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  1. I can't read your whining anymore. Here's what really happened: We dominated one period, fell asleep on their first goal coming out of the break, and then Neiderreiter took a stupid penalty.
  2. I'm going to laugh laugh laugh when we come back in this game and win the series in 6. Y'all frontrunners can go cry in your beers, I'm not going anywhere.
  3. Whaaaaaaat ever. There is no room for mistakes by either team in the playoffs. Fretting over unhatched eggs is ridiculous.
  4. There's no sense debating it, guys. Some of us see it one way, some the other. Bottom line for me is we dominated that period, and if we keep that energy, pucks will go in.
  5. I hope you're right, but at the moment I'm really disappointed in him. Just not how he typically rolls.
  6. I thought so too, but when I saw Mraz in the crease I figured that, during the intermission, the team owned the fact that they had hung him out to dry (which they did) and so Rod left the decision to Mraz. For all the speculation about the injury perhaps having a lingering effect, I'm sorry, you don't move laterally to make saves of the caliber he did at several points in that game if you're still hurt. An early goal in the third period could have given them life, but it was not to be, and why you don't pull him after the fifth is just perplexing. It's not loyalty, it's hardheadedness. What's been missing from Mraz's game since the last period of game one is that "quietness" that Mac brings. It's hard to overstate how that calms and focuses a defense. It is inexcusable that neither Slavin nor Pesce got to and cleared the loose puck on that B's PP goal after Mraz had made two saves, but the fact that Mraz was flopping around like a flounder also suggests he may be feeling the pressure of the moment. I definitely go to Mac in game three. Calmness begins in the crease.
  7. I think that comment is both an "innocent" lie and a challenge. We totally got to our game for 45 minutes in game one, we just didn't finish it. After a *edit* show like today, it's the leaders' jobs to say things that get guys focused. A day off, a good skate Tuesday, and (very likely) the return of Maenalanen and we'll be okay.
  8. If so, I will immediately purchase several. Classic. Little does Boston suspect that they've got a blind date Tuesday, with an actual hurricane. Cat 5.
  9. I think we'll see McE, but the two late goals bode well, IMO. It was about this time in the Caps series where the yutes stepped up, and I expect that to happen again now. I'm also noticing, the last two games, a "tell" that Willy is fatigued: He's taking hard shots from between the bottom of the circle and the goal line, and while he often finds holes from there, he's firing the puck across the top of crease (i.e., not even close). It hits the corner glass and caroms out of the zone, so in one costly, impatient motion, we've lost the zone and our D have to race back to ensure the bad guys don't get a clean breakaway. It's something he's done a few times during the season when he's looked tired. We'll know he'd rested when he gets back to holding the puck until he can find an open man. (He also needs to ignore widdle Bwadwee).
  10. Roddy wants the boys to be embarrassed and angry. I do agree though that Mraz needs to come out. That last one was a really ugly goal.
  11. Roddy's gonna lose with the team he's iced. And the team he's iced is gonna need some ice packs for their behinds after the plane ride home.
  12. The Bruins didn't keep their heads above water in Game One, and the Canes didn't lose that game. The refs served it up and the B's gobbled it down. The Canes lost the first two in DC. Again: Best-of-seven for a reason.
  13. lick his face and you'll get a reaction... or more likely a Quebecois kiss...
  14. Oh Jeebus. It's best-of-seven for a reason. Buck up, li'l buckaroo.
  15. I hope you don't mean the Bruins, because they sure weren't a couple of nights ago. The Canes has simply not played their game today.
  16. Nothing to lose in this game anymore. Let's at least knock Marchand out of the post season.
  17. I'm not going to feed your game, but will just suffice it to say that when you say everything that pops into your head, it's easy to claim you "predicted" this or that. The last time you seriously might have said we'd make the ECF was in 2009. Back to the game, which BTW our guys are suddenly engaged in.
  18. Started getting to our forecheck there. I feel like we'll get to our game.
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