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  1. Well that didn't go well. Things are pretty bad when a political debate draws me away from hockey. Whip 'em into shape quick, Roddy.
  2. Talk about hanging the new kid out to dry in the first. Glad we finally look interested. Although I don't know what game Tripp is watching, because despite his assessment, Foegele has played heavy all night.
  3. Just because they wanted Necas doesn't make the ask reasonable. I mean, I want Johnny Gaudreau for Jordan Staal, but I don't expect that to happen. I think ultimately (pure conjecture based on what we know of their personalities) Roddy has the final say-so among him, Waddell, and TD, especially in a playoff race. I think Roddy would insist on it, and if either of them asks why, he'd just point to his ring and say, "You guys want one of these, right?" Edit to add: Waddell got one as AGM of the Red Wings.
  4. Or, Rod Brind'Amour wouldn't know a solid prospect if he tripped over one. Letting go of Priskie this soon could indicate an attitude problem. Gauthier may have one too, although if so, it's of Rod's making. But Kouk? Roy? Lou? Wallmark? And giving McKeown a two-way, one-year deal, yet not a sniff of the NHL? All this suggests coaching ignorance at best, and motivational coaching bull *edit* ("Earn your spot!") at worst. Everyone on the CLT roster right now is surely wondering if they're on the payroll strictly as trade bait--because clearly, passage from CLT to Raleigh no longer exists. Unless you happen to be a keeper, and both NHL keepers go down. The same night.
  5. Expansion's a little over a year away. If we're going to make deals for guys with term remaining, now's the time, although the events of Saturday maybe forced us into it a little sooner than we might have wanted. This much seems clear: We have zero faith that any of our CLT D are ready. And I think that's what Vatanen's about. From what I'm seeing he basically has a contusion and was put on IR to make space for Merkley, who was part of the Devs return for Taylor Hall.
  6. You do realize it's not like we're in a position to call the tune at the moment, right? We need these deals more than the teams we're making them with need to do them.
  7. Just what we need at the moment, and maybe a little Southern Comfort is just what he does.
  8. Seriously dude, is it the water you drink, or what? He's a $5.5 million NHL D man who is only in minus territory because his former team sucks.
  9. Yes you have. It's pronounced SHAY. Brady Shay. You're gonna like him.
  10. Pesce or Hams, take your pick. Or Reimer or Petr. Or all of 'em? Seriously, all this spending tells me Brett and at least one keep won't be back for a while. I'd love to be wrong, though.
  11. I'm good with this. Still ****** that it took Wallmark to bring back Trochek.
  12. Yup. Ridiculous overpayment. I hope there's another shoe to drop.
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