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  1. I’m sure the Canes probably lowballed Aho, so the agent got ****** and looked for an offer elsewhere. now, if Williams signs else where, then we will all know the wheels are falling off the Canes wagon
  2. TD needs to get in front of a camera ASAP. Stare daggers directly into the lense. Then state you are matching the offer and send a message to the rest of the league that you won’t be pushed around. or else next time the Canes have an RFA, the same thing will happen.
  3. It really does stink to be a Canes fan on free agent day. They never do anything. And now, they get cheap shot to make things even worse
  4. If the canes don’t match, this will lead to the team becoming a joke in the league. You don’t let your best player walk.
  5. The offer sheet is a slap in the face. This is exactly what all the Canadian reporters have been talking about for the last few days. What s joke. I have a bad feeling the canes are going to match and then trade Aho. TD doesn’t seem like he is the kind of person who likes to have his hand forced. in actuality, the contract isn’t even that bad. Probably actually under market value for Aho.
  6. This shows zero respect for the Canes organization. What s joke. If I was TD, I would offer sheet every RFA on the market. Screw up everyone. Laine, Marner, rataanen. All of them. As for what the hell the committee is doing....why would they go out and get cheap this offseason after the season they just had. Makes no sense. Let’s fill up the building for the first time in 20 years and then not pay anyone. Great strategy. That AFL debacle is going to end up ruining the Canes.
  7. What is up with Darling? Buyout window closes at noon today. I thought he was supposed to be getting bought out.
  8. I don’t think it is a positive thing that Bales and Vellucci both left the organization....
  9. After all the speculation of trading a damn for an offensive weapon, the Canes are all of a sudden short defenders. I am really interested to see how the Canes get the offensive firepower they need now. Doesn’t seem likely unless the Canes trade draft picks and high end prospects. Not sure if they want to go that route though.
  10. This trade is horrible. All this talk about cap space is laughable. Canes need to worry about getting to the cap floor. On the surface, this was a pure salary dump. Hopefully they use the money on some offense. I like the move move if it means Fleury will be one of the bottom pairings next year. He needs playing time. or maybe they need the money to extend Faulk?
  11. I heard the Leafs have basically completed a contract with Kapanen. They needed the cap relief big time.
  12. iceman11

    2019 Draft

    If Lindholm plays like he did last season, that contract will be a steal for the Flames
  13. iceman11

    2019 Draft

    Canes should have some good options with the 2 early 2nd round picks tomorrow
  14. iceman11

    2019 Draft

    If Aho is available, then there is something seriously wrong with the Canes. It is already a disturbing trend that pretty much every player that has been up for a contact, meetings don’t go well, and then player is traded. If they trade Aho, they will really gave some explaining to do. They eventually need to pay someone to stick around.
  15. Oilers would make sense for Mrazek. New GM was GM for wings when Mrazek was there. Hopefully Waddell can still sign him before it’s too late.
  16. Eventually, the Canes need to pay somebody. And I don’t want to hear about budget and all that BS, when the owner of the team had plenty of money to waste on the AFL a few months ago. Seriously, the Canes don’t want to pay anybody. You can’t keep moving forward trading everyone who needs a contract. That Calgary trade is going to look really bad in the next few years. The team built a nice foundation last year. Please don’t regress this year. The East is going to be tough next year. Canes need to add some pieces to the roster.
  17. The metro team below the Canes are stocking up. Florida is going to be better after free agency. Going to be another mad scramble for the playoffs next year.
  18. I wouldn’t want any part of the horrible Lucic contract. That is contract is horrible. Maybe if there was only a year left, but not with the term left on it.
  19. I don’t understand why the canes would trade Hamilton. If so, why make that trade with Calgary at the draft? Losing Ferland and having to trade Fox already is making the trade not look too good from a Canes point of view. I still believe that Dougie was the best player in the trade. No need to move him especially with TVR and Dehann out for extended period of time.
  20. Have to give the committee credit for the success this season. At first I thought that the canes needed to hire an experienced coach with a nice pedigree. However, the more I thought about it, no matter who they brought in wouldn’t have brought the heart and passion that Brindy has. He cared deeply about the organization and personally wanted to see the team become relevant again. Af far as trades, the Canes were able to clear out a bunch of deadwood this season, clear the salaries off the books and somehow get useful players back in return. rask, Kruger, Zykov, PDG. and the Calgary trade was a pure hockey trade. I’ve said all along the Canes got the best player in the deal. However can’t afford to lose Ferland and Fox with no returns. However, no matter what, I will never agree with the Skinner trade. If got a better return, I may have understood. Sorry
  21. I hope the arena is a complete madhouse tonight!! The team could use a jolt of energy to get this done. If canes are winning and the canadiens happen to be losing, there could be a nice party tonight.
  22. Dundon is folding the AAF. The 75 he will lose could’ve gone a long way in extending Aho...
  23. Need to trade him and get something in return. No way can they afford to lose him for nothing.
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