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  1. carolina kat, I love your positivity, and hope every one of your best case scenarios plays out. I also realize that when you say "we" can do this, you are using the editorial "we." Everybody on this board is behind the Canes or we wouldn't be here. That said, "we" (fans) have "done it" all year. But the sad fact is that "we" can't lace 'em up and perform. Only the players can do that, and often as not this year enough of our players have chosen -- that's right, CHOSEN -- NOT to perform. (Sunshine and lollipopers, please stifle yourselves for 20 seconds and let me make my point.) In the days since the Toronto loss we've heard everything from clean house to fire Lavi for his inability to get the guys fired up. Well let me tell you something. If (1) playing hockey for living, (2) being a member of the defending Stanley Cup Champions, and (3) knowing where you've sat in the standings all year isn't enough to get you fired up, there's nothing a coach or a fan or anybody else can say or do to fire you up. As one of my favorite managers once said, the door to motivation is locked from the inside. Boys, you've had our support all year and as a team, you can count it forever. But each individual must decide whether he loves this game enough to leave it all out there every night. Call me a bad fan if you will, but I believe there should be no room on our bench -- and there is certainly none in my heart -- for any player who decides he doesn't love the game that much. NOW COULD WE PLEEEEEEEEZE... GET
  2. Stated skating at 4, played pee-wee, bantam, high school. Stopped playing for years (parenting became the priority). Started playing floor/gym hockey again about six years ago and and have recently started playing on the ice again, once or twice weekly -- 43 years after first lacing them up (well, 43 years after my mom laced them up for me!) Have played all positions including keeper.
  3. That is REALLY cool. At ECU football games, the announcer hesitates when announcing first downs: "First and ten..." allowing the crowd to scream "PIIIIIIRRRRATES!!" Then he says, "PIRATES! ARRRRRRRR..." I'd like our announcer to hesitate after giving our scorer's number and let the crowd say the player's name. That'd be waaaaay cool. And he could hesitate when announcing a penalty on the opposition: "Ducks penalty on number 25 Chris Pronger..." and we'd all scream, "TWOOOOO MINUTES!!!" And he'd finish, "...crying to the refs like a schoolgirl." Um, I mean, "...tripping." Or whatever. T'would be fun.
  4. <========= Now it's for real - EVERY GAME like GAME 7. It's like each time this year we've had a chance to gain ground or push someone further out of the picture, we've walked through it and paid the price. The apparent unwillingness to hit is the most disconcerting. If you're not planning to play physically, you've got no business in this game. WAKE
  5. C'mon all -- stranger things have happened. But they've got no chance if they don't start hitting some people, and HARD. NOW.
  6. I didn't see a single clean hit by a Cane in that entire period. Lots of half-baked retaliatory stuff, but we need to set a Leaf or two on their butts within the first 1:30 of the second period to re-establish ourselves. COME ON BOYS, KICK SOME A_ _!!!
  7. Thanks firehazard! (I was looking in all the wrong places, I guess.)
  8. Hmmm, I haven't looked it up, but I think not. I was a season-ticket holder in the early 70s (Philly) and to my knowledge the penalized player was "freed" after the opposition scored back then. I'll look around and see what I can find online... I understand your concerns, IceFrog, but I don't think it would engender keeping a guy back. I think it would force the team with the advantage to set up in the offensive zone and control the play. We'd also see less dump-and-run tactics as they try to gain the zone (a pet peeve of mine -- if you can't carry the puck across the blue line when you're a man up, exactly when CAN you?).
  9. Interesting take, IceFrog. I'm on the other side of that coin, I think it might force teams to tighten up (i.e., improve) their PPs. Teams already get all kinds of noise from fans when their PP is not effective. I'm thinking that maybe magnifying the "shame" of giving up a shorty would lead to better execution by the team with the man advantage.
  10. You're kidding, right? Hey, it's gotta happen SOMETIME, and it might as well be TONIGHT. :lol:
  11. Yeah, it does, and as you note, IceFrog, all the pieces are in place. Nevertheless, my prediction: After a tentative first 18 minutes or so, Toronto scores a late first-period goal that is more flukey than pretty. Carolina comes out with a vengeance in the second and ties it. Toronto answers a few minutes later and that's where it stays until mid-third, when Staal scores the evener. Scoreless OT is followed by the Canes winning a shootout, 3-2. I'm guessing it'll either be one extreme or the other, a nail-biter like I've just described or a very one-sided affair, with the team scoring first pouring it on until the final buzzer, and as you say, the stars are aligned for Toronto to be that team tonight. Let's hope our boys have come to play. LET'S GO
  12. <======= we need to play every game like this. (Game 7) And actually, the Canes are night and day better than earlier this MONTH!! LET'S
  13. My experience with TicketMaster has been fine both during the regular season and the playoffs. I've only had one box office experience (I live pretty far from Raleigh) and it was O.K., but unless I lived within 20 minutes or was driving by the RBC often, I'd much sooner go online.
  14. Mid June. RBC Center, CENTER ICE!! Be there or be square.
  15. Something else that needs to be noted, If Grahame doesn't make that amazing save on the "other" Alex, the whole complexion of that game may well have changed. Wash was up 1-0 at the time and Grahame let the first shot he faced get in. As Tripp said on the TV coverage, that's a huge mental obstacle for a goalie to overcome (even if it is off the stick of Ovechkin), and the big save on Semin, after we coughed it up, was a momentum-changer. A real team effort tonight from stem to stern, and it was especially great to see Staal collect some junk after missing a few "prettier" chances. LET'S GO CANES!!
