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  1. Yeah, I feel ya, but agree with that this is just business. Would seem a little more equitable and possibly even smarter from a "drawing folks in" perspective to offer 200 to STH and 400 to everybody else. I can't image they'd have a problem selling out. Then again I'm not privy to their market research, so they may well know something I don't. Plus, now they've established 300 as the split point, they'd have a hard time backing off of that in the future.

  2. I apprecaite everyone offering their POV. Gotta say, though, I'm not sure we were all watching the same Canadiens/Canes game (the last one)!! They def have a shooting power play, but they consistently set up before the shooting starts, one of the two things I wish we would start doing a little more. Our shooters (Hamilton esp) have such heavy shots that they produce long rebounds, and sometimes even when we are set up in the O zone it's though to handle them. When we shoot before being set up you can pretty much book that the puck's coming back out.

    The other thing I'd like to see is guys using the chip and charge the way Cullen did against Atlanta. He gave a textbook example of the proper way to do it: you loft the puck over the defense into the corner and skate like he!! during the "hang time" to get it, while the defender tries to turn around and find it. To me, this is the ONLY acceptable use of the tactic on the PP. Dumping the puck in and hoping to be lucky enough to regain possession is just not smart when you're a man up.

    Some argue that dumping is OK when you have to change up the PP unit, but even that wastes time. Better to control it behind your own net, take the 5 seconds required to let the guys change out in front of you. This way you maintain possession and save your fresh guys an immediate trip back to their own zone to retrieve the clear that usually results from dumping it in. The guy with the puck leads it to a teammate in the neutral zone and heads to the bench to complete the change.

  3. John Grahame's salary can buy a lot more talent than Leighton's can, and Leighton (IMO) is a much sounder goalie fundamentally. Maybe the Manzato move is nothing, but it felt to me from the first moment I heard it and still feels like Grahame's being dealt and Leighton is joining the Canes', so Albany needs a keeper. There. I've said it!

  4. Could also be something, and the most probable since nothing's been officially announced anywhere, like Ward or Grahame has the flu or some other bug. And since Manzato is playing down the road its easier to call him up and have him take a puddle jumper tonight or drive here than it is for someone from Albany to get to Raleigh on short notice just to ride the pine. Proximity could be the key.

    Sound logic. Makes sense to me.

  5. I don't think its true unless they shuffling all there goalies up to make a Grahame trade

    That was the first thought that crossed my mind. Several teams are already in "run away and hide" mode, and the rest need to do something quick. There's been a lot of bad 'tending already this year. Rangers fans are especially noted for their impatience...

  6. This is not the kind of mistake that can be easily made. Somebody's gotta consciously enter that he was called up by an NHL team, and that's rare enough at the ECHL level that I doubt this is an error.

    Several scenarios come to mind, none of which I want to air for now at the risk of throwing gas on a fire the cause of which we don't know enough about to properly extinguish.

  7. Ladd should be back soon enough and Aucoin looked decent enough to play when we need him to. I think we could afford to move Ladd. Anyways, I'd rather see Carson called up than have Snuggles play again.

    Amen, amen, amen to your three posts here, Shane. Ladd would be attractive to many clubs, we might/could throw Bayda in to sweeten the deal for the right player and thereby keep our D-corps deep.

    Best case scenario is JR lets go of his "offensive defenseman" quest and instead finds a stud who can hit and pinch *adequately.* Along with Seidenberg and Commodore, this would give us three such guys and create three nicely balanced pairings, increasing our OVERALL offensive threat (which is already pretty outstanding) without sacrificing defensive capability.

    Hey! I've got it! We pick up Downey and switch him to defense! :huh::blink::lol::P

  8. Here's a thought...

    If a player gets hooked, held, roughed, tripped or obstructed, who cares what that player does next. If they call the infraction cause they're sure it occurred, does it really matter what that player does next? It only matters and could have effect in the case where the initial infraction is so slight that the ref questions it. In this case, you have to wonder whether or not the infraction itself is callable (if this is a word).

