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  1. 9 hours ago, gocanes0506 said:

    Point being, I hope we see it because we’ve heard this narrative before.


    Management has made plenty of moves but the salary is close to last season.  Are we gonna see a jump to improve the roster not just maintain.

    What's changed (beyond ownership) is that we have a ton of young talent that we actually want to keep. And though TT's new deal didn't show in this season's salary, between him and Aho alone we'll add $12 million. McGinn is an RFA. Ned is an RFA. Do we pay Mraz? Make a play for Bob? What about Mac? And all of this before we even think about adding a power forward, whether via trade or FA--which we might. But we could also decide that Nino is that guy, because he arguably is. Plus he's buttoned down for three more years, two of which are the last of Svech's and Goat's ELCs.  


    Foegele, Wallmark, and Roy all have a year left on their ELC's. McKeown is an RFA. Lots of guys we need to pay (or, in the latter two cases, decide if we want to).


    The gauntlet our young roster guys just went through is going to make this a completely different team coming out of the blocks next year, in a good way. Whether we add a top-sixer or not this summer, this is a team that should contend for the division all season long and go deep again next spring.  

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  2. 14 hours ago, slapshot02 said:

    If that is a possibility the purchaser of the seats they were kicked out of should be easily traceable. I never took the time to look over head in the parking lot to notice if there are any camera's? 

    Could be wrong, but I think cc meant they were booted from the lot after getting juiced and acting out (never got inside).

  3. 23 minutes ago, AWACSooner said:

    I’ll take it...just wish it didn’t have to end with this whimper we’re seeing 

    This is no whimper. We were outplayed by a playoff-hardened team, and we've taken a big step down that road this year ourselves.


    Great season, great effort.


    To everybody on these boards, thanks for being here. Have a phenomenal summer, and take some comfort in knowing we'll be back at it six weeks sooner--for the first time in a decade.

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  4. Well gang, it's been a great run. We got to our game in exactly two periods of this series, the very first two, and our failure to close that game out doomed us. We've let the B's get under our skin and force us to play their game, not ours, ever since.


    On the bright side, nobody thought we'd get here. Between the big club and CLT, we are going to have a whole lot of young guys with a whole lot of playoff experience under their belts. The future is bright.


    I move Faulk and Dougie and commit to our younger D: Pesce, Slavin, DeHaan, TVR, Bean, Fleury. Ferland: gone. Another year for Willy? Tough call. But get Kouk and Goat and Roy up here. I'm still unconvinced Necas or Saarela have the size/toughness to play in this league.

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  5. 9 hours ago, Doorshut said:

    Do you really believe the B's will sit Tukka?

    If he stinks it up? Absolutely. But who said anything about sitting Tuukka?


    We're talking about the Canes' starter. And nowhere on this thread do I see anyone talking about woulda shoulda coulda, or the Canes' recruiting efforts. Seems, in fact, you have yet to make a comment that relates to anything anyone else has posted. A skeptic (me) would therefore conclude that you're fishing off the stern, with your boat at slow speed. There's a word for that.


    (And what a sorry B's fan, who can't even spell Tuukka...) 


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  6. 3 hours ago, Caniac514 said:

    Wasn't it you, top, always saying that's the execution problem? ;) :P 

    Unless the players were told to stay around with (except some rare cases) nobody screening and rely on Hamilton or Faulk heavy shot going through, then I am with you.

    I do always say the coaches don't lace 'em up, and I do think the PK problem is more about lack of execution than coaching--although it looks to me like there's also a failure of adapting our strategy to a different opponent. Boston's PP gains the line with possession, usually changing the field of attack either just before or just after entry. That lets them try for a quick strike if it's there, or set up if not. So the strategic failure on the PK looks (to my eye) to be giving up the line too easily. 


    On the PP, you're right, standing around, no screens, and shots not getting through. But this is a coaching failure, because the Boston D is the problem. They are too aggressive on the perimeter once we're set up--so the solution is to stop setting up. We need to gain the line with the puck, then make a rapid series of one-touch, cross-ice passes to keep them off-balance and chasing. That kind of movement, and a quick shot (within five secs of zone entry) will prevent them from getting into position. Get one guy in the slot and another crashing the net from the side opposite the shooter to collect any garbage, and the PP won't just be effective, it will be lethal.

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  7. 4 hours ago, raleighcaniac said:

     PP is 2/35 and officially a joke and PK can’t kill. We got by without special teams early but it looks like both have caught up to us. Need them plus solid 5v5 to win. Fans deserve a home win.



    If I'm Roddy I'm telling both coaches responsible for those teams that their jobs are on the line tomorrow night, and if we get through it, every remaining game of the playoffs. Without a strong indication that they've figured it out, even if we don't advance, I think new assistants specializing in both areas climbs the list of off-season priorities. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, remkin said:

    So my thought is that now that Fleury is not really riding high, and the team's confidence in him is a bit low.

    I hate to say it but this feels more like an RBA "my way or the highway" situation. Probably not doing "enough" in the weight room. :rolleyes:


    The whole org (and hockey world) was high on this kid--until Roddy got the bench. I doubt that's a coincidence.


    Hey Rod, tell us again why you kept Mraz in in Game Two?? Oh, a rookie mistake? Well, isn't Fleury entitled to a learning curve, too? 

  9. 5 hours ago, gocanes0506 said:

    Kind of surprised on the Fleury comments.  He has looked solid and is physical. His offense isn’t there and that is why he didn’t play more than 60 seconds in the first.  


    Ill take John’s comments as he is the expert.  At the same time, I see Fleury flourishing when given regular playing time.

    Totally. Judging the kid that harshly when he's playing his first SC playoffs is--well, too harsh.

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  10. 13 minutes ago, AWACSooner said:

    Did I miss a point in the game last night where J Willy pulled a Marchand and punched a dude in the back of the head when he was down?  A B’s friend of mine was humming and hawing about it...until I pointed out his hypocrisy.

    Yeah, he hammered somebody who had sprawled into the crease, if that's the one you friend was referring to. And given the cheap shots the B's have dished out all series, it seemed totally proportional.

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  11. 8 hours ago, AWACSooner said:

    Trade Faulk for a solid PP driver

    It's nothing to do with Faulk, and everything to do with Boston's PK style, to which we have not made the sorely needed adjustments.


    Our PP worked when it had to in the two prior series because neither of those teams were as aggressive on the kill. Boston gives you no space, but there's a solution to that: finding the open man. PK aggressiveness creates open ice and frees the extra skater. The trick is getting him the puck. We're still passing and receiving pucks like we did in the past two series, which was enough to open shooting lanes.


    The only way to beat a PK like the B's is with a series of one-touch passes, with the last  finding the open guy at or below the dot--think Vinny Lacavalier in his prime with TBL. It's a shame that TT missed that open net early, but that's no reason to stop creating that opportunity. 99 times out of 100, he buries that shot. But we're holding pucks up top, at the half-wall, and behind the net as if we think the red (or in this case, the black and gold) sea will part, giving us free shots. That's not happening--we need to create them, and our failure to do so is a failure of our PP coaching. Poor power plays may not lose series, but good ones certainly win them.

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