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  1. The Canes D is attrocious. They really need a change back there. Might as well call up some young guys and give them a chance. I don't think it can get much worse. Even the Islander announcer kept commenting that the Canes are out of sync and that a change is needed. Until they get organized on the back end, they won't be able to turn things around.
  2. I have no problem with losing as long as the team is giving a solid effort. The problem lately is that the team has mailed it in on a few occassions and not put forth their best effort. For instance, last night in Philly they played hard with some desparation in their game. If they had lost the game, I would have had few complaints because they played hard. That is all you can ask for. Efforts like the Ottawa and Buffalo game are not excusable.
  3. Despite the fact that the Canes had 36 shots, half of them were harmless. They just couldn't generate the quality chances they were looking for. This was a game they should have easilty won. Calgary was on fumes and tried to hand the game to the Canes numerous times. I guess I was just even more upset than usual tonight because I thought they would bounce back after the horrid display against OTT the other night. It is very frustrating to watch this team. I don't even know what has happened to them, but they are a completely different team than the one that started the year. I wouldn't care if they were playing with emotion and playing hungry. It seems to me that they are going through the motions half the time. Since the beggining of November, the only games where they have resembled should the team they should be were against the Ranger and in Montreal. They were skating hard and winning the majority of the battles. On most nights it has been a struggle. They can't continue to blindly clear the puck out of their own end. On a side not, Cam needed to bail them out tonight and he didn't. The two third period goals were stoppable, long rang shots. Still, if the Canes offense had any confidence, they could have easlily pulled this one out. They threw away good scoring chances by either not waiting too long and not getting the shots off or missing the net.
  4. I can't believe they lost the game. Calgary was so tired they could barely skate of the ice for a line change the entire third period. There is no excuse for losing a game like tonight. This should have been a scheduling loss for the Flames. The Canes need a wake-up call. The have been playing mediocre hockey for way too long now.
  5. Personally, I would prefer to see Staal start producing some points again than increase his physical play. He needs to step it up and start producing. It is no coincidence that the teams average stretch of play corresponds with Staal's decline in production.
  6. When was the last time a Canes D-man has made a home run pass? They need to get some offensive help from the defense. The Canes were able to get buy without any offense from the D-man the year they won the cup. However, they can't do it this way anymore. The forwards need some help with some good outlet passes to spring them out of the zone. The Canes D can't even clear the zone anymore, let alone make nice outlet passes. JR has some serious problems to fix with this team. They have one of the oldest rosters in the leauge. They need help, and don't have any depth in the minors to use as trade bait. The Canes haven't drafted well (besides the few top 10 picks they have had) over the years and it is starting to catch up with them. They don't have many players ready to step onto the roster who can contribute right away.
  7. JR needs to do something with this team. They have been sluggish for over a month now. Something seems off. They really need to change up the mix on defense. It has been disgusting of late. Way too many mental laspses. They are much too soft. Need to add a physical d-man to the mix. They also need someone who can score playing with Brindy and Williams. Larose shouldn't be a 2nd line winger. They were very fortunate to pull out the win against the Caps last night. They were outplayed for the majority of the game and got a few lucky goals to escape with the win. Maybe a trade will shake them up.
  8. What was Kaberle doing on the first goal? He let Hatcher have 3 whacks at the puck. He should have leveled him out of the crease. Instead he just tapped him lightly a few times.
  9. I think the Canes need to shake up the mix on defense. They need to get some offensive support from the blue line. The only d-man with some offensive upside is Seidenberg. `
  10. The easy top six in no particular order: Commodore Gleason Wallin Wesley Hedican Seidenberg This should be the top three defensive pairings that should log the majority of the ice time. Wallin is the glue that holds everything together. Whenever he is out, the defense is not the same. They always seem to struggle without him. They are just not the same. Hedican and Wesley are grizzled vets who are warriors. They always give everything they have. I am glad Hedican came back this year. Gleason and Commodore always give 100% game in and game out. They always show heart on the ice. Seidenberg has been the biggest surprise. I was really glad the team acquired him last year because I though he was a good young defenseman from what I had read/heard about him. However, I just think that he did not get enough playing time to prove himself last year. This year, he has stepped up. He is deserving of more ice time in my opinion. He probably has the best shot of all the Canes defenseman. I would like to see him get a chance on the point for on the PP. I think he could bomb some shots if given the chance. As for Kaberle, they should just trade him to Toronto so he can hang out with his brother. I am not sure if it is a confidence issue of health issue, but he is not the same player as he was a few years ago. He plays way to soft. He never plays the body and loses the majority of the battles along the boards. He needs to be willing to mix it up if he is going to improve. I don't understand how he logs the ice time he does. I believe he is a liabilty on defense right now.
  11. I think there have been a lot of good points raised in this thread. His limited offensive contributions aside, I would really like to see Kaberle get a bit more physical because he plays way too soft. He consistently gets beat in the scrums along the boards and his stick checks are simply not effective. I am pretty sure when JR gave him along term extension, the Canes thought he was going to be the power play quarterback.
