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  1. 3 hours ago, Caniac514 said:

    Wallmark may be just had to go to sweeten/complete the deal (who wants just Haula and they were asking Necas), idk about others

    Just because they wanted Necas doesn't make the ask reasonable. I mean, I want Johnny Gaudreau for Jordan Staal, but I don't expect that to happen.


    3 hours ago, Caniac514 said:

    I am not sure, Top. While Rod is not Jesus, I don't think he is that ignorant. Plus there is the committee and Rod is not ruling single-handedly. There must be something/somebody else, though I am sometimes disappointed, puzzled and mad that we keep "buying" players and hardly trying those from Chartlotte.

    I think ultimately (pure conjecture based on what we know of their personalities) Roddy has the final say-so among him, Waddell, and TD, especially in a playoff race. I think Roddy would insist on it, and if either of them asks why, he'd just point to his ring and say, "You guys want one of these, right?"


    Edit to add: Waddell got one as AGM of the Red Wings. 

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  2. 20 hours ago, bluedevilcane said:

    What I take from Skeij and Vatanen trades is that our organizational depth on defense is a myth. McKeown looks like he will never play for the Canes, and I’m not so sure about Bean. Fleury finally got a chance after 6 years because we carried him all year rather than give him away through waivers and injuries finally gave him a shot. But will he be back in the press box when Vatanen is healthy? I’m all for anything that helps the team, but we just keep signing UFA defensemen, and trading for them, rather than giving anyone in Charlotte a chance. I’m beginning to think the idea we are stacked with D prospects in Charlotte is a myth.

    Or, Rod Brind'Amour wouldn't know a solid prospect if he tripped over one.


    Letting go of Priskie this soon could indicate an attitude problem. Gauthier may have one too, although if so, it's of Rod's making. But Kouk? Roy? Lou? Wallmark? And giving McKeown a two-way, one-year deal, yet not a sniff of the NHL? All this suggests coaching ignorance at best, and motivational coaching bull *edit* ("Earn your spot!") at worst. Everyone on the CLT roster right now is surely wondering if they're on the payroll strictly as trade bait--because clearly, passage from CLT to Raleigh no longer exists. Unless you happen to be a keeper, and both NHL keepers go down. The same night.   

  3. 23 hours ago, remkin said:

    OK I gotta run. I really can't process the totality of the D moves in terms of picking up two guys. 


    I can tell you that it only makes sense for us to pick up Skjei for a first rounder if he is viewed as a long term keeper. If so, that could be a very solid move, as others have mentioned IF we move Gardiner in the offseason, otherwise we have way too much $$ tied up on D and no room for Bean. 


    I guess Skjei could be a next year replacement for Edmundson, if Skjei has thump and grit, that would be a very nice upgrade. 


    But then why Vatanen? That's the part I'm trying to process. I guess we have some sort of out to reclaim our second rounder if he doesn't work out, so it would just be Kuok then the price is not that high.


    Man Charlotte is losing some bodies. 

    Expansion's a little over a year away. If we're going to make deals for guys with term remaining, now's the time, although the events of Saturday maybe forced us into it a little sooner than we might have wanted. 


    This much seems clear: We have zero faith that any of our CLT D are ready. And I think that's what Vatanen's about. From what I'm seeing he basically has a contusion and was put on IR to make space for Merkley, who was part of the Devs return for Taylor Hall.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Kyrule said:

    Big, two-way defenseman. 

    The thing is, I was actually more impressed with him when he first got into the league than I have been recently. Don’t think he is a world-beater, don’t think he is a bad player. I think he’s a solid NHL defenseman with upside.

    Just what we need at the moment, and maybe a little Southern Comfort is just what he does.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Danimal38 said:

    never heard of Skeki.  Anyone know anything about him?  should we be excited for this dude?  


    2 dmen and a center today.  not bad.  Lets go Ned, your time to shine.   Ned needs to realize that he could lead us to and win a Stanley Cup and earn the starter job for next year(Cam Ward style). 

    Yes you have. It's pronounced SHAY. Brady Shay.


    You're gonna like him. 

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  6. All kidding aside, putting Ned and Forsberg in the crease should do wonders for tightening up (what's left of) our D, which had slipped into laxness more often lately than I liked anyway. And there's no time like crunch time to find out if McKeown is ready. If we didn't do it because he's a right-shot, stay-at-home guy who is built for exactly this type of situation, I will require a full report, in triplicate (on NHL form H32 stroke Z17), detailing WHY THE HELL we re-signed him to a one-year, two-way deal in the off-season--and for that matter, why we did the same with 27-year-old Fredrick Claesson, a guy with 150 NHL games under his belt.


    BY 9 A.M., MISTER!!

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  7. 3 hours ago, CanesFan2003 said:

    Maybe get an NHL goalie or D man, but at a very reasonable price, just to have for insurance and the experience and"calming" effect it might have.

    NHL to CansFan2003: "I'm sorry, our very reasonable prices ended at the exact moment your team went down two goalies and a second top-pairing D man. Please call again in the offseason, before free agency begins, or just prior to camp, when very reasonable prices will be back in force."

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  8. Here's the (unintentionally) funniest shiz you'll ever hear: Hockey Night in Canada announcers trying to excuse Clifford on grounds that he "never saw" Mrazek. So why was he in such a hurry to get to the puck?

    It looks to me like if anything Petr was favoring his right leg, he was only pushing off with his left to get off the ice. That said, I'll be surprised if he misses any games, provided he passes the concussion protocol.

  9. 4 hours ago, magpiemaniac said:

    To deserve to wear the C, a player has to look angry when walking back to the locker room after a tough loss.  The team captain has to look giddy and grinning from ear to ear after a huge win.  To earn the C on one’s jersey, a player should smash his stick into pieces after the implosion in Toronto.


    Based on his reactions I’ve witnessed, the Cane who deserves to lead this team is Aho.  He’s not some lightweight pansy who happens to be skilled. He plays like he’s 4” taller and 30 lbs heavier than he really is all the while maintaining his speed and puck handling abilities.  He’s willing to take on goons during the whistle.


    Aho’s stock skyrocketed with me when I saw him skating off the ice in Toronto.  He beat the living 💩 out of the wall with his stick.  The guy cares.  It matters to him on a personal level.  And he’s got a few others around him who care, too.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough of them.

    If the C were awarded and accepted in a vacuum where it has absolutely no potential of negatively impacting their play, I'd be with you. But that's not the case. Aho has enough on his plate without wondering if the C will change him. 

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