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  1. Dahlin is a beast. No need to consider anything if you get him. No-brainer. Make the pick and move on. Figure the rest out later....
  2. There is no way #1 pick gets moved by whoever gets it. If the canes get get first pick, it will open the door wide open to move some of the current D men to get the offensive help they need.
  3. The problem with Peters was his constant line changes. Never really gave guys a chance to develop chemistry. He usually gave a line 1 period before the blender got fired up
  4. At least the Flames have a goalie that can stop some pucks....
  5. If the Canes hire a coach before a GM, I will finally give up on this team. IMO, if they do really want Brindamour as coach, hire the GM first and let that person make the call. I don’t think there will be other teams that would hire him Rod as HC right now, so I don’t think there should be any rush
  6. The problem is that any top GM candidate is going to sign up if they don’t bring in their own coach. im finally starting to get nervous...
  7. If any coach is hired before the next GM iOS announced the Canes are in trouble
  8. Gotta get the right GM in place ASAP. The rest will fall into place
  9. The problem with this entire thing is that any reasonably qualified GM will want a chance to hire his own coach. Most of the big candidates will want the authority to make the hire. If Peters has to be the coach, then the Canes will miss out on some good GMs I think. The first order of business has to be filling the GM position. The rest will flow from there.
  10. A GM by committee would be a joke, just like co-captains... this cant be seriously under consideration. So I hope.,.
  11. $500 million. My bad. trust me, I’ve wanted to smash my TV the past few weeks. Now it’s time to relax. Just flush flush the toilet and reboot for next year
  12. Everybody needs to relax. The Canes will get a new GM. No one knows what exactly happened with Francis. Maybe he didn’t want the job and basically quit. Who cares. Dundon just spent $500 to buy a team. Did everyone really think that he was going to come in and keep all the same current employees? Keep things status quo? i fully expected he would bring in his own guys and his own management team. Francis was PK’s guy...As far as I’m concerned, it was time for a GM change. This team was screaming for a change all season long. It was blatantly obvious that things were just not clicking and the need should’ve been addressed long before the trade deadline. RF should’ve pulled the trigger on a trade to send a message to the roster. By doing absolutely nothing, you tell the players you don’t believe in them. So now we are in the current predicament where the team is garbage, players have quit playing for the coach, coach knows he’s all but gone. Fans don’t show up...etc. Considering that the current management allowed a dual captainship this year, we should’ve known that no one knew what the heck they were doing. Another season down the toilet.
  13. it is shocking how so many of the Canes players regressed this year. Especially the defense. And s what happened to Skinner. He scored almost 10 goals in the first month. Hasn’t done much since. He was the only player that could score in October.
  14. A new GM will trade a bunch of the rookies. If they didn’t draft the players, they will have no problem trading them
  15. OBXer... i feel your pain. But nothing is as bad as it seems right now. i would take an untested Owner in Dundon over the deadbeat owner PK any day. I blame Karmanos for letting this entire mess happen to be honest. He should’ve been gone long ago as owner. The team has the foundation in place. The mix just needs to be changed up. The forward mix needs a few new players to change up the dynamic up front. All of our forwards are similar players currently. need to somehow find a #1 center. Defense needs 1 or 2 changes. Need some more physicality on the back end. Teams take liberties because they know that no one on the canes will do anything about it. And obviously the goaltending needs to be address. The only change that may be impossible is the #1 center. The rest can get done in 1 offseason.
  16. I believe that this team needs to hire an experienced GM. I don’t think the Canes can hire someone who needs time to grow and develop into the role. Need someone who has been through all the scenarios before and knows how to handle things from previous experience.
  17. I really hope that Faulk for Taylor Hall straight up was not turned down by Francis...
  18. This team needs to restructure the forward lines. Way too many players who are very similar up front. biggest area of concern is still a goalie that can stop a few pucks. I still don’t understand how defense has regressed so much this year.
  19. With the ownership change, it was only a matter of time before TD brought in his own people to run things. I thought this this would happen in the off season. But this announcement may have been his way of putting everyone on notice that things need to change in a hurry. hopefully this lights a fire under this team that is about as tough as a box of tissue paper. so sick of watching the same garbage. Time to toughen this team up and get some players in the lineup who won’t quit on the job.
  20. Just sharing what I listened to. If you disagree, good for you.
  21. Listening to nhl network radio this afternoon. The bruins announcer ripped the Canes for not adding anything while all the teams they are fighting for a playoff spot added something to address a need they had. So so it isn’t just distraught Canes fans who feel this way...
  22. It is scary to think that RF doesn’t see that a change is needed with this group. It has been obvious for months now.
  23. Not adding anything doesn’t send the right message to the current team...
  24. It doesn’t look good that every team within a point or 2 of the canes have been adding players. At least add something to make believe you are still trying for the playoffs.
  25. In light of the recent announcement, I would like to apologize for being critical of the team for the past 2 games. The team had much more going on than we thought. thoughts and prayers with the Staal family.
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