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  1. 1 hour ago, remkin said:

    Some business decisions are about cutting cost, but some are about maintaining the quality of your product. When one considers the valuation of an NHL team and the cost of player payroll, it is pennywise and pound foolish to lose a guy who is the conduit between the team and the fans and who is better at it than anyone there is. I can't believe that the money involved is even close to being worth losing him. 

    Sorry, but all business decisions have to also be considerate of the times. Forslund holding out under the current reality is the epitome of bad, and much as I hate to say it, selfish, decision-making on his part. "I want to work in Carolina, but I want big-time pay... regardless of whether I'm working." 


    Sounds like something Eric Staal would say.

  2. 30 minutes ago, cc said:

    Yes Francis helped. But that’s all.

    And when he could have helped most--and had been given carte blanche to do so--he didn't. I still wonder what might have happened in 2018 if we'd he'd signed Mraz instead of letting the Flyers.


    13 hours ago, gocanes0506 said:

    Recap TD’s ownership:


    Pushed out Francis. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our franchise guy and moving the org forward. “. Yet we made the playoffs.

    Pushed out Kaiton. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our voice and you can’t have Canes without Kaiton.  TD is so cheap“. Yet we preserved and are doing well as an organization

    Wouldnt re-sign Ferland mid season for what he wanted. Response: “OMG how could we, I am not eating until Ferland is signed. He is the exact forward we need, TD is so cheap. “ It turned out to be a great decision.

    Now he won’t give Forslund a different deal than 17 other employees. Response: “OMG how could we, he is our voice and you can’t have Canes without Forslund.  TD is so cheap“.


    Im seeing a trend. Yet the team on the ice is 8-10 wins better. He just dropped 89 million on salaries this season plus Aho and Reimer’s signing bonuses for 20-21.  We are getting a practice ice facility that may attract FAs. And so on.  

    We don't always agree, gocanes, but we do on all the above.


    13 hours ago, remkin said:

    The Hockey Guy on Youtube still thinks its all about a negotiation.

    It is. Unfortunately, by going public, John has increased has chances of losing. Chuck tried it too, and that was when there was actual hockey in the offing. And lost. 


    Until any one of us has skin in the game--and I'm talking about a whole lot more skin than buying a ticket, season or otherwise--the Canes are TD's cow. Buying it allows him to milk it any way he wants. And compared to the previous owner, I'll take this guy's teat-pulling every. Freakin'. Time.

  4. 1 hour ago, wxray1 said:

    Yes, I am implying that blaming the virus is a weak back door excuse to making difficult change. 

    I hear ya, but the employment numbers back then were not hit on a scale like this. Unemployment peaked at 9.9 percent. We've already seen "official" numbers over 14% with government economists suggesting it's over 16. Yet John expects his full pay, and apparently a raise, when he hasn't worked since March and we don't know when there will even be another full season.


    I gotta tell ya, if I'm Dundon, I'm doing the exact same thing, thanking him for his service and wishing him good luck. People are lucky to be working at all right now. Not the time to demand the same or a higher contract for a job you're not even doing.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, caniac6 said:

    Well, I sure can't listen to that guy from Charlotte that fills in for him. They better get someone good to replace him. I watch for the hockey, but it's a total package, and if part of the package stinks, I'm not going to be as interested. 

    I just hope they change the break music and graphics. They're 15+ years old and look (and sound) like it.

  6. Forslund is the best in the business, and it's not even close. Between him and Gene Hart, I feel fortunate to have heard my two favorite teams win three Stanley Cups through their vocal artistry.


    But like it or not, this comes with the broadcasting turf, and every broadcaster knows it when they go into it. How many people these days work for the same company for 20+ years in any industry, let alone in that one?


    IMO--and I'm not disparaging it, because it is his choice to make--John is playing both ends against the middle. He learned TD's ceiling last year, and he thinks it's too low. By going public, he is hoping fan pressure will change the number. It won't, but it especially won't when it is anybody's guess when he'll even work again. He says he'd prefer to stay here--but it's contingent, apparently, on getting money that is more typically paid those doing his job in larger markets. 


    Again, it's John's right to play his cards this way. But stop following the Canes because they change the play-by-play guy? If others are willing to give up Canes hockey over that--well, it's their right too, I suppose. But I'm a lot more interested in what's happening on the ice than in the broadcast booth. I don't care if they let Tripp (try to) call the games. I'd just turn down the volume, turn up Spotify, and keep right on watching.

  7. 7 hours ago, KJUNKANE said:

    Some people just seem to live in la-la land. Oh well, lets just ignore world wide facts and for those who believe differently, just turn back and read one of our frequent and respected poster's, coastal's, sad account of his cousin.  

    What's most sad is that despite reading coastal's account, the ignorance prevails. Perhaps the "Alta" refers to "alternative facts"...

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  8. 4 hours ago, wxray1 said:

    The state wants to do testing in every long term care home, but it takes time, money and resources.    Will athlete testing cause a resource shortage?  Or is it just money?  In any case, I'd like to see them partner up with these facilities.

    Prisons too. NC announced this week it will test all inmates (and corrections employees) in accordance with a court order issued earlier this month. It's gonna take 60 days and cost over $3 million.

