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  1. Karlsson would need to sign an extension with the Canes before they should trade for him. Or else they would to need to trade him by the trade deadline. i don’t think he would sign longtime with the canes though.
  2. I think the tweet was referring to the Canes not making any more moves on July 1, not the rest of the offseason
  3. I don’t think it is unfair to criticize TD and the committee. So far he has shown he doesn’t want to pay market rate for a GM, coach, or his RFA’s. The optics don’t look good so far. I’m not even taking into account the crease issue. The goalie situation was a mess and there really were no solutions out in Free agency this year. Last year there were options, and Francis chose wrong. Can’t really blame TD for that one. Until TD steps up and pays someone, we can only wonder. When the team has someone like Aho up for a new contract, we’ll see what happens.
  4. Yeah, I’m starting to wonder what is going on with TD. Until they pay someone, I’m going to worry. They don’t want to pay anybody. gm’s, coaches, RFA or UFA. Not a good message to send out
  5. Eklund...so it is most likely not true
  6. Tavares to Toronto. Canes better trade with leafs with their cap issues
  7. I have no problem with the signing. All the goalies were about the same in my book. All a roll f the dice. It is the comments about salary that ticked me off
  8. What the hell do the canes think. That players want to play for free. Especially for the Canes... Until the team turns it around, the only way a FA will come to Carolina is if they overpay. Canes management team needs to re-access their game plan.
  9. Horrible. darling really needs to step up or season is over before it even begins
  10. Ryan was a good player. Problem was he was over slotted for canes. Should of been a 3rd or 4 th line center. Not playing with skinner. That is why canes fans were upset. Felt he was holding skinner back
  11. Marazek it is for canes
  12. I guess it is trade or bust for the canes today...not many FAs left
  13. Isles still need a goalie as well
  14. Canes will do nothing today as per usual. With the cap going up, most teams have plenty of money to burn and most aren’t afraid to spend it to try and get better
  15. The Canes really need to sign one of their RFAs to ease some concern that they don’t want to pay the players. I really hope that Dundon is not P.K. part 2. I was was so happy to get rid of P.K and his thrift shop he was running. now I’m starting to have doubts that TD will pony up the cash for players.
  16. Changes were needed to shake things up. That is why everyone was upset with Francis for not making any changes when it was blatantly obvious that something was off with the team last year
  17. Trade really depends on how good Hanifin ends up being. The organization once traded away a young Chris Pronger because they lost patience with his development
  18. I could live with this trade, but if they trade Skinner, I’ll be ******.
  19. There was no reason to trade away Hanifin. His contract demands must’ve been too steep for the Canes. He is probably the best player in the trade for both sides.
  20. Hopefully, there is another shoe to drop nf the cnes get some offensive help for Faulk. Seems like canes return is a bit light to me
  21. I don’t know if the canes can take a chance on another backup who is not yet a proven #1 goalie. Tried last year and the experiment failed miserably. I really hope the Canes somehow get a true starter with no question marks...
  22. Can’t complain about draft luck this year. canes used theirs up getting pick #2
  23. If nothing else happens tonight, draft was already a success
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