    My thoughts exactly TSA -- if you make the call, the embellishment means NOTHING, and if you don't because it was clearly an acting job, THAT'S the only time embellishment SHOULD be called. I believe the League needs to institute just such a directive to the refs: Calling the initial infraction AND embellishment on the same play is prohibited.

    I also think if they changed the NAME "embellishment" to something more direct and embarrassing - like "SEEKING OSCAR NOMINATION" :lol: - players would be a lot more likely to actually PLAY HOCKEY, instead of these OTHER games. (Wouldn't it be GREAT to see an ACTUAL infraction called "Seeking Oscar Nomination" in the official Rules of Hockey??!!)

  9. It is a shame to see the refs buy into the press.

    The bigger shame is seeing all these Caniacs buy into the press: Forslund and Tracy. (And please note, colesylarose, I only chose your quote because it is representative of so many others on this topic -- nothing personal.)

    The only thing I found worse about the Florida game than our boys' half-a$$ed performance (that's being kind) is John and Tripp's partisan bickering at the end of the telecast. Yes, bad calls were made. So what? Stupid penalties were also taken -- Wesley's slash is a case in point. If you're going to hack a guy on a breakaway when your team is already down a man, at least trip him so he gets the penalty shot, where you have a better chance at saving a goal than you do in a protracted 5-on-3. It was just boneheaded, plain and simple, and I'm confident Wesley's already heard about it from Laviolette.

    Champions look at themselves, not at the refs, not the opposition, and CERTAINLY not at the newspaper. The bottom line truth is that we played hockey for about 10 minutes in Florida. The rest of the time we might as well have been curling.

  10. Two games -- and I'm hoping, a strong caution to Flyers' management -- is just right.

    TSA, I hear you on the elbow, but when I look at it closely, it looks more to me like his forearm is positioned on Bergeron's back in anticipation of Bergeron coming up. Because he didn't, Jone's forearm slid up Bergeron's back until it came to something that would stop it, which, unfortunately, was the base of Bergeron's skull.

    We've all seen this hit a thousand times with nothing being called, because the "hitee" is more upright. Both guys bounce off the boards and keep skating.

    I agree with Hoyle that it's the same hit Orpik dished, and while I realize this may be wildly unpopular to say here, Orpik did nothing wrong either (although I continue to boo him on general principals!). He was trailing Cole all the way up ice. When Cole got to the half boards he stayed low and, sadly, the same thing happened. The trouble for the hitter is, if you don't deliver that check and the guy stands up more, you get flak from your coach for not finishing. It's simply a bang-bang play with no easy answers. Ninety-nine times out of 100 the guy nearest the boards stands up. Neither Cole nor Bergeron did.

  11. If Jones gets more than three games for this it'll be an over-reaction on Colin Campbell's part, and if he gets that many it'll have more to do with the Flyers' recent history than with the rules of hockey.

    I've watched the replay several times and it's pretty clear to me that it was a combination of Bergeron staying low and Jones finishing a hit - cleanly - that caused the injury. This is unfortunate, but it was also completely unintentional. Bergeron opted to keep his a$$ out from the boards and remain crouched rather than play the puck and then get upright so he'd be ready for a hit (or even better, able to sidestep one). The only guys who skate full steam for a puck at the end boards without expecting a hit from behind are guys who haven't played any hockey.

    Malicious intention was clearly NOT there in this case, and as much as I'm sorry that Bergeron got hurt, putting Jones in the same (bush) league as Downey and Boulerice is laughable.

  12. There will be nights like this. The measure of a team is how it responds. Last year we'd throw in the towel, put the remaining fans to sleep, and give our opponent an easy 2 points.

    While this was still relatively easy for Montreal, they knew darned well that we were willing, able, and trying to come back. With one game left in the season series and the strong likelihood that we'll meet in the playoffs, the importance of that is difficult to overstate.

    Now you know I'm gonna say something about my former Philly boys Seidenberg and Justin. Despite more than two weeks off and coming back from an injury, Dennis played as aggressive as ever (7 hits [that is not a typo], 3 shots, 1 block) and managed to pinch deep while staying at home on D. Nice job.