  9. People don't need anything other than food, shelter, exercise, and adequate sleep to "maintain their sanity," all of which can be pursued and secured (some would argue a lot more efficiently) without the distraction of multimillionaires chasing a rubber disk around, to generate billions of dollars that will not go toward solving the crisis that caused the "pause" in the first place.


    None of the people playing or running the games needs money, so I'm with xray, but I'll go a step further: Give all profits to coronavirus research--because this is unlikely to be the last one humankind will deal with--and then maybe it's justifiable. But I still wouldn't want anyone over 50 working inside "the bubble."

  10. 2 hours ago, raleighcaniac said:

    Three Lightening players and some staff have tested Covid positive. The Bolts rink has been shut down till July 6.  Everyone knows what happens when urinating into the wind. This abridged Attempt at a season is a cluster [****] that will get worse. What happens if a player/staff gets infected during the tourney? They forfeit the series? Healthiest team wins the Cup by default?  Money aside which of course is impossible, this restart attempt is front loaded for failure. 



    Bettman said cancelling the season would be "too easy"... so a cluster [****] oughta put a big ol' SMILE on his face!

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  11. 14 hours ago, Derailed75 said:

    First off the "state" only pays for those whos families can not and do not have insurance.

    Which totally supports my premise: All it says is an unhelmeted rider must be able to produce proof of insurance covering catastrophic brain injury, or they lose the privilege. It's got nothing to do with red meat, snacks, liquor, or anything else you attempt to link to it. 

  12. 13 hours ago, LakeLivin said:

    I don't think that motorcycle helmets is a good analogy for taking responsible measures while covid-19 is active. The first puts the rider at a much higher risk. The second potentially puts not just a person at risk, but everyone that person comes in contact with, as well. 

    The cost of care for uninsured motorcyclists who suffer catastrophic injury is potentially borne by "everyone" too, albeit not (their) death. But it's analogous enough for me, in terms of that one person's selfish decision potentially impacting society more widely.    

  13. 16 hours ago, LakeLivin said:
    It’s my understanding one NHL club has had to temporarily close its training facilities during Phase Two because multiple players and some staff have tested positive for Covid-19.
    1:05 PM · Jun 19, 2020·Twitter for iPad
    Replying to
    I believe it’s three players and two staff who tested positive. Remaining players and staff are being tested. If no further positive tests, expectation is training facility will re-open, Phase Two will continue. If there are further positive tests, well, we will see what happens.
    The team in question is the Tampa Bay Lightning.

    Tampa is right across the way from Clearwater:


  14. On 6/18/2020 at 10:04 AM, KJUNKANE said:

    To those who demanded that it was their right to decide whether to wear a helmet or not, my rejoinder was that "when you crush your head in an accident, and taxpayer monies( i.e. society) have to care for you in a vegetative state for the rest of your life, society has the right to require the wearing of helmets to try to protect your head".

    I wrote an editorial when the same thing was being debated in PA, saying fine--but such a law must require that any biker not wearing a helmet carry with them an insurance cert stating that they own a policy covering them for any catastrophic injury, to be produced when pulled over. The bottom line:


    "If they don't have it, they sacrifice the bike, which is confiscated on the spot, and they lose their license--forever. If they do have it, they're free to feel the wind in their hair... and very possibly, their brains on the pavement."

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  15. On 6/18/2020 at 9:05 AM, cc said:

    I wear a mask fulltime at work and whenever I cant stay away from people.  When shopping if the store has few people I have it ready to use if I have to get closer to others and at checkout. Easy to do and just common sense. Its about others not me.   Got doc to write me an order for the antibody test.  Not likely I have had it but another piece of data.

    From what I've seen, you're hit-and-miss at best on the test's accuracy.





  16. 38 minutes ago, wxray1 said:

    Once again, earlier this week myself and a group of volunteers went on a trip down east (Jacksonville area this time), to do hurricane relief.  Installed a kitchen in a house flooded from Florence.  They've been waiting almost 2 years to move back!  It is my thing, a chance to help and look beyond myself, while taking a bit of risk.


    But I really need my fellow citizens to help!  In general, nobody cares.  "What's a mask?"  So yeah, although I'm taking precautions, how do I know the restaurant workers who are not wearing masks are spewing virus?  And don't get me started about the seating areas.  There's definitely some disobedience with regard to seating down there.


    For all I know, things are getting hot there right now and it isn't seen yet.

    xray, thanks for the work you do on behalf of others, and for the wisdom in this post. It is hard to understand people's complaint that wearing a mask is somehow a violation of their "personal freedom." Taking KJUN's Russian roulette analogy upthread only slightly further: Would law enforcement consider it okay to play Russian roulette out in public by spinning the cylinder and then pulling the trigger with the gun pointed at the person to whom you are serving breakfast (or ordering breakfast from)? 


    While it is true that we know far too little, how can anyone seriously say it's a violation of their rights to be required to protect themselves and others from what we do know? Two of those precious few known things are (1) there is asymptomatic spread, and (2) masks and distancing are the best preventers of it.


    Instead, public health officials and researchers who have confirmed and reported these things are having their lives threatened every day by people claiming the pandemic is a hoax. (Listen to the linked interview starting at 10:13, though I highly recommend the whole interview).

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