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  1. All kidding aside, putting Ned and Forsberg in the crease should do wonders for tightening up (what's left of) our D, which had slipped into laxness more often lately than I liked anyway. And there's no time like crunch time to find out if McKeown is ready. If we didn't do it because he's a right-shot, stay-at-home guy who is built for exactly this type of situation, I will require a full report, in triplicate (on NHL form H32 stroke Z17), detailing WHY THE HELL we re-signed him to a one-year, two-way deal in the off-season--and for that matter, why we did the same with 27-year-old Fredrick Claesson, a guy with 150 NHL games under his belt. BY 9 A.M., MISTER!!
  2. NHL to CansFan2003: "I'm sorry, our very reasonable prices ended at the exact moment your team went down two goalies and a second top-pairing D man. Please call again in the offseason, before free agency begins, or just prior to camp, when very reasonable prices will be back in force."
  3. I'm thinking Pecse tore his UCL, with the way he was holding his elbow as he left the ice. Could also be ribs, but unless he punctured a lung (not likely), he'd be back from that tomorrow, in a flakjac.
  4. We do if we send them a couple of veteran forwards coughNinocoughStaalcough.
  5. How old is Lundqvist, like 170? (37 actually) He's got one full year left at 5.5 million and an NTC until he's a UFA the following year. It'd be sweet to give him two actual shots at the Cup (that he won't be getting in Ragsland) with us, if he'd waive...
  6. Here's the (unintentionally) funniest shiz you'll ever hear: Hockey Night in Canada announcers trying to excuse Clifford on grounds that he "never saw" Mrazek. So why was he in such a hurry to get to the puck? It looks to me like if anything Petr was favoring his right leg, he was only pushing off with his left to get off the ice. That said, I'll be surprised if he misses any games, provided he passes the concussion protocol.
  7. I feel you brother. One of our favorite bands was playing locally tonight and we just couldn't miss it. But regardless, based on what I've read here so far, I'm hoping this sounds the death knell for whatever force zombied our guys on Friday night.
  8. If the C were awarded and accepted in a vacuum where it has absolutely no potential of negatively impacting their play, I'd be with you. But that's not the case. Aho has enough on his plate without wondering if the C will change him.
  9. My point was more about Roddy walking his talk. Gaut left Martin in his dust all camp, and he's not the first AHLer to have shown he deserves to be here but not get the games to prove it. McKeown, Kouk, and even the yo-yo-ing Rod did with Fleury fly in the face of his "earn your spot" sermons. Martin can do many things and I only expect him to get better. What he can't, and is unlikely ever to do, is make guys pay along the boards to provide time and space to his linemates, and nobody else on that line can (or at least is willing to), either. Look around the league and you'll see that the most effective lines are set up like our first (finally) is: two guys with elite skills and one with very good skills who can also play a physical game. Our lineup is heavy with "elite" players who don't hit anybody, and exactly because of that, it blew a chance last night to pretty much knock a divisional rival out of the offseason and to take a big step toward securing its own place there. IMO Roddy is still operating on the belief that speed and skill > skill and a heavy game, while the league has moved to place where you need all three: Speed, skill, and physicality. Optimally, on every line.
  10. At least he's getting the chance he earned--in OUR training camp. I shudder to think how many more points the third line would have put up by now with Gaut on a wing instead of Necas. Roddy is all about accountability and earning your chances... until he's not. Edit to add: One move that you noticed in a total TOI of 5:25 is one more noticeable move than any Cane had, all night long.
  11. When the refs refuse to do so, you've gotta make Trouba pay for that shiz he brought, pure and simple. I'm stunned that Willy didn't. This is where giving the C to a guy because of his length of service instead of his ability to lead hurts a team. Looking down the roster we had on opening night, and this is sad to say, but there was not one guy--I don't care how much anyone likes Martinook--with the leadership chops that a team at this one's stage of development, playing in this Conference, demands. That includes Slavin, I'm afraid--another big D man who too seldom takes the body and gets in opposing players' faces.
  12. Yes it is. And the same goes for the Dallas Cowgirls.
  13. *edit* the Rags and everyone who ever rooted for them. Except Brett Pesce.
  14. Let's wring out some Rags. Necks.
  15. This is what drove me most crazy about Roddy separating Aho and TT, ever. They clicked instantly; the Finnish National Team had done all the work for us. I am still dumbfounded at their ability to find each other instantly in any zone, and I mean tape. To. Freakin'. Tape. You simply DO NOT break that up, no matter how you rationalize it.
  16. Though you meant it sarcastically, this is actually a really good question, and unless Rod is dumb--which I don't (okay, only sometimes) believe--it deserves a closer look. I beat up on Roddy for hewing too closely to Bill Peters's philosophy of spreading talent through the lineup to try to produce "balanced" scoring, but maybe the method to his madness is that you bring the elites together for the stretch, provided you're in the hunt prior to that. It helps you build familiarity across the whole group if/when you are forced, down the stretch, to put guys together in combinations that would typically be your second or third options. The playoffs are a season unto themselves if you go deep, and the intensity increases every game. That's a recipe for injuries, so you want everyone to have at least some sense of where given players tend to be in different situations. Or, he was trying anything to get Nino going, shoulda put him on the third all along, and all of us who wanted the current lines since September are now vindicated.
  17. I hope he gets a hattie. Really dumb trade.
  18. They need to interview Jordan this way all the time. It's great to see him look into the camera and smile.
  19. Amazing. You keep it simple, you put the obvious guys in the obvious places, and voila, primary and secondary scoring.
  20. wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  21. As long as their hockeybabies can, does it matter? 😄
  22. I'd describe Svech's mom with a word similar to the given name of an old-time hockey player: Wilf Paiement.
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