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  1. I find it funny all the talk about not trading prospects or draftpicks to save for the future. The Canes had a legitimate franchise play in J Johnson and traded him away for nothing. The players they got in return could all have been acquired as second tier free ageints or by trading away much less. The Canes used their main bargaining chip and didn't get nearly enough. He was the one player they could have traded to get the help they need. Tannabe and Hutchinson won't fetch much in return. Do the Canes even have any legit prospects in the system that will help the team in near future?
  2. Depending on the inuries, JR might not want to make too many trades this year. Might not be the year to sell the farm... Oh yeah, it doens't help that JR already traded the only real prospect they had for 50 cents on the dollar.
  3. The injuries are an excuse, but there have been problems for a while now. The entire defense has about 10 goals on the season and no one but the top 6-7 forwards have scored over the past few months. The team just lacks the depth this year. They need somebody to step it up and chip in some goals every now and then to help the cause.
  4. I know they needed help at the beginning of the season. I strongly feel that there were still UFA that they could have signed that could have provided the same kind of impact that Gleason and Belanger contributed this year. I like Gleason and think he is solid, but you should get more than that when you trade away one of the top three defensive prospects in the world right now.
  5. This trade really doesn't bother me. I think Belanger is the better skater with good speed. Joe probably has the better upside and offensive potential. What bothers me is the JJ trade. It bothered me when they made the deal and it bothers me know. Even if the Canes knew he wouldn't play in Carolina, they should have had the patience to wait until the trade deadline approached. If they still had his rights, I am sure they would be able to get much more right now than they got from LA. And I don't want to hear about Tverdovsky's contract. The Canes are not up against the cap and still would have had room with him on the books. They could have added him to any JJ trade at anytime. After JJ's performance at the world juniors, his stock would have been higher than ever.
  6. In response to the poster who thinks re-acquiring Joe was the dumbest move that JR ever made. No where near it. That honor would have to go to trading J Johson. He was a franchise defenseman. They could have gotten so much more in return if they held onto him until the now. Don't let the spin the team put out after the trade fool you. They should have been patient and waiting for the right trade to come along. Instead they panicked and pulled the trigger 5 months too early. Johnson was the biggest trade chip the Canes had. They rushed the trade...
  7. It was tripping. I don't think the refs can be blamed for last nights game at all. I mean, it seemed the Canes were on the Power Play for half the game. The Canes PP cost them the game last night. They look lost right now. How can you go 1-14 or whatever it was including the amount of 5 on 3 they had. They need to change something on the PP because it just isn't working anymore.
  8. I don't understand how anyone can knock the trade for Seidenberg. He has averaged over 22 minutes a game since he arrived. K Adams did not do anything for the team this year. Yes, he played hard when he was on the ice, but as far as I'm concerned, JR made a steal with that deal. I agree with one of the prevous posts. The frustrating thing is that teams appears to lacks toughness and grit this year. Toronto pushed the Canes around the entire game and no one on the Canes even tried to play physical. Tanabe was the only player on the team who even got upset with the knee to knee hit on Brindy. Every player on the ice should have jumped it to fight. Half the teams looks disinterested of late. As for another post stating that the Canes offense only lost Matt Cullen during the offseason...what about Recchi and Weight? Last years team was loaded. In hindsight, think the Canes should have picked up Recchi's option. He wanted to stay he would have produced. He plays with an edge that the team is missing this year.
  9. Forget Tverdovsky. It would have actually been better if they kept him around this year with all the injuries they had on defense. I totally disagreed with the trade at the time and the more I think about it now, the more pissed I get. You don't trade a blue chip prospect, one for the top 3 defensive prospects in the world away. You keep them and build your team around them. Besides, if you do trade one away, you get a superstar in return. Not two players who can easily be replaced through free agency. For instance with JR traded Pronger away, he got Brendan Shannahan who was in his prime and scored 45 goals the year they got him.
  10. This team has to do something. I understand that one player will not be enough to change the teams fortunes, but I think a trade would change the chemistry and send a message. The only untradeables as far as I am concerned is Staal, Williams, Cole, Brindy, Ladd, and Gleason (considering who they gave up for him). Although I like Walker and Whitney, they will be UFA this offseason, so they may not stay anyways. On defense, they need to get younger. I would keep Seidenberg (a steal for K Adams), Babchuk, Gleason, Commodore, Hedican, and Wallin. The rest are expendable. John Gramhe can be traded as well. I beleive Rutherford made a mistake and traded J Johnson away too early. That was the Canes biggest bargaining ship. If they were going to trade him, use him at the deadline and he could have gotten much more in return.
  11. This board is hilarious. You'd think we just let Chris Pronger walk and then traded Joe Sakic. Everything here has to revolve around "last year". Get over it. Actually, JR already traded Pronger away once upon a time...Not sure that one worked out so well.
  12. I like the trade. The Canes really don't have too many chips to trade away. K Adams for a 25 year old defenseman is not a bad trade. It can become a very good trade. Low risk in my opinion. K Adams had become a very limited contributor this season. Plus he is UFA this summer. Meanwhile, the Canes have very few D prospects on the way, so hopefully this move will work out. Hopefully, Seidenberg (sp?) can step in and contribute for the next few years.
  13. Tanabe and Hutchinson need to go. They both look lost in the defensive zone and play too soft. They need to learn it is ok to check someone.
  14. I think it may be time for a trade. The team just looks lethargic. They just can't find the consistency this year. They are getting outworked and losing all of the one on one battles along the boards. This never happened last year. What move can they make? I have no clue. They already traded the one huge commodity they had in Jack Johnson. (And yes, they should have got more in return). They really don't have any other tradeable prospects due to many poor drafts over the years. They have Staal, Ladd, and Ward. That is all they really have to show the recent drafts. I am seriously scared that they may trade Ladd, as he is the one young player I think they would consider moving. It would be a mistake. The problem is that the Canes have no scoring depth. If the top two lines do not score, they lose. The fourth line does not help out at all and the third line needs to start carrying their weight. Rutherford made some a nice move picking up Walker. But the rest of his offseason moves have backfired. Walker is the only player who has contributed anything. The real problem is the defense. They do not have anyone who can make the nice outlet passes to the forwards in stride. They need some help on the blue line. I don't know. The injuries have definitely hurt. There may just be too many holes to fill right now and the Canes may have to just suck it up and try to stay in the playoff race. Once healthy, this team is dangerous. It just seems that everytime they get a player back, someone else gets hurt.
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