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  1. What's next JR, Ward for Irbe or Kevin Weekes? If you want to reunite the '02-03 Cup Hangover team, just do it!
  2. He sucked in Phoenix before that too. I've changed my mind, I'll take a PB&J instead of a ham sammich now. You can even leave the crust on them.
  3. In the last four games alone I've counted no fewer than a dozen bad passes from "Knobs" that either resulted in a goal or legitimate scoring opportunity, so don't think that its a blind observation. Tanabe is only getting ice time because of injuries and JR's bootless attempt to say, "see, this guy's starting on the defending Stanley Cup champions." The guy wasn't part of the answer last season, or the previous Cup run in 2002 either. JR can do lots of things, but you can't polish a turd like Tanabe, its just not possible.
  4. Tanabe must go and must go now. If we get a ham sandwich in return, then we've screwed someone. For all the moves that JR made last year, the move to acquire Tanabe from the scrap heap has erased his genius status and returned this team to the disappointment of the post-2002, pre-strike era.
  5. BOOO, BOOO, BOOOOOO !!! Sit the stars down for the more emtionally engaged players. He was called up to fill Cory Stillman's scratch, so nobody was benched in favor of him. Aside from taking the broad opinion to blame Bettman for what is largely a defending champ in a midseason slump, what other trinkets of wisdom do you have to offer?
  6. Seems to me that Ryan Bayda, called up from the AHL just hours before they dropped the puck last night, was the most energetic player on our team. Hmmmm.
  7. Blasting from Laviolette - check "Meeting" with Rutherford - check Moderate booing from the fans - check Defending Stanley Cup Champion plays to its potential, even in the face of adversity that affects EVERY NHL team - (gulp!) check
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