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  1. Not to rehash anything but... I really wouldn't mind seeing Babchuk come back to the Canes. He was a force down the stretch last year after Maurice took over. I don't think anyone scored as many big goals as he did when the team was pushing for the playoffs. He was the anchor of the power play. I don't really understand why they gave up on him so early in the New Jersey series. I think he got the hook after game 1 of that series and never really played in the playoffs after that. On top of that, I also really don't understand why the Canes didn't want to keep Seidenberg this year either. He played well in the playoffs and was one of the top four d-man. He played some big minutes for the Canes in the playoffs. I really think if the Canes brought back Corvo, Seids, and Babchuk to go with Pitkanen, Gleason, Carson/McBain, the team would have a real nice D.
  2. I agree that the players have the right to use the NTC. However, my issue is that the Canes are going no where this year and the the majority of the players with the NTC are unrestricted free agents in two months. It is not like the players have 5 more years remaining on their contracts. It was not like JR was offering to send the players to a team in the basement right next to the Canes this year. San Jose is one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the league. It is not like the Canes are competing for the Cup this year and are shipping out players for no reason. The Canes need all the young talent and draft picks they can get to help rebuild. Instead, they will end up gaining nothing in return when the players leave come July 1. I am a Canes fan, and only want what is best for the team. JR's trades getting blocked are not going to help this team rebuild any quicker. Carolina is not a team that can or will sign any marquee free agents. The team needs to be built through trades and draft picks.
  3. I am glad that JR's loyalty to his players has been recipricated. I doubt he will ever give out any NTC again. He gets screwed everytime he makes a deal. It is obvious to everyone that this team needs to get younger and go in a different direction, but the players never cooperate with JR to help him work things out. He must feel like his hands are tied at this point. He should just sent every veteran with a NTC down to the minor leagues for the rest of the season. Let them sit things out on the sidelines to let them know they messed up the future of the team.
  4. I don't want to repeat the problems with this team that everyone else has already mentioned, but I guess it is what it is...To old, lack of speed, lack of scoring touch, etc...Too many issues that need to be fixed in order to be successful this year. One comment I have is that I think part of the problem has been that the the Canes haven't drafted that well over the long term to continually re-stock the team with talent. The Canes prospects are alwasy rated among the worst in the NHL year after year by the NHL publications. Although there appears to be some talent coming up, the only real draft picks that have made it over last five years or so has been Staal and Ward. It looks like Sutter will turn out to be a good player, so you can add him to the list. In order for the team to be successful over the long term, they need to draft well. The Canes have had too many 1st round picks not pan out, and I don't really remember any players besides Cole that have been drafted in later rounds contribute to the team. In my opinion, this has led to the problems. Due to the teams self imposed "cap", they don't have the money available to sign the big time free agent goal scorers. That is why JR need to take fliers on waiver players and cheaper alternatives. Hopefully, some of the hyped players in the Canes system will make an impact in the near future.
  5. I don't get the schedule. The canes have to play the Lightning on the second game of a back-to-back set twice withing 5 days. In both cases, the Lightning were waiting for the Canes and will be rested. The Caps are definitely going to win their two games. They will be rested and playing teams on the second night of back-to-back road games. What a joke. The Canes have put themselves up against the wall once again. Just like last year.
  6. yes, the officials were pretty bad. However, if the Canes did something on any of their power play they may have been able to make it a game. The Canes are going to need to dig deep and show up to play tomorrow night. If they lose tomorrow, bye-bye playoffs. The Canes got beat all over the ice tonight. The refs didn't help, but the Canes didn't play their best game when they should have showed up to clinch the division.
  7. Whatever. The Canes better leave it all out on the ice in the third period. They have Tampa tomorrow and then the Caps have TB the next night. The should be a win for the Caps. I can't believe that the Canes are going to be scrambling to get into the playoffs.
