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  1. Necas' behind spent as much time on the ice as his skates did early this season, and that's why he got sent to CLT. And that wasn't even playoff hockey. There's no sense inviting injuries. Bring up guys with the build and experience to handle this level of physicality and pressure, or at least to have a fighting chance of doing so. I think Necas will get there; he has the frame. But what I saw of his supposedly elite stick skills in the early games of this season occurred in open ice with his head down. In the playoffs, the first is non-existent and the second will get your bell rung but good.
  2. I may hate his sorry behind, but looks like my (and others') pronouncements of Tort's death was premature. I really thought he'd lost that team about two months ago, and without the deadline moves they made, I doubt Columbus gets in. If CBJ gets past TBL, Kekalainen is probably your GM of the year.
  3. Somebody said it'd be Brown or Bishop. I guess somebody was right I'm down with Brown. He'll bring a heavy game and plays smart.
  4. I'd be okay with Jurco. Necas, at 175 and having gotten his glutes handed to him in the regular season, and Sarella, at 5'-11" are too puny. This is not the Isle, it's the Caps. Assuming Maenalanen replaces one of Ferland or Svech, only Jurco or Goat is big enough, IMO, to replicate what the other brings against this particular opponent.
  5. Necas has 16 goals in 64 games, .25 GPG. Goat has 27 in 75, .36. Goat is big guy with power moves. Necas is a finesse player. Just not seeing it.
  6. I'd just like Hockey (capital H, as in The League) to make a freakin' decision. If they want fights, modify the glove and visors a little: Sew the glove palms up to the second knuckle, and cover the padding on the back of the glove, up to that knuckle and on the back of the thumb, with soft leather, and pad it up to there just like a boxing glove. Then, design visors with a quick release. When a guy throws off his visor it's the same as throwing down the gauntlet. To accept, the opponent throws off his own. Let 'em go for 30 seconds or until the first fall, then let the refs compare scorecards and announce the "winner." He gets 10 minutes in the box, and his team is shorthanded for the first two--unless he draws blood, just like with high-sticking. And is subject to supplementary discipline if his opponent is injured more seriously, just like boarding. The loser gets five for fighting--and the embarrassment of losing. I'm joking of course. Aren't I?
  7. Excellent post, I agree with every word. I was a doubting Thomas. I'm glad that the Thomas whose vote actually matters was not.
  8. Nope, just wondering, based purely on that apparent discomfort, if he's okay. It looked like he stuck something under his shoulder pad, probably a heat (or cold) strip. I'm thinking it's just a bruise.
  9. Nope, Caps fans wouldn't be impartial either. But NOBODY "throughout the NHL" has a problem with it; writers are not "in the NHL." I wish they were; I don't want to see head injuries at all. But as long as the NHL keeps saying it wants to stop head injuries but keeps letting guys drop the mitts and beat on each others' noggins, I just find the hue and cry about incidents like this to be laughable. The league condones this, it's as simple as that.
  10. Cut your nose to spite your face, much? Aho spends a lot of time waiting for pucks just like Ovi, just on the opposite side of the zone. He spends a lot of time retrieving pucks down low, like Ovi. Two players using their gifts. I guess I don't see the issue. Now, if the league actually walks its talk of protecting players from head injury, would I see a difference? Sure. But the league has a looooong history of "letting the boys play" in the playoffs. Svech picked the wrong dance partner, and as someone else noted, if the jerseys were reversed, I'm wagering those complaining about that fight would be defending Vech, not Svech.
  11. He did, but it was late in the game. My guess is he goes regardless. He's a gamer and played thru that injury for the first half.
  12. He was clearly annoyed--I wouldn't say his expression suggested anything more than that--with his left shoulder, immediately after he jumped into the glass on his second goal. But was getting attention from the trainer.
  13. I really want to see Goat and Maenalanen. Saku was playing heavier with each game in the regular season, and Gauthier has something to prove. Assuming Dougie is okay, let Bean keep getting the full NHL press box experience. Also, Calvin may be ready. But if Dougie can't go, I think you have to go with Carrick's heavier game and scoring ability. For forwards, there's no need to bring up another Chex (beyond one) at this point. We can only dress the one we bring up and Saku for Thursday anyway, and they're preparing for their own playoff series opening Saturday in Providence.
  14. Keep reading. He was a much dirtier player even three years ago than he is now. But I don't expect you to agree, you've made your hatred of him clear in the past. And that's okay--to each their own.
  15. I'd wager that Svech never felt the last punch, nor the contact with the ice. Ovi knocked him out. If anything--and I'll defer to KJUN's expertise on this--that helps him. When you pass out and your body goes limp, it follows the physics of the situation rather than fighting them, which is when injury is more likely to result, due to tensing up.
  16. These are from 2012 and 2015. Look, I'm the last guy to defend dirty plays, and Ovi has had a bunch, especially early in his career. But just like anything can happen with head injuries, anything can happen in a fight, and until the league has a no-tolerance policy, that will continue to be the case. Hopefully Svech learns from this and opts to beat Ovi over the head the way he did in Game 2--with his play.
  17. I was speaking of him being the discipline problem. That's why I called out those other guys. And tell me you wouldn't want Ovechkin.
  18. Truer words were never spoken. I was going for a puck once in the neutral zone and a guy on the other side was too. He had about 30 pounds on me and we arrived at the same time, reached for the puck together, and cracked skulls--and we both got up and skated away (me with the puck). The weeklong headache didn't kick in until two days later.
  19. Wow. A Bad Human. Okay. I didn't realize you had inside info. Have you even considered that fights don't happen in slo-mo, although replays do? I doubt Ovechkin realized he had knocked Svech out, and believe that if he had, he wouldn't have thrown that last punch. It's easy for us to see Svech's body go limp in super slo-mo, not so easy when you're in the moment, throwing fists and falling forward--which, if you have an objective bone in your body, you would also have noticed.
  20. Of course they do. All these opinions are from guys who blog about and are fanboys of other teams. That is not impartial. There is no question that Ovi played dirty earlier in his career, or that anyone can play dirty when frustrated. Lots of the best players in hockey do. But as they mature, the good ones tone it down, and since that article was published in '16, Ovechkin has. Marchand had to lick someone - three times - before he was rehabilitated, and I'm still not convinced he won't do it again this year. I agree with you that it's a pointless debate, but I also think it's undeniable that Ovi, in general, has realized how much bigger he is than pretty much everyone else in the league, and that he has gotten much better at keeping his cool. Which brings me back to my original point: I'm not blaming Svech entirely, but he has wanted to get under Ovi's skin all year, and last night he did. It paid dividends for the Canes, so I think it's kind of disingenuous for us, at the same time, to complain that Ovechkin took the bait and settled things. Among a lineup that includes Orpik and Niskanen and Wilson, Ovechkin is not the problem.
  21. Another regional (New England) complainer with no room to do so. Funny how Brad Marchand didn't make his list. And Tuomo Ruutu?? Seriously??
  22. Whatever. I'd take a benchful of Ovi's before I'd want one Tom Wilson.
  23. Oh I hear ya, don't get me wrong. But if we can play as physically as we did last night, I think that momentum can carry into DC. A Game 7 resets everything; it's a best-of-one. Right now we need keep our boots on the necks of little ****** like Wilson and Orpik and Niskanen. If we can do that Thursday, I think this series becomes ours to lose.
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