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  1. On 5/22/2020 at 8:54 AM, cc said:

    Covid Update for 5/20 and 5/21.  Source NCDHHS and NYtimes. As of 1:50 PM 5/21


    Take from it what you will-  .


    Testing was way up for these 2 days.

    ~ 10-12% increase in hospitalizations over the last 3 days compared to the week prior.

        Deaths per day is dropping steadily(NYtimes data)


    5/20                   New Cases 422     Tests 13503(new record)      % positive 3.1

    5/21                   New Cases 738     Tests 9661                            % positive 13.1


    2 day total                               1160          23164                                             5.0%


    Total for entire recording duration (4/20-5/21)

                                                  20860         290645                                            7.2%

    Except this.


    Edit to add: Wasn't it you cc who protested, in response to a similar citation by someone else, just a few ticks upthread, that "Picking a single stat and a couple of days won't cut it"? Why yes... yes it was.


    But wait, as they say on the late-night TV commercials, there's more: Your puffed-up vow not to wear a mask is self-centered and dangerous. 


    I'm sure that sounds "mean" to someone who has repeatedly asked me to "be nice" on these boards. Yet I'm not the one putting others at risk by going without a mask. You are.


    You have claimed on these boards to be "a scientist," yet based on your determination to resist wearing a mask, this much is clear: You are a scientist who either doesn't understand--or worse, doesn't care--how masks work: They protect not only you, but others. That's why doctors wear them in ORs: to protect the patient whose open wound--of the doctor's creation--they will be standing over as they ask for surgical tools, and possibly sneeze or cough, emitting aerosolized saliva and nasal droplets... which, without a mask, would enter the wound.


    Is it really the hassle you have so vociferously and insistently claimed it to be to don protection for the sake of others, cc, in case you are asymptomatic and happen to sneeze or cough or talk with someone nearby? 


    You say "be nice," and you are right: everyone should be. When there's a pandemic on, wearing a mask in public is the most basic way of doing so.

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  2. 2 hours ago, gocanes0506 said:

    Reputable sources are relative today.

    No, they are not, and they never have been, today or at any other time. That is a lazy dodge which too many people have bought into, but just because Kellyanne Conway believes in "alternative facts" doesn't make them any more real than Santa Claus or unicorns.


    There is a basic set of ethics and a host of best practices for vetting, corroborating, and reporting information. Serious journalists adhere to them. Water carriers and flaks for particular points of view (like Conway, or, on the other side, David Alexrod) do not.  

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  3. 11 hours ago, cc said:

    Take this to heart-  I get into heated conversation with yall sometimes.  Thats cause I has some a hole in me.  As they say in the south "I get it honest".  Does not mean I don't care. Y'all are my hockey family with all that entails.

    Thanks cc, the feeling (and the honesty, and the a-hole thing) is mutual. I feel exactly the same, and I sincerely appreciate you putting it out there so eloquently.


    The biggest reason I have been advocating on these boards that a lot more testing is needed before reopening isn't about politics, or even about the unanimous belief of public health experts and every single member of the coronavirus task force (except the guy that appointed it) that we're not doing anywhere near enough (although that does inform my belief that our testing regime is completely uncoordinated and inadequate). The biggest reason is exactly what you said: I have as much (sometimes more) contact with you all as I do with members of my own family, and therefore feel the same about each of you as I do about them: I don't want any of us to let our guard down sooner than is safe, and potentially pay a high price.


    That being said, I totally get the desire for a return to normalcy. I miss hockey, my family, restaurants, playing pickleball, and on and on, just like everyone else. Yet I accept that nothing I say is going to stop anyone who is okay with taking (what I think are) needless risks from doing so. I can only control what I do, and hope that others will be safe and okay. And I do sincerely hope that, for everyone.

  4. I'm 60 for another few months, and grateful every day not just to be alive (had a stress-induced heart attack at 42) but to still feel in my early 30s, creatively, at heart, and physically. Just wish it were also true of energy!


    On 5/10/2020 at 9:22 AM, cc said:

    Pretty sure I might have had this crap around December.

    Mrs. Shelf is certain she did too, in early February. Had a cough/cold she couldn't shake for weeks and ultimately got the first breathing treatment of her life to clear it. Doc said she was about to go pneumonic. 

  5. 2 hours ago, gocanes0506 said:

    all of your posts have a different tone

    I beg to differ. I've always called out stupidity when I've seen it, and let y'all delete my posts if you don't like 'em. When a country reopens while cases and deaths in the very areas it is opening are still on the rise, there's just one word for it: stupid.