  8. I agree with the last post. I wouldn't worry about any playoff matchups until the Canes actually clinch a spot. After last night, I will admit that I am worried. They really need to beat Ottawa tomorrow or next thing you know the division lead will be 3 points with two head to head games against Washington and Florida. They need to stay five points ahead to control their own destiny. They have been playing good, but with the injuries continuing to mount, I just hope they don't run out of steam. I was thinking back to last year and remembering that I thought they were locked into the playoffs after a big win against San Jose at home. The next thing you know they got swept by Toronto and Philly in back to back road games (both non-playoff teams last year) and were basically knocked out of the playoff race.
  9. Kaberle really needs to hit someone. He plays so soft it is almost ridiculous.
  10. You could tell right away that the Canes did not show up for this one. Even before the Sabres scored the first two goals. Horrbile turnover by Kaberle got the Sabres rolling. The Canes need to forget about this and find a way to win on Sunday. If they lose on Sunday, things are going to get really interesting. If we didn't have to play the Caps and Panthers two more times each, I wouldn't be as worried, but the division is no sure thing after tonight. Rutuu and Eaves need to start putting the puck in the net.
  11. iceman11

    Joe Corvo

    Don't forget about Zarley Zalapski...
  12. After the fast start, the season seemed to be slipping away. The play was lackluster for almost two months. The team looked dead in the water. They lacked the grit and determination that they needed to compete. It was very frustrating to watch. It was obvious that the team needed to make changes to change the team chemistry around. I personally thought that JR may have waited to long to pull the trigger on some trades. However, the moves that were finally made have worked out much better than I think anyone could have envisioned. This is a different team. The fire is back with the Canes. They play hard night in an night out. They are much more physical and stick up for each other like they weren't doing earlier in the year. They are a fun team to watch again. I really think that Corvo was the kind of player this team has needed for the past few years. A d-man who could lead the rush and make the nice outlet passes to sping the rush. And someone with a cannon from the point. The team also has much more speed with all of the additions. Hopefully, they can keep it rolling right into the playoffs. And has been previously mentioned, once the playoffs start, anything can happen. This team needs to be applauded for the effort and determination they have shown over the last month. The Brind'Amour injury could have devastated them. Instead, everyone has stepped up their play and taken on greater responsiblity. No matter what happens form here on out, after the number of man games lost to injury/sickness this year, just making the playoffs will be a success in my book. And if I was another Eastern Conference team, I would not want to play the Canes in the playoffs right now...
  13. The more I watch this team, the more it becomes apparent that there are too many holes to fix than JR will be able to address by the trade deadline. I just don't feel like this team can compete for the Cup this year. They will be lucky just to make the playoffs. The entire defense (besides Gleason) needs to be rebuilt. They really need an offensive d-man that can anchor the powerplay. That way they might not give up as many short handed goals anymore. I think that that rash of injuries has seriously hurt JR's ability to make any moves. (on a side note: this team really misses J Williams). Might as well just play out the season and hold onto all of the assets they have. Then work in the off-season to re-tool things. If things keep going the way they have been, JR shoudl really consider if he should trade some of the older players on the team to acquire some youth and some draft picks.
  14. The ship is almost sunk. The Williams and Cullen injuries have basically crippled this team right now. They are a shell of what the team was offensivley at the beginning of the year. We used to have 4 scoring lines, now they Canes don't even have 1 line that can score. The defense needs to be totally re-tooled. The only problem now is that JR is running out of assets to trade. There is no offensive depth to trade away. The only positive from last nights game is that Cam looked real good. It may have been his best game of the year.
  15. I wonder if JR is trying to free up some salary with this move. I like Hamilton and thought he would be a big factor this year. It seems to me that Hamilton just never really got the playing time to contribute to his full capabilities.
