of them.


    As for what the hell the committee is doing....why would they go out and get cheap this offseason after the season they just had.  Makes no sense.  Let’s fill up the building for the first time in 20 years and then not pay anyone.  Great strategy.


    That AFL debacle is going to end up ruining the Canes.


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  9. After all the speculation of trading a damn for an offensive weapon, the Canes are all of a sudden short defenders.  I am really interested to see how the Canes get the offensive firepower they need now.  Doesn’t seem likely unless the Canes trade draft picks and high end prospects.  Not sure if they want to go that route though. 

  10. This trade is horrible.  All this talk about cap space is laughable.  Canes need to worry about getting to the cap floor. 


    On the surface, this was a pure salary dump.  Hopefully they use the money on some offense.  


    I like the move move if it means Fleury will be one of the bottom pairings next year.  He needs playing time.


    or maybe they need the money to extend Faulk?





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