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  1. Earlier this year I was all set to pay him, if memory serves, up to $6 million on a front-loaded contract, but now seeing how he is either refusing or unwilling to hit with something other than his (apparently) glass shoulder, I wouldn't do it now. But some GM is bound to offer him more than $4 million.
  2. Agreed. We only gave up a third rounder for Darling. Still better than nothing.
  3. We lost internet here in Oriental for a bit this morning, maybe it was part of reconnecting your neck of the woods.
  4. We might not see Ferland at all, the rest of the way. It is extremely hard to play hockey with a bum shoulder, and even for a minor cuff tear, the healing process without surgery can run to six months. Surgery can shorten that, but requires complete immobility for six weeks followed by lengthy rehab before you can even think about playing again. Much as I'd like to have what Ferland brings, we have to think about his market value. I'm sure he is too. If he can't go on October 1, his FA status is useless to him and to us. If he can, he could return value between the end of the season and July 1, even if it's only a pick. If it comes to it, Gauthier could fulfill Ferland's physical role (at least), and probably hit smarter in the bargain. For now, though, everybody is running on adrenaline and has taken the physicality up a notch, including SeaBass and TT. That is an extremely good sign.
  5. I hope you're right. Heart will overcome a lot, but he could put no weight on that right leg for turns, stops, etc. From the replay, it looked like his hip took the impact, and given how he reacted in the runway when he couldn't go, I'm pretty concerned. Hockey pants have a hard shield down the tailbone, but none where he made contact, and he really crunched that hip. Hopefully the x-rays come back negative and it's just a bad bruise, or maybe sciatica, which can often be cleared up pretty quickly with PT/stretching.
  6. Hear, hear! And it's really not even about what else is going on in the series, as far as I'm concerned. Foegele has no history. Oshie is a Greg Louganis-grade diver, and he was 10 feet from the boards when he ***chose*** to go down. Oshie's inability to get his own elbow out of the freakin' way of the oncoming boards has nothing to do with Foegele and everything to do with Oshie trying to get his team a PP. He did, and he got hurt in the process. That's playoff hockey. End of story.
  7. This sounds right. Coastal posted the other day that he's not on an NHL deal.
  8. That's a common misconception, but actually he was within the rules. It is legal to have both hands on your stick and pummel the player with either glove. It's only cross-checking if you make intentional contact using the shaft of the stick essentially as a weapon, to the opposing player's body, with both hands on the stick.
  9. I gotta tell you, if I'm TBL, I am NOT happy. I love playoff hockey, but to do what they did all year just to get ousted by a team that essentially bought a hot streak and would not have had even a whiff of the playoffs in "the old days" is simply ridiculous. Again, I love the tournament, the passion, etc. But it really has nothing to do anymore with deciding which of the best teams across an 82-game schedule deserve to hoist the Cup. On the contrary, it is designed to wear teams down, purely for revenue. With basketball talking about shortening its season and the increasingly difficult time pro teams are having attracting live audiences, one can only hope that we might one day return to sanity and invite just eight teams (four would be even better) to the postseason. It would make for more hotly contested regular-season games and make the kind of dominance TBL demonstrated this year actually mean something. But I'm not holding my breath.
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