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  1. Yeah, they're not going to make it. I hope I'm wrong and I'm not "throwing in the towel", but after the past two games, where they battled their *edit* off (i thought) in winnable games, putting up a ton of shots on goal and still coming up short, I just don't see it happening. Hell, Washington almost seemed like they wanted to lose. Guess we'll see, but I'm no longer holding out much faith. Things just don't seem to break their way, for whatever reasons.
  2. Tell you what, 10-11 Canes are the most consistent team I've ever seen, regardless of sport. Bad teams - W; Good teams L, excluding divisional games. I'm going to have start putting money on these guys.
  3. Can't beat anyone good, even when the opponent is at half strength. I do hold out hope for this team to make the playoffs, but that's a big problem. I don't believe there's been a Canes team, not even the bad ones, so reliably unable to pick up wins against good teams.
  4. Obviously I don't post here much, but chiming in; remkin sort of laid it out for this team's playoff chances depending on the past 10 game stretch, which I tend to believe is correct. Canes did very well. I'm pretty confident we'll make the playoffs, but please Canes, win a non-divisional game against a good team, do you mind?
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