  16. Colesy, you are correct. Almost. What bothered me enough about IrishIce's initial post that it led me to engage in a little (mmm, OK, a LOT of) playful satire by putting up the now-locked thread was the line, "Red baboon butts being exposed in postings ARE BANNED," and the request, "Mods please police this for our own good." As DJHarley said, this is America, and words like "ban" followed by appeals for censorship do not sit well with me, regardless of their context. I saw that verbiage, frankly, as an INVITATION to begin a discussion about the motivation of the Vow, and more broadly, what "fan" means. I believed we needed to go beyond a simple thumbs up or thumbs down on the Vow itself, because those few words raised very clearly, in my mind, the question of whether an effort was being made to limit participants' right to express their opinions. And let me make clear that the Vow was merely the trigger for me. As others have already noted, there does seem to be a number of us who are simply against "bad" stuff being posted, and also seem to think they are the best judges of what "bad" is. So, Sunshine/Lollipops was an attempt to demonstrate the (ridiculous) extremes that we risk going to, once we take the first small steps of limiting speech and/or expression. I believe that unless it is hatespeech or is obscene, ANYTHING HOCKEY should be fair game on these boards, regardless of which part of the season we're in, whether there's a break in the schedule, and yes, whether somebody's feelings may get bruised. We are all here because we want the Canes to excel. Critical analysis of the team's performance is a given when two or more of ANY team's supporters get together, and one person's "red baboon butt" may be another's "good point." I simply believe (1) discerning between the two should be up to the person reading the post, and (2) a call for banning anything constitutes an effort to control people's freedom of expression. Everybody has put a lot of thought into this discussion, and for that I thank each of you. I am confident it is a discussion we are capable of having in a respectful, I'll-try-to-see-your-point-if-you'll-try-to-see-mine kind of way. Thanks again!
  17. Yeah, we played them Thurs and Sat. Just saying that the PP began looking good in the Thursday game and we even looked good when we pulled our keeper in that game too, before we played the Isles again on Sat. And yeah, I guess we are related by screen name!
  18. The best news I got in the last week was not Saturday (although the boys played like we all know they can and got the win they deserved), but Thursday. Despite the loss, when they pulled Grahame for the extra skater at the end of the game, and each time we had an advantage (with, I believe, one exception), they dominated in the Islanders end and quickly regrouped, re-organized, and re-asserted themselves when the Isles managed to clear. IceFrog is right about the passing a little too much, but it's better than it has been and the results prove it. If they'll just eliminate one or two more passes before each shot, PP goals will come in bunches. As for personnel, go with what's working until it doesn't, then shake it up again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  19. What HE said!!! As I've explained to several folks in PMs today, that was the point of the Sunshine/Lollipops thread, to begin a discussion about fans, and hopefully to get off the "bad fan" kick that seems to envelop the boards as soon as there is what a few people deign to be "too much" negativity, whatever THAT means. AND YEAH... LET'S GO CANES!!!
  20. One tough loss and we're golfing in April? Have you forgotten that the Devils are a pretty decent team? Did you even watch the last 10 minutes of the game? :roll: It's me, the original fork-sticker, and I have to concur with Mike here. This loss was the kind of loss the Canes' had almost EVERY time they lost last year. There is no shame in it. I will agree with Rob on Staalie, I've already written off his season as a year-long funk, so anything he produces at this point is a welcome surprise. But that said, it happens. The Cup plays games with one's mind, and he probably read a few too many of his own clips over the summer. The tending, though -- could somebody please tell me why 6-5 John Grahame (or whatever he is) is taking the knee CONSISTENTLY on shots from the wings? On the Devils' first goal, it's very simple: He stays up, he makes the save. The book on him is clearly top shelf. Maybe if they put a rope from the rafters around his neck when he's in the standing position in practice, it'll remind him to stay on his feet when it's gametime. :D LET'S WIN ONE IN JERSEY!!!!!!
  21. I hear ya, Joe. I was all pumped after they beat the Ducks in December. Still, things are different now. I think they know the gravity of going from first to no-berth, and they're responding to it. It was GREAT to see them play the kind of hockey they're capable of -- and how 'bout that Scott Walker?! Maybe we need to start calling him Sparky! LET'S GO CAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAANES!!! (STOMP STOMP STOMP-STOMP-STOMP) LET'S GO CAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAANES!!! (STOMP STOMP STOMP-STOMP-STOMP) LET'S GO CAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAANES!!! (STOMP STOMP STOMP-STOMP-STOMP)
  22. Now THAT'S more like it! Far better control of the play, more physical, and a shortie for the icing on the cake. DON'T QUIT NOW, BOYS!!!!
  23. Both of our guys shot forehanders, going for the stick side. (IMHO, a deke on the shootout is low percentage, unless you're going 5-hole.) The Rangers sent three lefties. All shot stickside forehanders and the last two scored. But for the grace of the butt of Grahame's stick (in other words, the grace of God!), their first shot would have scored, too.
  24. What I thought was most confounding is that the book on Lundqvist is apparently stick side, judging by the shots both Willie and Whit took. So why are we sending two righthand shots for those attempts? I realize that surprise is part of the recipe in shootouts, i.e., keeper won't be expecting a stick-side shot from a righty, but there are times when you've just got to leave the second-guessing out of it and give yourself the best angle for the weakness you're trying to exploit. All three of the shooters we chose were righties (Walker was our third but it never went that far). Why not start with Staal (L), then Walker from the right (if we feel we MUST send a righty at all), then Roddy (L)? This would put the game where it belongs, on the captain's stick, if it comes down to it.
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