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  1. I still can't believe Faulk has had a job here as long as he has. Though I don't see Priskie making the team this year, I can totally see both the strategic and economic sense of moving Faulk now, while he still has two years on his deal, and slotting McKeown in while Priskie seasons. McKeown has captained teams in the Juniors and now the A to championships. Given the offensive strides both Pesce and Slavin have taken, along with our overall depth at D, I'm having a hard time seeing why we keep trotting out the defensive adventure that is Justin Faulk.
  2. Hmmmm, I wonder who we're trading him to.
  3. Translation: "I'm sort of a fan. It's conditional."
  4. No, it shows you how stupid the NHL was to try twice in Atlanta. No, I'm one of those Yankees who moved down here, became a full-on Canes fan, let go completely of my old team (Philly) and loves to p-o other northerners who can't seem to let go of theirs (Rags fans most especially), and who also have no sense of humor. Ironic, huh?
  5. Fixed. It's not that the Whale and the Canes are not the same franchise. It's just... we don't care how y'all did it up north.
  6. Yeah. And LOGOS play the games. Whatever, dude. When ownership changes and the team leaves town, sorry--NOT THE SAME TEAM ANYMORE. And here's another difference: Regular season records. Whale 815-945-215 Trips to finals: zip. Cups: zilch. Canes 753-688-86-161 (OT) Trips to final: two. Cups: one. Sure look like two different teams to me. Any. Freakin'. Questions. ?.
  7. I don't know, but apparently the written word, wherever it happens to be, is a hybrid of hieroglyphics and Sanskrit.
  8. This club is loaded with wingers and needs cap space, so Nino would be at the top of my list to move for Puljujarvi. He was the right acquisition at the the right time, but Edmonton's roster, UFA wise, is a disaster area, with (count 'em) SEVEN guys going UFA after this year. Nino is under contract through 21-22. If they move Gagner, the Oil would create enough space to pay Nino. All of that being said, I don't know if we need the distraction of the Puljujarvi Project--but Aho and TT's presence would surely help him settle in, I'd think.
  9. Agreed. Since PK bought the Whale, Jimmy had been his GM. The GMs that ruled under the old ownership were of no consequence to this franchise's trajectory since PK has owned it.
  10. The use of employment contracts is as individual as the ownership and boards of every company, and I can assure you that the vast majority of American managers and workers more broadly don't have them. As for "mixing" right-to-work laws, I never said a thing about them. I said "at will" employment. They're two different things. Right-to-work states do not require union membership as terms of employment. At-will, per the link, means: I'm glad your niece has a contract, but it is an exception, not the rule... just as the fact that you, as an owner, were willing to give employees contracts didn't make that common either. Clearly Dundon didn't use them in his prior companies: Full story here. But let's get back to the topic at hand, shall we? Waddell is currently without a contract, and as such is an at-will employee in NC. Until he is back under an agreement, he can be summarily let go, without cause--and even if/when he is re-signed, whether he is owed one red cent is entirely dependent on what's in his particular agreement, under the section "Termination of employment."
  11. I'll still take Dundon's hands-on proactivity over PK's fiddling while Rome burns (oh wait, it's just PK's cigar) eight days a week.
  12. Then you need to spend some time on the site's management page, looking up the guys we've got. Dudley has assistant GM experience, and the other guys I listed have paid their dues. Trust the process.
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