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  1. I heard the Leafs have basically completed a contract with Kapanen. They needed the cap relief big time.
  2. iceman11

    2019 Draft

    If Lindholm plays like he did last season, that contract will be a steal for the Flames
  3. iceman11

    2019 Draft

    Canes should have some good options with the 2 early 2nd round picks tomorrow
  4. iceman11

    2019 Draft

    If Aho is available, then there is something seriously wrong with the Canes. It is already a disturbing trend that pretty much every player that has been up for a contact, meetings don’t go well, and then player is traded. If they trade Aho, they will really gave some explaining to do. They eventually need to pay someone to stick around.
  5. Oilers would make sense for Mrazek. New GM was GM for wings when Mrazek was there. Hopefully Waddell can still sign him before it’s too late.
  6. Eventually, the Canes need to pay somebody. And I don’t want to hear about budget and all that BS, when the owner of the team had plenty of money to waste on the AFL a few months ago. Seriously, the Canes don’t want to pay anybody. You can’t keep moving forward trading everyone who needs a contract. That Calgary trade is going to look really bad in the next few years. The team built a nice foundation last year. Please don’t regress this year. The East is going to be tough next year. Canes need to add some pieces to the roster.
  7. The metro team below the Canes are stocking up. Florida is going to be better after free agency. Going to be another mad scramble for the playoffs next year.
  8. I wouldn’t want any part of the horrible Lucic contract. That is contract is horrible. Maybe if there was only a year left, but not with the term left on it.
  9. I don’t understand why the canes would trade Hamilton. If so, why make that trade with Calgary at the draft? Losing Ferland and having to trade Fox already is making the trade not look too good from a Canes point of view. I still believe that Dougie was the best player in the trade. No need to move him especially with TVR and Dehann out for extended period of time.
  10. Have to give the committee credit for the success this season. At first I thought that the canes needed to hire an experienced coach with a nice pedigree. However, the more I thought about it, no matter who they brought in wouldn’t have brought the heart and passion that Brindy has. He cared deeply about the organization and personally wanted to see the team become relevant again. Af far as trades, the Canes were able to clear out a bunch of deadwood this season, clear the salaries off the books and somehow get useful players back in return. rask, Kruger, Zykov, PDG. and the Calgary trade was a pure hockey trade. I’ve said all along the Canes got the best player in the deal. However can’t afford to lose Ferland and Fox with no returns. However, no matter what, I will never agree with the Skinner trade. If got a better return, I may have understood. Sorry
  11. I hope the arena is a complete madhouse tonight!! The team could use a jolt of energy to get this done. If canes are winning and the canadiens happen to be losing, there could be a nice party tonight.
  12. Dundon is folding the AAF. The 75 he will lose could’ve gone a long way in extending Aho...
  13. Need to trade him and get something in return. No way can they afford to lose him for nothing.
  14. I only hope that Tampa and Washington play as hard against Montreal this week as they did against the Canes last week.
  15. I know. That is why I was joking around.
  16. Call up Fleury and sign Fox to be the healthy scratch for the rest of the week...🥴
  17. Going to have to do this themselves. No help is coming the Canes way. The crazy thing is the can catch Pitt if they win tommorow.
  18. I read that He invested $70 million so far. Canes could’ve used some of that change for another offensive weapon
  19. Beat the Caps Thursday and the Canes should get in the dance. Lose, then things are going to get crazy and very nerve wracking for 8 days or so
  20. Canes need to trade Fox rights away if they can’t sign him. The Calgary trade will turn out to be a Huge mistake long term if fox and Ferland leave for nothing.
  21. The penguins have a much easier schedule than the canes. 2 against Detroit and 2 against rangers. They are going to be tough to catch. Just need to beat out the jackets and canadiens. Tommorows games is ridiculously huge.
  22. I was being sarcastic in my post to everyone thinking that the Canes shouldn’t make a move to try and make the playoffs. read my earlier posts. The players on this team deserve management to get them some help. They have played their *edit* off all season long. This is the first team in years the Canes have had that deserves a trade or 2 to help them out
  23. Ok. So I guess it’s better if the canes don’t make the playoffs then...
  24. All I know is that this team has played hard just about every game this year. They have scratched and clawed their way into the playoff race. It would be huge for the tteam moving forward if they make the playoffs this season. This current group deserves some help to try and make it. It’s been 10 years. Time for the drought to end. Take a shot and go for it. Now is not the time for a major “hockey” trade to go down. That should happen in the offseason. Now is the time to acquire a player or two who can help be trading draft picks or some of the prospects away. This is the first team in years that should be given the help they need.
  25. The past few games have shown that the team has some nice chemistry going right now. It is going to be hard to make a hockey trade right now that involves moving a roster player without potentially hurting the team mojo. If I was on the committee I would just try to add a player by dealing minor leaguers or draft picks only. Add to what the team has. The defense is looking really strong. Have meshed together really nicely. Not so sure they should break it up this year anymore.
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