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  1. That's all well and good, but the problem as I see it is not a lack of shooting but shots not getting through, particularly from up top. One of these times Faulk is going to shoot into a defender's shinguards and the defender will get "the" bounce--past the blue line for a clean breakaway, while all our guys can do is turn and watch him speed down the ice. I've posted it before, but since his last injury Faulk has not backpedaled to create shooting lanes, something he once did as well as anyone in the league. Slavin and Hamilton, meanwhile, seem able to create them only by carrying the puck deeper into the zone. Of those two options the latter is better, but optimally passes up top should be received by a guy moving either toward or away from the passer, so he can shoot in one motion. That forces defenders out of position and opens lanes.
  2. McAvoy will miss game one.
  3. Unfortunately, I agree. It's his first offense, which IMO shouldn't even matter. When it's as clearly deliberate as that hit was, only two things matter: That it was premeditated, and that the NHL is on the public record saying it wants to eliminate all hits to the head. By assigning arbitrary standards like past offenses to acts that are clearly intended to injure, however, Canadians can proudly defend headhunting as "part of the culture of our game." That ethos will cost this league dearly, in court--and much sooner than its lawyer/commish seems capable of comprehending.
  4. My greatest hope is that the very first chance Ferland or Marty or McGinn get, they lick Marchand's face. THAT would set a tone.
  5. Series over. Boston up 3-0 with 9 minutes left. If they had responded to the McAvoy hit at the start of the third, CBJ might have come back. Somebody needed to fight him. No spark, no win.
  6. McAvoy may have just cost Boston the series. Dirty, dirty hit on Anderson and he only got two. Clear targeting of the head, should have been a match penalty and out for the rest of the series--and for the rest of the playoffs, if the NHL is really serious about stopping hits to the head.
  7. Dude: https://www.goaliemonkey.com/warrior-goalie-chest-protector-ritual-g4-pro-sr.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwk7rmBRAaEiwAhDGhxChi8lkYzMTCiuUGF5mftlB2-gmg-veC6Uohht0zYuuluEaR0kcVMBoCxT8QAvD_BwE I've played keeper. That shot was a bullet, but I'm not buying Bishop's act for a skinny minute. NHL goalies are the best-protected players in all of sports. I think the shot and even its force surprised him for sure. He clearly never saw it. But it looks like when he couldn't locate the puck, he decided to stay down and hope for a whistle. As for injury/controversy, this is from Mike Heika's Twitter feed: "Jim Montgomery said Ben Bishop is fine, and that X-Ray was precautionary. He said the decision to blow the whistle or not blow the whistle was discretionary, and that he doesn't have a problem with it." And Jamie Benn: "If we had a whistle we probably would have blown it. And if they had a whistle they probably wouldn't have. It is what it is, you can't worry about it and you've got to move on."
  8. Tuukka Rask was the backup to Tim Thomas. It was also the year Krejci caught fire, his third in the league, and it remains his best year ever: 22G, 51A, for 73 total points, and plus 37 (a few years later he'd best the +/- by two). We held him goalless throughout our series, but I'm too lazy to look up how many of his six assists in the playoffs that year came against us.
  9. This will help pass the time. Nice long Foegele bio on the NHL's main site.
  10. You know, beating Don's old team makes me want Boston even more. The U.S. was good enough for him to make his bones as "Coach"--and then get hell outta Dodge before the percentages caught up with him. And in his case, I have a feeling they'd have been particularly unkind. He was Torts before Torts was Torts--and he clearly knew it.
  11. Same reaction from Mrs. Shelf, although I think the word was "moron."
  12. Don is very good at what he does: Pulling whatever he can out of his patoot that might keep Canadians--none of whose teams have won the Cup for a quarter century (and counting!)--interested in what is (supposedly) "their" game after May 1.
  13. Troll much? Oh wait, yes you do. The proof is all over this thread. I'm often wrong, and don't mind owning it in this case or any other. What I don't get is (1) who made you the "wrong" police, and (2) why I should give a *edit*.
  14. And then Nelson is mutters something. Despite there being NOTHING. TO. SAY.
  15. Hope you feel better about yourself, because at this point, I don't know what other reason you might have for hanging onto this. Unless you're maybe 12 or 13.
  16. Yeah, that was really inexplicable to me, too. The other stuff I chalk up to believing his own PR, which of course is certain death for anybody. When we knocked out his old team and they owned us all season, I think he got overconfident. But despite all the boneheaded things the NBC color commentators were spewing last night, one was spot on: Nobody expected the Isles to get this far. The problem as I see it is they are currently built for regular-season hockey. Once it got intense, they didn't have the horses. They'll get them this off-season and will be back, I'm sure.
  17. L'il Bradley is exactly why I do want Boston. I think we will lay him out early and often.
  18. Same for me in the East but I have the Sharks getting to the Final.
  19. I always assume our playoff road goes thru Boston. Let 'em bring it. I don't think our guys care who they get.
  20. All the network "experts" have been giving kudos to Trotz for sticking with Lehner. It was BS then and it's BS now. One finally (just) admitted that Greiss owned us all season, but the other is still trying to justify how the Isles' Cup-winning coach went with Lehner. I think Costanza would be better than either of them.
  21. I do believe this is the most fun you can have--without getting arrested.
  22. They're playing for something bigger: Some well-deserved downtime. That bye week must feel like five years ago to these guys.
  23. The same. By the next season it was finished, and much more comfy. I was all over the DelVal circuit, from Wilmington to Radnor, General Washington CC, we even played a game at U Penn's rink when it was still very new. Funny you mention Hull, my Dad snuck into 'Hawks games as a kid in the 30s.
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