    As for Justin, it was good to see him get righteously P*SSED!! I'll agree that the goal being waved off was a terrible call, but I've gotta (reluctantly) give the ref props for that particular penalty call: Justin dropped the gloves, his opponent did not, and that's why only he got the sin bin splinters.

    A good night? No. But it's great to see the boys fighting, literally and figuratively, until the final horn. I will soooooo take a loss like this one over any of last years'.

  13. I agree we're not as physical as I'd sometimes like us to be, but I think something else the last two games have shown is that we won't quit this year, and we did plenty of that last season.

    Seidenberg's absence hasn't helped, he rarely misses an opportunity for a clean hit, and Mike's return was nice, he played well and dealt some nice hits in Philly.

    All of that said, I do wish we'd step up a little more often and take the body when the opportunity is there, just so the opp will know we're willing to go there.

  14. Being Philly born and raised, I was a little taken aback by the comparative calm and serenity when I went to my first Canes game! The Spectrum (and later the new building) in Philly were just over the top all the time, even Bob Clarke's clueless GMing couldn't change that.

    But since the 05-06 cup run our house has rocked more often than not, even last year -- and that's saying something, because a lot of last year was HARD to watch!

    Not to instigate thread drift (and if it's worthy and you're so inclined, feel free to introduce the topic on a separate thread), but I'd be curious to know what the folks here think of yelling when they see poor play. I regularly let the team hear it when they ignore an opportunity for a clean hit ("HIT HIM!!!"), dump the puck on the PP ("RIGHT, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T CARRY THE PUCK ACROSS THE BLUE LINE!!), or take the dreaded (and in my view inexcuseable) too many men penalty (I THOUGHT YOU ALL WERE PROFESSIONALS??!!). (None of which, BTW, compares to what I let the other team hear, ex: "PRONGER, WILL YOU STOP WHINING AND PLAY HOCKEY, PLEASE??!!")

    I realize they don't hear me and would ignore it if they did -- but it makes me feel better :lol: ! And it was SOP in Philly, where fans aren't happy if they're not complaining about something!

  15. My disclaimer: I am an ex Football player and have never skated but the comparisons are very similar...

    OK in no particular order...Goonery, Dirty, or being Physical a various levels

    1)Hockey is a violent collision sport there will be injuries that have nothing to do with being dirty (Walker)(Stevens on Francis). The player creating the contact is playing physical and will more than likely come out on the top side of that contact. In teaching kids football I ask " Do you want to be the hammer or the nail?" You instigate the contact and you control the result much more readily. This has nothing to with being dirty but rather trying to upset the guys ability to freewheel around. Walker is a master of this on the forecheck and unfortunately was on the opposite end or if...

    Fans all too often call for a guys head because their guy isn't playing anymore... Guys are paid to agitate and hit other players and sometimes they do the damage and sometimes they are the damaged. Can you say Sean Avery? They all understand this and get paid very well to take that chance.

    2) Not playing by the rules: Using the free hand in the corner to grab a guy or keep his stick down. Dirty??? Nah no different than every offensive lineman in football holds a defensive player EVERY SINGLE PLAY during a game. It is illegal and against the rules but unless a guy gets his hands around the back or drags a guy down on the outside it will not be called the majority of the time. It is taking what the Refs give you and giving your team an edge if you dont get called doing it. CHeating? Nope only if you get caught...

    3)There are rules infractions that have a 1 in 50 chance of severely injuring a player but the offending player did not intend to "injure" (Cole neck two years ago or a late hit on any quarterback). It creates the deisred intimidation and sometimes two minutes in the box or a 15 yard penalty is worth it to get inside the guys head and have him looking behind himself instead of focussing on the play in front. Two reasons this happens You make a timing mistake and just can't check up in time or after a QB has stood around with time to throw, and picks apart your secondary with passes, you make a conscious decision to hit the guy the next time you have a close chance maybe 1 second after he gets rid of the ball. In hockey you board a guy or hit him open ice 2 steps after the puck is gone. You know its illegal and may or may not get called but is it worth it to fire your team up? Every once in a while a guys gets injured and everybody wants the guys head... If it is that egretious then make it an automatic 5 game suspension for boarding.

