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  1. Where's super dave and his jinx-off when you need him?
  2. The boys are playing a much more physical brand of hockey, which is why they have been getting to and holding the slot. That takes it out of you, especially in the second game of a back-to-back. I think they took a breath pre-Cali.
  3. College basketball fans just don't can't understand.
  4. Tough loss, great season start, let's go sweep the West coast.
  5. This team is generating traffic in front like it never has before, and he's a big reason. I'd be very surprised if part of the vetting process for both him and DaZee wasn't this question: Will you own the slot?
  6. And that's how you protect a lead: play in their end.
  7. Really want to see him and Svech on a line together.
  8. Dudes in the background: I remember my first beer, too.
  9. Yeah, several. Fleury actually had a nice one tonight.
  10. That's a thing of beauty right there.
  11. Boychuk with the Shooter McGavin? Really? https://images.app.goo.gl/WvhdfTFUJwBhrAhN6
  12. The growth of Pesce has been fun to watch. You could sense it down the stretch and post-season last year, and he's picked up right where he left off. It is the rare d-man indeed who looks that comfortable when in that tight, let alone for one with a rep for being a stay-at-home guy.
  13. Just glad Aho and TT are together again. Here's hoping Rod leaves them there.
  14. Back to the quoting issue again. I quoted that by didn't say it. Tech! Woooooohoooooooo!
  15. I may be Pesce's biggest fan and he deserves it, but I'd rather see Nino have it. Something tells me Brett is happy with exactly how things are, and based on its performance, the broader D surely is too, where I think a little added responsibility might nudge Nino to start showing younger guys on the front lines how it's done, and Aho in particular the importance of patience. Nino is a streaky scorer, so he knows a thing or two about it.
  16. Merely disappointing. Check out #2 on this list and then tell me about Ouch.
  17. I hope so, because the one superlative about it I left out was: It is great fun to watch, and connects the fans to the team. The longer they keep possession the more the fans want, and the fans let the players know they approve--or don't, in visiting barns. Either way, the fans' in-play reaction feeds players' desire to keep it going.
  18. It's called keep-away, and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a team do it--or anything more demoralizing for the losers. Despite all the derision they received from hockey traditionalists for "winning by intimidation" back in the day, the Broad Street Bullies edition of the Philadelphia Flyers were among the best I've ever seen at ragging the puck with a lead. They did it in all three zones, taunting opposing players into chasing and lunging to try to get possession and then denying it. Which of course also wore them out. People forget that while they could definitely goon it up, that team also had many of the league's most skilled skaters and stick handlers: Clarke, Barber, MacLeish, Dornhoffer, Brian Propp, Bill Flett, Bill Clement. They'd often do it shorthanded, too, to kill of penalties faster. Why give up possession if you don't have to? It's an art that I'd love to see this group revive, because it certainly has the skill players to do it.
  19. But son! She's got uuuuuuge... tracts o' land!
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