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  1. They can keep shuffling the lines all they want. The scoring just isn’t there. Doesn’t matter who plays with who. They need some help immediately. If they don’t make a trade, then get some new checkers up here to try and help. Do something before it’s too late and the season sinks away. I mean, I like Foegle, but how many points does he have over the last 20 games?
  2. The Canes should be in a position of strength. There are not many teams in the league that can afford to trade defense. Anaheim was one of them. They traded a d-man to NJ for Henrique last season.
  3. I think Francis actually had a plan. Not sure the same can be said of the committee
  4. The results speak for themselves. Lindholm couldn’t do much offensively with the canes. Look at his production now. Same could be said of Skinner. Put these players with some actual offensive talent and you see the results. for far to long, the Canes have had a bunch of 3rd and 4th line type players who they have tried to play on the 1st or 2nd line. They have been over slotted on the Canes. Should not be playing too 6 forward minutes. They are good third and fourth line players. That is it. This has been going on forever. If Eric Staal actually had talented wingers, he would’ve kept producing here. Instead he had Chad Larose on his wing. I liked Larose. He was a solid player, but not a 1st line winger. this is the same story going on for a ridiculous amount of time now. Time to pony up and get something done to alleviate the situation
  5. Something needs to happen soon. This is playing out just like last season when it was blatantly obvious that something was off and a trade needed to be made. I hope they learned from last year and pull the trigger on a deal before it’s too late. if they are nervous to make a deal, they should realize they can’t look much worse than they already do for the stupid Skinner trade they made. So just go for it. I’m sick of watching the same movie for the last 10 years. Change something up because what we have is just not working. Offensively inept.
  6. So you can live with getting rid of your most talented pure goal scorer in a salary dump for absolutely no help in return, when you are a team desperate for goal scoring. However, you are bent out of shape with losing Zykov,who has proved nothing, on waivers? You know how you fill a building and sell some tickets? You spend some money on players and win some freaking games. If the team is winning for 4-5 years straight and not filling up the building, then the market doesn’t deserve the team. Simple as that. However, when you don’t make the playoffs for 10 years in a row, don’t spend any money to try and improve the roster, don’t want to spend money to hire a GM, trade away fan favorites players for no reason in an obvious salary dump...then don’t complain about not selling tickets
  7. Sadly, don’t think the committee knows either...
  8. Canes should’ve at least got a late round draft pick for Zykov. It just doesn’t make any sense to give him away for free
  9. Just glad the Nylander saga ends soon. Whatever happens, Canes can move on.
  10. I’m glad peters never used Skinner in OT the last few seasons for some reason that no logical person can figure out. He only has 2 or 3 OT winners so far this year. 18 goals in his last 18 games. Not too shabby. This trade may go down as one of the worst in NHL history.
  11. I would say that a team desperate for goal scoring giving Skinner away basically for free would qualify as ugly. Probably the definition of ugly.
  12. The sad thing is we all should’ve seen this coming from a mile away. Scoring wasn’t addressed in the off-season and we traded our best goal scorer in a most likely salary dump. What the heck should we have expected
  13. Unfortunately, Not many of the Canes young players have improved their trade value...if they had any trade value to begin with
  14. The main mistake was that the Canes we’re relying on a bunch of young players to step in and start producing immediately. Basically, none of them have done much. now the problem is that they need to find players that can actually score. And unlike the cheap young player contracts, the type of players the Canes need cost money. We are going to find out if TD wants to spend money or not. Didn’t want to pay Lindholm, hanifin, or skinner, which is fine. But now is the time to get some players to help the offense and give this team a boost
  15. I still don’t understand how Skinner went from being in the discussion to be named captain of the team heading into last seasod...to becoming vilified as the reason that the team missed the playoffs for 9 years in a row. Like he was the sole reason the team stunk. the team should’ve ran someone else out of town. Not one of the two players you had who is actually capable of scoring 40 goals a year.
  16. So now that the canes have ****** away their 4-1-1 start with 3 game losing streak and the current 4 game skid, does the management team pull the trigger soon on something?
  17. Canes need to make a trade for at least one forward. It is becoming more and more obvious every game. This should’ve been addressed in the summer, especially after trading skinner.
  18. The Canes need some more offensive talent. They need to figure out something soon before it is too late to recover. the brass made the huge mistake of penciling in Necas into a large role for the team and it didn’t work out. All you you have to do is look and Lindy and Skinners stats this year to see what happens when players get to play with some actual offensive talent as both are producing at a solid pace right now. All I know is that skinners 13 points would sure help this team right now. So in order for the Canes to acquire some offensive firepower, they are going to have to trade away some defense. Fortunately the canes have players that can step in and fill the hole of whichever player gets traded. We have some defensive depth. There is no one that can jump in and help the offense currently in the organization (with the lone exception possibly being Rask). i just don’t know if Nylander is the player I would pull the trigger on. Between assets traded away and hefty contract, I don’t know if he is worth it. He’s a nice player, but I don’t know if can be counted on to be the man.
  19. Wished they went with the Whalers navy blue jerseys. Much nicer than the green version. Everyone needs go relax. It’s 2 games. Let them try it out and see what happens. Maybe the team will sell some merchandise and the Canes would be able to bump up their payroll off the cap floor. Now theres an idea that may actually sell some tickets. What does it matter which jersey the Canes wear at home against the Bruins. The building will be 75% bruins fans anyways.
  20. If they wanted to move Skinner so bad, they should’ve traded him over draft weekend. Since they basically got nothing back, I’m sure they could have got similar return. The Canes need to acquire some sort of offensive help from somewhere because with the goaltending situation, I don’t see the canes winning many 2-1 or 1-0 games. are the Canes even at the cap floor after this trade?
  21. I really want to know what happened after the first month of the season. Skinner was on fire. Then he disappeared. Never ending rotation of line mates. i reallly thought he was the player who stepped up and showed leadership down the stretch the season before. And that carried over and he was the only player scoring over the first month last year. Then something went wrong.
  22. Coming into last season, Skinner was one of the players who really was in the mix to be named captain. He was coming off a monster season where he was leading the teams playoff charge by scoring big goals down the stretch. Lots of goals... no one knows what happened. Skinner started the year on fire. Leading the push to turn things around. He had around 10 goals in the first 15 games (or something like that) what happened after the the first month of the season for things to take a turn this badly where he somehow gets run out of town. Somehow he is the poster boy for the team not making the playoffs for 9 years. Despite the fact that he was doing the majority of goal scoring for the team. Similar to how E Staal was blamed at the end of his term. Maybe because he was not surrounded by much to help him out
  23. They were better off keeping skinner and getting nothing in return. Hopefully he had a monster season in a contract year and helped canes make playoffs.
  24. Still need one of the goalies to step up or all the moves will be for nothing
  25. I’m liking the new D. Canes have an over abundance now. There definitely will be a few more. I think the signing makes at least 2 D expendable. Maybe Faulk and McKeown (sp?) im just glad the Canes showed they will spend some $. Makes me feel better about the situation
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