  16. Even if JJ did not want to play here, he could have been used a bagaining chip come trade deadline time. A very big chip at that. My only beef with JR trading him was that he probably could have got much more in return had he waited and pulled the trigger come trade deadline time either this year or last year. JR traded him away out of no-where right before the season started two days after vowing he would not trade him. And from many various reports I read, I don't think JR shopped him around enough. I read quotes from lots of GM's claiming they didn't know JJ was even available or they would have offered more to get him. That is my issue with how it went down. Bottom line. JR got pissed off with the kid and his father and pulled the trigger too quickly. I am a huge Gleason fan, so I don't want to seem like I am upset with his play. I just think JR used his biggest poker chip and cashed it in too early. Every team in the league is looking for a young d-man to build the team around. The Canes should have at least got a few players and a 1st round draft pick back in return.
  17. Forget the goaltending issues. JR needs to re-arrange the defense. I can't believe he hasn't done anything yet. One or two changes back there and this team will be fine. The fact that the leading scorer on the defense has 12 points for the season is a joke. It is absolutely ridiculous.
  18. After listening to JR's interview this morning, something big is coming down. He wasn't too pleased with anything. I just hope he is wise enought not to give up Staal, Williams, Cole, Ladd, Gleason, Ward, and Cullen. They need to build the future of the team around these guys. As much as I like everyone else, they need to change things up. They need to rebuild the entire defense from top to bottom. And they really could get helped out by getting some younger players for some of our seasoned veterans.
  19. Like the original post said, this team is a crossroad right now. I don't see how it is going to improve at this juncture. There are just mounting issues and the injury situation has made trading much more difficult. There are so many things that need to be corrected right now. The entire team just looks lost on the ice.
  20. The Canes D is attrocious. They really need a change back there. Might as well call up some young guys and give them a chance. I don't think it can get much worse. Even the Islander announcer kept commenting that the Canes are out of sync and that a change is needed. Until they get organized on the back end, they won't be able to turn things around.
  21. I have no problem with losing as long as the team is giving a solid effort. The problem lately is that the team has mailed it in on a few occassions and not put forth their best effort. For instance, last night in Philly they played hard with some desparation in their game. If they had lost the game, I would have had few complaints because they played hard. That is all you can ask for. Efforts like the Ottawa and Buffalo game are not excusable.
  22. Despite the fact that the Canes had 36 shots, half of them were harmless. They just couldn't generate the quality chances they were looking for. This was a game they should have easilty won. Calgary was on fumes and tried to hand the game to the Canes numerous times. I guess I was just even more upset than usual tonight because I thought they would bounce back after the horrid display against OTT the other night. It is very frustrating to watch this team. I don't even know what has happened to them, but they are a completely different team than the one that started the year. I wouldn't care if they were playing with emotion and playing hungry. It seems to me that they are going through the motions half the time. Since the beggining of November, the only games where they have resembled should the team they should be were against the Ranger and in Montreal. They were skating hard and winning the majority of the battles. On most nights it has been a struggle. They can't continue to blindly clear the puck out of their own end. On a side not, Cam needed to bail them out tonight and he didn't. The two third period goals were stoppable, long rang shots. Still, if the Canes offense had any confidence, they could have easlily pulled this one out. They threw away good scoring chances by either not waiting too long and not getting the shots off or missing the net.
  23. I can't believe they lost the game. Calgary was so tired they could barely skate of the ice for a line change the entire third period. There is no excuse for losing a game like tonight. This should have been a scheduling loss for the Flames. The Canes need a wake-up call. The have been playing mediocre hockey for way too long now.
  24. Personally, I would prefer to see Staal start producing some points again than increase his physical play. He needs to step it up and start producing. It is no coincidence that the teams average stretch of play corresponds with Staal's decline in production.
  25. When was the last time a Canes D-man has made a home run pass? They need to get some offensive help from the defense. The Canes were able to get buy without any offense from the D-man the year they won the cup. However, they can't do it this way anymore. The forwards need some help with some good outlet passes to spring them out of the zone. The Canes D can't even clear the zone anymore, let alone make nice outlet passes. JR has some serious problems to fix with this team. They have one of the oldest rosters in the leauge. They need help, and don't have any depth in the minors to use as trade bait. The Canes haven't drafted well (besides the few top 10 picks they have had) over the years and it is starting to catch up with them. They don't have many players ready to step onto the roster who can contribute right away.
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