    4) Goonery is Hitting a guy intentially with your stick (Jesse) or sucker punching a guy ( Bertuzzi) and is not any different than assault and should be dealt with accordingly. You make a decision to go after a guy knowing you are going to more than likely do significant damage and just don't care. That BS of getting caught up in the moment or not thinking is just that, Bull... There are thousands Policemen, Soldiers, Concealed Carry holders etc... that make split second decisions on using deadly force every day and dont let emotions come into play very often.

    5) Incidental damage is part of any violent game and sometimes stuff just happens and its a bad result. It may be a no call penalty but just results in very bad injuries. Williams stick to Koivu in the 06 playoffs...

    Very nicely put, bag1. And I'll just add something I said in another thread: By the act of lacing up the skates every night, these guys accept the possibility of serious injury. It comes with the turf, and if you don't know it by the time you're playing at this level (heck, by the time you reach bantams!), you haven't been paying attention.

    That said, it's a reasonable expectation for guys at this level that opponents are not going to commit acts that rise to the level of assault. I agree that when they do, those acts need to be dealt with as such. The league can go a long way -- and is beginning to show signs that it will -- in curbing such acts. But if, in concert with that, local authorities maintain and when appropriate act on their right to bring charges, the Bertuzzis, Downeys and Boulerices of the world will become nothing more than bad memories, and this great sport will lose its undeserved reputation among some as being nothing more than "Goons on Ice."

  16. On any given night a ref will let things go that he might not have the night before. Yes, Philly got away with some things last night that we did not. Even so, I'd rather the teams were allowed to play than have the game called so tightly that everybody's afraid to move out there.

    And I'd differ with the assertion that hockey is "violent by nature." Violent is what hockey can become when officials fail to maintain control, and the same is true for most team sports. Instigators have their place in every sport and hockey is no exception. Officials' - and more broadly, hockey's - objective should be to ensure that instigators are subject to and held accountable under the same rules as everybody else, and to quickly remove players who are clearly unable to deal with the speed of the game without becoming violent (cough cough Steve Downey cough).

  17. this is starting to look like last year where we cant ever get healthy lets just hope we continue winning and get this out of the way early in the season and maybe come playoff time we will be at full strength

    I respectfully disagree. We're far deeper on the bench and much richer with offensive talent. Most important, we've lost the Cup hangover. We're hungry again.

  18. It looked neurological to me particularly because, as someone else noted, his head was down from the time he dropped to his knees through his being helped off the ice. There was also little if any leg movement; the trainers essentially pushed him along as he kept his blades straight. I'm not being pessimistic, just offering my perspective, which above all else is simply that this organization is waaaay too smart to rush him back without knowing the exact problem.

    As for mob retaliation against Pittsburgh, that's just nonsense. Lacing up the skates every night is each player's tacit acceptance of the possibility of injury. That's just hockey, and as one of our most tenacious and physical players, I'm sure Scotty Walker would be the first to agree.

  19. I agree with everyone who's said Ward should start in Philly, and I also agree that the Canes eventually need him to become a Brodeur, play-every-night type. But I think it's a little early in the season to put that on him right now, and to repeat myself, if he happens to come out cold against Pitts, do we really relish the idea of Crackers taking on Philly in their building while they're hot? I sure don't.

  20. Crackers Friday, Cam Saturday.

    (John, I'm begging you: Leave pucks outside the trap ALONE.)


    And let me just add that I agree with those who say Cam should get both games, I just don't think it'll happen. On the odd chance that he were to get shelled Friday, then you're pretty much forced to start Crackers against the Flyers, which could have disaster written all over it. Top tier team or not, the Flyers have equaled our point production thus far, and there's an unwritten rule in hockey that division-leading teams play their #1 keepers when they meet.

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