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  1. Playoff hockey with no fights or scrums. *Yawn* Edit to add: Oh, and the "winner" gets an asterisk next to their team name forever. Zzzzzzzzz.
  2. There's that for sure, but I'd think the prior owner's failure to spend jack for years after the Cup win probably drove the Authority to make sure the new boss wasn't the same as the old boss
  3. I'd guess it's related to the following bullet point, committing the Authority to pay half the costs of operating the arena. If the Canes are at least a middling team, gate revenue increases. Of course, arena operating costs increase too, but if everybody is making more money via the increased gate, paying those costs is less painful. How good a team plays leans on a lot more than how much it spends in payroll, but those other elements are hard to put a dollar value on. Spending at least midway to the cap is the only tangible check the Authority has in "enforcing" Dundon's commitment to icing a winner.
  4. Except that to be effective that warning must be (1) read, and (2) believed. And reading and believing known facts (let alone acting on them) is something that part of the population seems incapable of. A small part, but in a pandemic, that's all it takes to infect many.
  5. Yeah, false confidence. If there's no proof of immunity, having antibodies would be meaningless.
  6. Freedom does not include the right to harm or put others at risk.
  7. We get past it by returning to common cause. See the linked piece in the next post up.
  8. I live down here and you're right. It's scary. People everywhere with no masks, refusing (or too stupid) to acknowledge that masks are worn for the protection of others as much as themselves. As a society, we have totally lost concern for others' well being, in favor of preserving the "freedom to spit on others." And without a concern for the safety of others, societies collapse.
  9. This. The President is insisting that our Governor state now whether his (the President's) party can have their convention in Charlotte. Is he doing it because he really needs to know? No. He's doing it to create political division. He's doing it at a time when cases are still on the rise in this state, and when that city has the most by far. He's doing it to score political points with his base, the same reason he does everything. Others may disagree, or complain that I'm "being political." I really don't care. I'm not going to ignore that our President is trying to drive public health decisions simply because he wants to win an election, any more than I've ignored that Cooper is moving too quickly in reopening (something I have stated here as well).
  10. It's stunning that a doctor would accuse epidemiologists of "bias" because they did their job too well, i.e. sounded alarms loudly in the face of a pandemic in order to stop the spread and save lives, rather than under-reacting and losing them. If I didn't know better, rem, I'd say you were disappointed at not having more patients.
  11. Promises, promises. Never should have gone up in the first place.
  12. Except this. Edit to add: Wasn't it you cc who protested, in response to a similar citation by someone else, just a few ticks upthread, that "Picking a single stat and a couple of days won't cut it"? Why yes... yes it was. But wait, as they say on the late-night TV commercials, there's more: Your puffed-up vow not to wear a mask is self-centered and dangerous. I'm sure that sounds "mean" to someone who has repeatedly asked me to "be nice" on these boards. Yet I'm not the one putting others at risk by going without a mask. You are. You have claimed on these boards to be "a scientist," yet based on your determination to resist wearing a mask, this much is clear: You are a scientist who either doesn't understand--or worse, doesn't care--how masks work: They protect not only you, but others. That's why doctors wear them in ORs: to protect the patient whose open wound--of the doctor's creation--they will be standing over as they ask for surgical tools, and possibly sneeze or cough, emitting aerosolized saliva and nasal droplets... which, without a mask, would enter the wound. Is it really the hassle you have so vociferously and insistently claimed it to be to don protection for the sake of others, cc, in case you are asymptomatic and happen to sneeze or cough or talk with someone nearby? You say "be nice," and you are right: everyone should be. When there's a pandemic on, wearing a mask in public is the most basic way of doing so.
  13. No, they are not, and they never have been, today or at any other time. That is a lazy dodge which too many people have bought into, but just because Kellyanne Conway believes in "alternative facts" doesn't make them any more real than Santa Claus or unicorns. There is a basic set of ethics and a host of best practices for vetting, corroborating, and reporting information. Serious journalists adhere to them. Water carriers and flaks for particular points of view (like Conway, or, on the other side, David Alexrod) do not.
  14. Because you are the supreme arbiter of what does and doesn't "cut it." Whatevs. Funny how your alternative facts are just fine to post and crow about, but when folks post stuff you don't agree with, it's suddenly "political."
  15. For the same reason you tried to change the message of the article I posted: I didn't like that you did so.
  16. There's a difference between bungling and purposeful suppression, cc, and you know it. But if pretending it's an innocent mistake makes you feel better, have at it.
  17. Not a recipe for profitability. And based on what we know about Dundon, if it ain't profitable, it ain't happenin'.
  18. Thanks cc, the feeling (and the honesty, and the a-hole thing) is mutual. I feel exactly the same, and I sincerely appreciate you putting it out there so eloquently. The biggest reason I have been advocating on these boards that a lot more testing is needed before reopening isn't about politics, or even about the unanimous belief of public health experts and every single member of the coronavirus task force (except the guy that appointed it) that we're not doing anywhere near enough (although that does inform my belief that our testing regime is completely uncoordinated and inadequate). The biggest reason is exactly what you said: I have as much (sometimes more) contact with you all as I do with members of my own family, and therefore feel the same about each of you as I do about them: I don't want any of us to let our guard down sooner than is safe, and potentially pay a high price. That being said, I totally get the desire for a return to normalcy. I miss hockey, my family, restaurants, playing pickleball, and on and on, just like everyone else. Yet I accept that nothing I say is going to stop anyone who is okay with taking (what I think are) needless risks from doing so. I can only control what I do, and hope that others will be safe and okay. And I do sincerely hope that, for everyone.
  19. I'm 60 for another few months, and grateful every day not just to be alive (had a stress-induced heart attack at 42) but to still feel in my early 30s, creatively, at heart, and physically. Just wish it were also true of energy! Mrs. Shelf is certain she did too, in early February. Had a cough/cold she couldn't shake for weeks and ultimately got the first breathing treatment of her life to clear it. Doc said she was about to go pneumonic.
  20. This is not true. The strictest lockdowns have been roundly successful: S. Korea, Germany, Vietnam, Wuhan. The first two have opened back up... or had, because now there's this.
  21. Another brick in the wall. Doesn't get much swampier than that.
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