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  1. Just sharing what I listened to. If you disagree, good for you.
  2. Listening to nhl network radio this afternoon. The bruins announcer ripped the Canes for not adding anything while all the teams they are fighting for a playoff spot added something to address a need they had. So so it isn’t just distraught Canes fans who feel this way...
  3. It is scary to think that RF doesn’t see that a change is needed with this group. It has been obvious for months now.
  4. Not adding anything doesn’t send the right message to the current team...
  5. It doesn’t look good that every team within a point or 2 of the canes have been adding players. At least add something to make believe you are still trying for the playoffs.
  6. In light of the recent announcement, I would like to apologize for being critical of the team for the past 2 games. The team had much more going on than we thought. thoughts and prayers with the Staal family.
  7. The Canes should not trade away a 1st round pick this year. They are not in a position where they can give away 1st rounders yet.
  8. Price’s contract is horrible. Way too much cap space for a goalie
  9. I’ve reached the point where I don’t care who gets traded anymore. They all can go. So disgusted watching this team.
  10. My thinking exactly. Francis waited to long to get some forward help when it could’ve made a difference. Now it’s too late
  11. Yeah, the Canes were supposed to use February to build a nice lead with the home friendly schedule. That worked out well. Most of the metro is winning again. Lose two games in a row, you are going to get lapped by a few teams.
  12. The Canes need to win start making the sacrifice on the ice to win. Get into the dirty areas, take the physical punishment in front of the net, win the battles on The boards. These games are too important to be waiting around for the perfect pass or shot. Score some garbage goals. Start winning the battles all over the ice. Okay with some damn heart. Show some freaking emotion on the ice. Get after it.
  13. I’d like to think that I’m far from clueless. I always felt that projecting what a backup goalie is going to do as a #1 is difficult. You never know for sure. I think it it was safer to sign a #1 to be a #1. The thing with Bishop is he was coming off of a down year, so they could’ve gotten cheaper than if he was coming off of a Vezina-like season.
  14. I wonder where this team would be if the Canes got Bishop instead of Darling in the off-season. bishop was an established #1 goalie. Darling was a proven backup.
  15. How can management honestly say we like our group when this group has won or achieved nothing. I can can understand liking the group when the team is coming off a deep playoff run. Not a 9 year playoff drought.
  16. Everything was golden until the captain announcement was made. Season started bad from there. How or why Williams was not named captain. Is still a mystery to most.
  17. Whatever man. I understand it takes 2 teams to trade. Then call a player up from Charlotte to see if the can contribute. Maybe they will score 2 goals instead of 1. Or maybe they will get shutout. But it if you are happy watching this crap, then just remain status quo. Enjoy watching the team no show again and then run the same line-up out there the night after that. Hope you enjoy it the next time they lose 7-1 when they play with no heart or passion or the next time someone runs Aho and only Williams or McGinn stand up for him. Keep letting the league take liberties with you skill players with no fear of retribution. That strategy will get the Canes far...
  18. The frustration lies in the fact that it is pretty much evident that a change need to be made to shake things up. It is blatantly obvious that this team need some offensive fire power and has for a long long time. Having a team no show for 2 games in a row during a crucial home stand is unacceptable. That the players were allowed to get away with it without any ramifications is worse. There have been a number of games this year where the team quit. In Toronto, Boston, and the Vegas game quickly come to mind. If a team brings physicality against the Canes, they fold. They have no desire or will to mix it up. This team need an infusion of new blood to change the culture and provide a spark. A different chemistry is needed. There are too many players from the same mold on the team. Need some players who can play with a mean streak once in a while. If the team was laying it on the line night in and night out and losing, I wold be fine with it. But when they don’t even bother to show up, that is what gets my blood boiling. They should be embarrassed. How many more games of scoring 1 goal is it going to take before action is taken?
  19. If you look at Skinners stats this year vs. last year, they are similar except for the +/-. He went on a scoring 17 goals over the last 21 games I believe. Hopefully, he can repeat that performance because this team severely needs that kind of production down the stretch to have a shot at the playoffs. We were all probably complaining about his play at this time last year before he tore it up at the end of the season.
  20. These are the kind of articles that should’ve been written long ago. You think this team would’ve been allowed to skate by for this long without being questioned anywhere else? Imagine if this crap happened in Toronto, Philly, or NY. The media would’ve been calling for heads to roll long ago. Maybe these types of articles will actually help the team. Put some pressure on this mentally weak, soft team to actually play like they care.
  21. Just give Dundon some time. He has only been in charge for a few weeks. He has already done more in 2 weeks than PK did in 20 years to try and enhance the fan experience. It is crazy. I think the Canes actually have a legit owner who cares more about winning and creating a fun atmosphere than the bottom line. There really should be no complaints. He knows this home stand is basically the season, and is trying to help the team by trying to actually give the team some sort of home advantage. Make the building loud again. Dundon wants the playoffs just like the fans do.
  22. When you see how they can play in the game last night when they skate and play with some grit and then analyze all the stats, you would think this team is around 20-8. I think it it really comes down to getting a few big saves for this team to turn things around. If if they can win their next game and come back 2-2-2 from the road trip, they will still have a chance.
  23. Someone who covers the team needs to ask Francis how the potential sale is effecting his job. Is he on hold until the sale is finalized? Can he make a trade? I have a feeling his hands are somewhat tied right now. Maybe the new owner wants to bring in his own GM. Lots of questions, and no one is reporting anything. Ridiculous.
  24. With Francis being on the road trip, I think this may be make or break for the current group. I think a shakeup is coming soon because the season is quickly fading away. Things have been stagnant in the Canes locker room for too long. Time to put the players on notice. every year the canes go on a run near the end of the season to give everyone a false sense of hope for the upcoming season. However, by the time the Canes start winning, there is no pressure because they are so far back of the playoffs that it doesn't really matter if they lose. Get some be new blood in the Locker room to stir things up.
  25. It's time for the players to suck it up and play a solid gritty game. Do whatever it takes to win a damn game. I like what Williams said after the game last night. "Something stinks". Time for this team to wake up and deliver on the preseason hype. Stop playing soft. Actually play physical for a freaking change. Play with some consistency from game to game. Nevermind all the blaming of coaches/gm/owner. Time for the players to earn their money before the season slips away. Yes, the owner sucks, coach has not made all the best in game decisions, & GM failed to address blatant lack of goal scoring. This team is desperate for points. Time for the players to show some desperation on the ice. Lay it on the line shift after shift every night. If not, then get some hungry players who will.
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