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  1. The Canes really need to sign one of their RFAs to ease some concern that they don’t want to pay the players.  I really hope that Dundon is not P.K. part 2.  


    I was was so happy to get rid of P.K and his thrift shop he was running. now I’m starting to have doubts that TD will pony up the cash for players.

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  2. I don’t know if the canes can take a chance on another backup who is not yet a proven #1 goalie.  Tried last year and the experiment failed miserably.  I really hope the Canes somehow get a true starter with no question marks...

  3. The problem with trading Lindy, skinner, or Hanifin is that they are just about to start entering their prime years.

    canes have endured the struggles of them developing at the NHL level while they established themselves.  The next few years is when the canes would most likely reap the rewards

  4. Just my opinion, but my instincts are that skinner either asked for a trade or made it known he won’t be re-signing with the team when his contract is up....probably through his agent.


    i think he had enough is getting bounced around with different line mates every other shift.



  5. It was a forgone conclusion that TD would bring in his own management team once he bought the team. 


    With the sale dragging on almost 2/3 of the season before it closed, there was not much TD could change at that point.  


    Once it became apparent that the Canes were out of the playoff race, it was time for action.


    It it would’ve been more interesting had the Canes made the playoffs.  It would’ve been much harder publicly to get rid of the coach and GM. Although I feel he still probably would’ve still replaced them.


    You spend 300 million dollars, I think he is well within his rights to restructure the management team anyway he sees fit.  


    Besides, who knows if Francis even wanted to stay on as GM.  He was PKs guy.  

  6. The only way to get the elite talent is usually to draft #1 or #2.


    After the first 2 picks, there is usually a drop off.  


    Canes need to take the Russian. 


    After that, there is a drop off.  Could end up picking a player like Lindholm, who I like, but is not the elite scorer the Canes need.


    do not use the #2 pick to fix the goalie situation.  That can be fixed using different assets.

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  7. Why do I have the feeling the Canes will take Zadina...


    The Canes can’t afford to mess this up.  They have been thrown the good fortune of a lifeline in the lottery.  The #2 pick has made things much easier this offseason.  


    This is is the chance RF never was able to get.  Imagine if they would’ve won the lottery and got Laine how much quicker the rebuild would’ve been

  8. The Sabres are taking Dahlin.  No need to even worry about it.  It would be like the oilers passing on McDavid the year he was the lock for #1.  


    You really think you need to give Sabres something to make sure they take Dahlin?  Are you guys going crazy?


    If for some reason sabes get stupid, Canes take Dahlin and that is that. 

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