    Rem has posted how the experts "were all wrong" because "the patients never showed up"--never mentioning the possibility that they were all right--that their advice to shut everything down is why the patients never showed up. Either way, isn't minimizing patients the whole point? 

  6. 15 hours ago, bluedevilcane said:

    This certainly is a post about hockey.

    The title of this thread is "Covid 19 Virus Inpacts Sports, NHL, Season Tix Other Impacts"


    I find it interesting that you're apparently good with other participants' posts about how wrong (or not) the experts were, how it's totally safe (or not) to reopen the economy, etc. etc.--when there is absolutely no proof of any of those things. For all ANY of us knows, the scrubbing of the season and the state-imposed restrictions which followed prevented the Canes from returning from their game in Jersey to create a Raleigh hot spot. If not, there'd have been three more chances for that to happen within the week, because they were scheduled to host the Pens (and their fans, who, I'll admit, are diseased even without a virus afoot...), to travel to Buff, and to host Buff two days later.  


    So, there's your hockey. Now, some "other impacts":


    One of Mrs. Shelf's friends from childhood, who now lives near Buffalo, put money down on an OBX rental for themselves and three other NY couples last year--for next week. They have been told they can't get a refund of their deposit because the county is officially "open." Did the ability to say that factor into county commissioners' lifting of restrictions? Into Cooper's? Would the rental company do the same thing to renters who are in-state (i.e., who are more likely to take them to court, since attending a hearing is more convenient for NC residents)?


    If you'd rather not consider/discuss such questions, that's fine. The same goes for posts about how wrong the experts were (or were not), about whether the current resident of the White House (which by the way is OUR White House) made a bad decision in demurring on WHO tests, thus delaying adequate testing right up to this moment, etc. But when you cry "politics" just because I and others are willing to consider and discuss them, you only feed the divisions that are already too widespread for our democracy's own good, and which have allowed the conviction that something called "alternative facts" actually exist to gain traction.

  7. 16 hours ago, raleighcaniac said:

    I guess this story belongs in this subset forum. Google this guy. What an a$$hat 😂


    25 years old and no brain in his head. And the Caps' statement is almost as clueless:


    “We are aware of the unacceptable and offensive comments made by Brendan Leipsic in a private conversation on social media” 


    As if there's such a thing as private conversations on social media. Sheesh.


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  8. 6 hours ago, bluedevilcane said:

    But opinions about politicians are not relevant to hockey. And you keep posting them.

    In case you haven't noticed, politicians are the ones making decisions about how fast and when to reopen. Our own Governor is pushing forward with Phase One reopening, despite the today's highest-ever case count in the state. That is an incremental and justifiably questionable step toward a return to "normal," including toward the return of hockey.


    It's tempting to pretend that politics and the pandemic are unrelated, but that's all it is: pretending. And doing so can be as dangerous--maybe more dangerous--than the virus. If you disagree, ask any Michigan senator how they felt about having people with assault rifles in the balcony of their chamber, and then think about what prompted it. No president of any party should foment violent dissent, and if my saying so makes you uncomfortable, there's an ignore button.


  9. 7 minutes ago, wxray1 said:

    The thing I'm wondering about is why someone insists on making this a political forum.

    How it is "political" to post a fact-checked, corroborated report that the country's leadership suppressed ITS OWN public health agency's recommendations to slow down, at the exact time that leadership is also saying it's important to open up quickly?


    It's not political, xray. It's just the truth.

  10. On 5/1/2020 at 12:07 PM, remkin said:

    since we've been testing the sickest people at nearly 100% for a long time now

    This assumes that you've tested all the sickest people, but based on the percentage of confirmed cases to tests done--the metric which, I can't help noticing, you seem to have dismissed, Rem, though it's the one epidemiologists consider the gold standard for really knowing the extent of this disease--we lag far, far, behind the countries which are farthest in front on flattening the curve.


    I can't make a better argument for prudent caution than this one. This 'graph in particular points to facts which too many of those pushing so hard to reopen seem to be either forgetting or ignoring: 


    The discussion around reopening often draws a distinction between “the vulnerable” and everybody else, as if our strength were not defined by our willingness to stand together. Reading Texas’s reopening plan, one would think that only the elderly are vulnerable. Yet one of the risk factors for death from Covid-19 is obesity, which affects a third of the adults in the South and the Midwest. And diabetes is a major factor in the many deaths of people who are relatively young. There is a misperception, too, that only cities are susceptible, in spite of the fact that some rural areas have been devastated. The most dangerous illusion one can have in a pandemic is that it is only happening to other people, someplace else.


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