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  1. I was being sarcastic in my post to everyone thinking that the Canes shouldn’t make a move to try and make the playoffs.


    read my earlier posts.  The players on this team deserve management to get them some help.  They have played their *edit* off all season long.  This is the first team in years the Canes have had that deserves a trade or 2 to help them out

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  2. All I know is that this team has played hard just about every game this year.  They have scratched and clawed their way into the playoff race.  It would be huge for the tteam moving forward if they make the playoffs this season.  


    This current group deserves some help to try and make it.  It’s been 10 years.  Time for the drought to end.  Take a shot and go for it. 


    Now is not the time for a major “hockey” trade to go down.  That should happen in the offseason.  Now is the time to acquire a player or two who can help be trading draft picks or some of the prospects away.  


    This is the first team in years that should be given the help they need.

  3. The past few games have shown that the team has some nice chemistry going right now.  It is going to be hard to make a hockey trade right now that involves moving a roster player without potentially hurting the team mojo.


    If I was on the committee I would just try to add a player by dealing minor leaguers or draft picks only.  Add to what the team has.  The defense is looking really strong.  Have meshed together really nicely.  Not so sure they should break it up this year anymore.



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  4. There is no reason to trade Hamilton.  Although he started out the year slow, he has been very good the past 2 months.  Heating up just like the Calgary fans mentioned that he gets better as the year progresses.  


    He really ahould br the QB for the power play.  I’m not sure why the Canes have stuck with Faulk instead.


    for all the negative comments on this board about Hamilton, he still has 10 goals so far.  


    The brass made the big trade at the draft.  I agree that moving on from the acquired players signals that the it was a bad trade when in reality it was a good one.  Hamilton was the best player in the whole deal.  I don’t care what Lindy does, because he never would’ve accomplished the same things with the Canes.

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  5. The next 2 games are huge road tests. Need to win the Pitt game and 1 of the back to back set.  Or else the canes could become trade deadline sellers real fast.


    i hope the Canes are as ticked off as some of the fans are after having to watch Lindholm taunt the crowd yesterday.  Hopefully they come out charged up for the road trip. 



    Anyway, Canes need 2 out of 3 this week.  Even the rangers and flyers are making playoff runs lately.


  6. As for Ferland, he is exactly the kind of player the team identified as needing to change the culture of the team.  All the committee talked about was becoming a tougher team to play against.  


    Eventually, the team needs to pay somebody.  We are barely at the cap floor right now and the team is competing for the playoffs despite all that has gone wrong this year.  


    Instead of recycling Checkers recalls, maybe the committee should look into beefing up the team with some proven NHL players to give the team a legit shot at the playoffs.  


    Its called investing in your business...


    The current crop of players deserve a shot at the playoffs.  They have played hard just about every game despite being over matched talent wise most nights.  Reward their effort and get them some help.


    that was the problem with Francis.  The team would be hanging around in contention.  He would wait to long to get some help.  The team would fade and by trade deadline, the team would be out of the playoff race.  So he would have to dump players for picks.


    Get this team some help now!!! Never mind moving players for futures.  

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  7. Since TD took over, every time you hear anything about contract negotiations with the Canes, the player and then team are far apart.  


    I recall all when he took the reign he said something along the lines of never losing a player if the money was close.


    I took this as a positive.  However, we are now beginning to realize the Canes are never close on money so his previous statement never comes into play...

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  8. I’d they trade Ferland or Hamilton, someone from the committee better get on TV, radio, internet, or whatever to explain some things.  The committee has basically been hiding ever since the Skinner trade blew up in their faces.  


    When TD purchased the team, he said he wanted the media to hold the team accountable. (Something along those lines). 


    There has been nothing but radio silence from upper management all season long for the most part.  



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  9. How could the Canes trade Ferlsnd or Hamilton?  If they didn’t think they could sign Ferland to an extension, then they should’ve never made that trade.  


    Trading Lindholm and Hanifin was a major decision for this team.  There is no way they could justify that trade if they move on from Ferlsnd or Hamilton.


    They already screwed up big time by trading Skinner at the wrong time.  No way they can miss on the Calgary trade by trading away those players.  

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