  12. I was not advocating a trade. It just seemed to me that Kaberle seems very ineffective this year. I also think that Canes management must expect more from him considering the contract they signed him to. I would like to see Seidenberg get more playing time. He has a nice shot and makes some very nice outlet passes. I believe the he deserves more of an opportunity. So far this year it has been Hedican, Wesley, Wallin, Gleason, and Commodore that have led the defense. I just think that Kaberle needs to step it up. He needs to get more physical and improve along the boards--and start to contibute something offensivley
  13. I think that aritlce helped bye the Panthers some calls against the Canes tonight. Both the Larose and Williams penalties were ridiculous. They were both clear penalties agains the Panthers and the Canes should have had two power plays. The called were pure BS. Unfortunately they cost the Canes the game.
  14. I am thinking the Canes are going to get Matt Cullen back from the Rangers. The Rangers are trying to clear some cap space so they can possibly sign Souray. With the Drury and Gomez signing, Cullen is expendable. I would feel like Eklund, but he is never right...
  15. I agree with the majority of commments posted here. I think the Canes were too generous when they signed Kaberle to a 4-year extension. I think he is much too soft in his own end. I would rather the Canes had re-signed Aaron Ward than Kaberle after they won the Cup.
  16. Well until the Canes have a young "franchise" d-man in the fold, the trade is going to be difficult to swallow. They don't grow on trees... Considering the Canes have never had one in all the years of their existence (including the Hartford days), I will always consider this a mistake. Oh yeah, they had a young Chris Pronger and JR also traded him away because he lost patience.
  17. What the Canes really need is a young-stud defenseman. A can't miss prospect to build the defense around for the next 5-7 years. Oh wait, we already traded one away for pennies on the dollar in a move of desparation last off season. I still can't believe the Canes traded away J Johnson.
  18. There was an artible in today's paper that said JR was trying to trade for a center?
  19. I hear you. It is a longshot I know. But I have a feeling the Canes really missed Cullen and they underestimated how important he was to the Cup team. I think they realized the mistake. He can play center, wing, and can man the point on the PP. He also is solid in shootouts. And we all know the Canes can use all the help they can get in that department.
  20. I am thinking the Canes are going to get Matt Cullen back from the Rangers. The Rangers are trying to clear some cap space so they can possibly sign Souray. With the Drury and Gomez signing, Cullen is expendable. we don't have room for or want that salary. I think they could make the numbers work. If they can send NY about 1mm in salary back, the Canes would only add about 2 million to the payroll in the transaction. That is how much they have left to the self imposed budget.
  21. I am thinking the Canes are going to get Matt Cullen back from the Rangers. The Rangers are trying to clear some cap space so they can possibly sign Souray. With the Drury and Gomez signing, Cullen is expendable.
  22. Here is may opinion. Take it for what it is: Keep: Ward Grahme I hope Hedican comes back. He is a good player. He was banged up all year. Wallin Gleason Commodore Seidenberg Babchuk - I think giving up on him would be a mistake. He is still young and can play. He was actaully having a good year and was sent to the minors for no reason. Not sure if they should re-sign Tannabe or not. I never really liked Kaberle and thought they re-signed him for too much last offseason. Was very bad over the past few weeks. He plays was too soft. Huchtinson can go. Keep all the forwards except for: Carter, Big Joe, Letwoski. I would also not pay too much to re-sign Whitney. Keeping Walker should be the first priority. He is a warrior who brings something to the table that none of the other forwards does. The major need for this team is a D-man who can quarerback a powerplay and actually hit the net with a slapshot.
  23. It was a stuggle all year. They tried hard, showed some flashes of brilliance every now and then, but for the most part, they didn't have it together this year. There is enough blame to go around. I don't think Rutherford had one of his better years. (Made the biggest blunder of the year in hockey by trading away JJ for not nearly enough. Even if they knew he didn't want to play in Carolina, they should have been patient and waited for the right deal before pulling the trigger. What ever happened to the one trade dealine acquisition the team made? Anson Carter wasn't even worth a 10th round draft pick. Despite all the difficulties this team endured over the year, they still had a chance and the blame has to lie on the players. How can a power play stink so bad. They have no confindence and shoot right into the other team's defenseman the majority of the time. It has been so frustrating to watch. The star players needed to step it up but they didn't. Staal didn't live up to expectations, Kabele never recovered from his surgery, etc. And I Justin Williams is my favorite player on the team, but what happened to him? I don't even remember the last time he scored. Even Brindy has been making plenty of uncharacteristic mistakes. Hopefully a few extra months this offseason will help them rebound next year. They will have a decent pick in the first round. I definitley agree with an earlier post that the teams scouting needs to dramatically improve. The Canes have fired blanks for the most part except for the "no brainer" to 5 picks they have had in the first round. In the new NHL, drafting is going to be very important. You will need to have a constant influx of cheap, young player to fill in your roster. With the salary cap, you won't be able to constantly afford to re-sign all of your players.
  24. The results from the out of town scores tonight basically ended any chances the Canes had to make the playoffs. Although mathematically not out of the race, they are done.
  25. I would have never thought the Canes would go 0-3 this week after the way they had been playing. They didn't even show up for the two road games. There are too many problems to even begin to figure this out right now.
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