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  1. 12 hours ago, 2ndsacker said:

    I could be wrong, but I think I know why now. 

    I won't even begin to defend what Peters did to Michal Jordan or prior to his arrival here, because it is indefensible. But do you (now) also happen to know why the team suffered from all the same maladies you list before he even showed up here? And maybe why Peters (who is clearly unable to manage frustration in a acceptable way) blew up at the end of his second season here?


    The answer is the guys in the GM's and majority owner's offices, not the coaches--including (much as I hate to admit it) Mo. I don't like the style he plays and coaches, but his ability to make lemonade out of lemons is beyond dispute. The fact he couldn't on his last tour here rests entirely with management/ownership in my book, and I'll venture that the same held for Muller.


    Meddlesome management is the road to hell. If you're not willing to hire (and sign) guys and let them do their jobs without interfering, you're not a manager. You're the fly in the ointment. 

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  2. Wallmark is going to play a long time in this league, and has underrated, maybe greatly underrated, upside. Both he and Foegele have taken more games to get rolling than we might have liked, but that's to be expected in anybody's sophomore year. Now they are fast returning to their second-half form of last season.


    I do think Nino finally busts out on this trip. He's very close, and hopefully being with TT and Aho will help the Swede find some Finnish. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Caniac514 said:

    Three stars of the week Dec 3-8:


    Carlson from WSH has 6 pts in 3GP - 1st star, Eichel 7 pts in 4 GP. 

    Aho has 5 pts in 1 game and not even honorably mentioned?!

    Or, maybe that's why it's the three stars of the week, and not of the game?


    I get the umbrage over the Canes not getting enough love, but seriously, you don't get weekly honors for one-night performances. SeaBass wore the horse collar in his other two games last week.

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  4. Great GDT surf.


    gocanes called it, McJesus and Slavin will be fun to watch. I just hope we can get that matchup when we need it on their ice. Much as I want to see Peas and Carrots together, Rod may have to hedge his bets, at least on defensive zone draws, and send Jordo or Wallmark out to (hopefully) win the draw and clear the zone, then pull Edmundson or Hams or both of the current third pairing to get that matchup.


    Of course the question then becomes: do you hurt yourself on offense by taking the top scoring Dman in the NHL off the ice (in the case of Hams) when you're going on the attack? Or reduce your ability to keep Draisaitl in check (and checked) by not having Edmundson out there, is coming into his own a little more each game (at least to my eye). 


    So I won't be surprised if Roddy just shows faith in the D pairings he's got, and rolls with them. Mostly I hope I can stay up for all of this one to find out. I love these Western swings--and I hate these Western swings. 



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  5. 20 hours ago, KJUNKANE said:

    Just trying to get confirmation of the unwritten "sanctity" of a goalie?

    That sanctity is completely imaginary, and observed only by the team whose goalie is being pushed around (or punched, or hit, or slashed, or given a snow shower). The same team that takes umbrage when any of that happens to their keeper won't even think twice about doing the same thing to the other team's keeper on the very next shift. 

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  6. 13 hours ago, remkin said:

    Yet he goes down like dead weight

    It's a little-known fact but keepers are usually the best skaters on the team. Not the fastest or flashiest, but the best able to shift weight, maintain balance, etc.; they have to be, because they are carrying all that extra, unwieldy weight. Petr knew exactly what he was doing.

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  7. 1 hour ago, 2ndsacker said:

    When we play that tight gap game through the middle of the ice

    You can tell how this team is playing on any given night simply by watching the neutral zone play for about five minutes. When they own it, they win. When they don't, it's gonna be a struggle at best, and at worst, a long night.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, wxray1 said:

    Serious question.  Does money factor into this?  I.E., is the team close to cap?  I'm not just talking cheapness, but rather league cap.

    If I'm understanding your question, we have about 2.5 million in space (if I'm not mistaken), and bringing up an AHLer, whose contracted NHL pay rate is factored into that (again, if I'm not mistaken), shouldn't have any bearing on it. Even if it did, McKeown, for example, makes just $700k at the NHL level, so it wouldn't put us over.


    But I defer to the board's cap gurus to check me on all that.

  9. 16 minutes ago, wxray1 said:


    So... We love Petr.  I get it.  I like him.  However, last night was a good example of one of his weaknesses.  Rinne made some crazy saves early in the first.  Then, Nashville gets a break out.  Can Petr make the save?  No he cannot.   That was it.  Between Rinne's saves, and Petr's inability to save on the breakaway, the game was over.


    I get it.  I get it.  The breakaway should not have happened.  However, if Petr makes that save, it is a different game.  He HAS made some BIG saves.  But my gut feel in the last few games is that is fading. 

    Maybe, and Tripp's constant mantra of "he's a fighter" smacks of an early PR effort to quell the very concern you raise. Mraz does have a history of fading, but (for now) I'm choosing to believe that because he has been down this road before--trying to become the guy, long-term--he has learned from it, and the team is giving him all the support it can to help him get there.


    The in-game and off-ice regimen required to carry the workload of a #1 is hard to overstate. Games like last night come with the turf, and Petr's next start will tell us a lot about what he has learned during his NHL career. As I've often written here (back in the day, about Cam Ward), what he's trying to do is by far the hardest (and loneliest) transition to make in all of pro sports. I want to believe he's ready. We all do. Here's hoping we're right.

  10. 29 minutes ago, remkin said:

    I guess he had a pretty good game a few games ago, but mostly there has not been a lot to look at here and feel good about. I'm just going by his recent year long stats in Toronto. Not much in his recent play would support my bet though. It's a contrarian play and a bit of a hope.

    I agree history says he's got the tools, and I loved that we got him. It's too soon to call it a bust; Dougie stunk it up pretty good until January of last year, and we later learned why. I suspect Gardiner's struggles have more to do with coming off the injury.


    What doesn't compute is continuing to run him out there if in fact that's the issue, especially in light of our depth on the back end. McKeown would be a head-and-shoulders improvement over the current Jake Gardiner. He must believe, and Roddy must agree, that he will be all the better in the end for having played through it. No other explanation makes sense.

  11. 3 hours ago, wxray1 said:

    I didn't post after the game because I just was really cranky, having spent money on that slop.


    After sleeping on it, 2ndsacker pretty much says what I feel.  You could actually feel the fade and the free-for-all play begin after Rinne's second holy-crap save in the first.   "Here we go again..." was felt by everyone.

    We almost went; we had a Thanksgiving invite in Raleigh and begged off (our old butts are kicked and we just needed the downtime). Tix would have been our thanks to our hosts. Sorry you had to sit through that in person, xray.

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  12. 3 hours ago, OBXer said:

    Nashville Rinne just flat out beat us. 

    We had a ton of grade-A chances, from dead-to-rights in front to tipped pucks that score on him (and every other keeper in this league) on any other night of the year, and he stopped every one of them cold. By halfway through the first, that game had shutout written all over it.


    That's not to say I disagree with the general consensus here, especially that we did not have an answer for their physicality. Speed alone is enough--provided the opposing team cannot match your speed. Nashville can, did, and played heavy to boot.

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