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  1. its band just got even better. Rock on, John Prine.
  2. Dude he was soooooo freakin' dirty.
  3. No, I was trying to out-sweet your prior post. Didn't work though. Hey, if it weren't for divergent opinions there wouldn't be much cause for these forums. I just feel like raleighcaniac I guess (although we disagree about Pronger, who served eight suspensions, while Stevens had nary a one), in that he is exactly the kind of guy opposing fans hate but would love to have one of, because he never went outside the rules (of his day) and was absolutely dominant at his position. Which, last time I checked, was the definition of a top player. More food for thought here.
  4. Emrick did both Devs and national games for a long time. I think the majority of these guys literally live for the job, especially play-by-play guys. The best make it look easy. It isn't. They are like virtuoso singers or musicians, and also like them, doing it seems to preserve their youth. Only in their minds of course, but attitude is a big contributor to longevity.
  5. You're welcome! (But please, try to save us both some time from here on out and get it right the first time.)
  6. That chest protector is clearly larger than the rules allow.
  7. Nope, sorry, you can't just remove historical context from your assessment of a player. Shane is now 42, Stevens is 55. That hit happened 20 years ago. Willis was 22, Stevens was 35, and was from an era where it was drilled into players' heads from a very early age that guys coming through the neutral zone with their heads down paid a price. And Stevens was one of the best ever at sending them the invoice. That hit on Willis was a totally clean hit in those days. The illegal check to head rule wouldn't be in the books for 10 more years, and the NHL's change to the standard of enforcement, which was instituted to reward speed and agility over brute force, was still five years off. (More here.) I get that the victim was a Cane. It makes no difference. He was also in a Stanley Cup playoff game, he was born and raised in Canada, he knew what was at stake, and he knew who was on the ice. Stevens is roundly and rightly believed to be one of the best that ever played the game. If you want to talk dirty dmen, you're totally barking up the wrong tree, so I'll throw you a bone: Nobody has been or likely ever will be as dirty as Chris Pronger.
  8. Back atcha coastal. Hope all's well with you and yours.
  9. My money's on somebody Jorge knows knows somebody
  10. Our street hockey sticks and goalie gear were made by a company called Mylec (which still exists, by the way). On the ice, CCM gear was okay, but I never understood everybody's love of Tacks skates. Way too much toe space for me; I've been a Bauer guy forever. Cooper (which does not exist anymore, bought by Bauer) was my preference for gloves--until I got a pair of JOFAs in high school. Pretty sure I had to launder my shorts after slipping my digits into those the first time, and apparently somebody else at the rink really liked 'em too: They got lifted.
  11. If you've never watched Black Mirror, you should. Just killer. If the phone of somebody known to have the virus starts screaming as it nears other humans (or they near it), and provided the person infected has opted in, I'd be fine with it. I think it's a situation pretty parallel to whether an individual discloses any communicable illness, like a coworker saying they've got a cold (although the first that came to mind was HIV/AIDS). Regardless, the fact that well-known people are setting the example of disclosing (a la Magic Johnson back in the day) bodes well, I think.
  12. Agree 100 percent, and I haven't been thinking of the discussion as political at all. Moral absolutely... from about 100 different angles.
  13. And, as if on cue: https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2020/03/27/cellphone-data-coronavirus-facebook-google
  14. Also, unless you are employing the editorial "we" here (i.e., using it in place of "our government"), "we" did not "allow" it, and were it not for Edward Snowden, "we" would never have known about it.
  15. You're gonna have to back this one up, Rem. European democracies (including self-described "democratic socialist" nations like Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway) have been at the forefront of defending individual data privacy rights, while the U.S., Russia, and many Asian countries' records have been nothing short of abusive.
  16. The only hole in this is your characterization of the S. Korean authorities "being allowed" to do it. They simply told people they were doing it this time... versus doing it without informing their targets. Governments (ours, like all others) do it all the time in the name of "law enforcement" "fighting terrorism" etc. If we are okay with that--and based on our unabated use of phones, despite knowing they and their features can be turned on and off remotely by the national security apparatus, we are--how can we complain when it's being done to stop the spread of a lethal virus? Welcome to the future.
  17. I don't know when we'll play hockey again, but after watching the replay last night, I know this: This team is able to totally shut down any offense in the league. Which makes the nights that it is not willing to do so all the more frustrating. Maybe if we just trot every keeper out there in a Ayres sweater...?
  18. Seconded. I believe we're about to witness and in many cases partake in a profound and lasting shift in how we do pretty much everything. Here's hoping things don't get too dreadful in the meantime. Stay put, folks. It's the smartest play.
  19. I don't know what's scarier, the fact that someone claiming they're a scientist doesn't seem to understand the exponential effects of fractional differences in mortality rates; that said scientist is apparently not interested in or can't be bothered with looking at independent research indicating that mortality rate differences between this virus and seasonal flu may be much more than fractional... ...or that you consider exercising an abundance of caution in the face of a deadly illness about which we still know so little to be "overblown."
  20. It did the same in NC (203), and our population is a lot smaller (see page 7 here). So... what's your point?
  21. No, it looks like Roddy still doesn't get it: You don't split up your only scoring line. You read your vets the riot act, ending with, "Remember Haula? You all could be next."
  22. This team will be fine. March is tough, but it is also an opportunity: To step up. I expect this team to take full advantage of it. For the team to do as well as it has since losing Pesce and both its keepers (three of six possible points) while also integrating new players and two AHL keepers bodes well. Ned looked night-and-day more comfortable last night and pretty much got the team a standings point all by himself. Mrazek is fueled by emotion, and he's going to have plenty to work with when he's back, especially if he's back against Philly, who took a pass on re-signing him. The next few days will be about finishing our new guys' transitions to the system, and hopefully Sami will be a part of that. But either way, it's easy to forget that, no matter what the tickets or schedule say, the playoffs start in March. Last night's final result was a disappointment, but clawing back in a game like that simply would not have happened for this franchise as recently as two years ago. We said this same thing about this time last year, and it's no less true now: You gotta believe.
  23. Just because they wanted Necas doesn't make the ask reasonable. I mean, I want Johnny Gaudreau for Jordan Staal, but I don't expect that to happen. I think ultimately (pure conjecture based on what we know of their personalities) Roddy has the final say-so among him, Waddell, and TD, especially in a playoff race. I think Roddy would insist on it, and if either of them asks why, he'd just point to his ring and say, "You guys want one of these, right?" Edit to add: Waddell got one as AGM of the Red Wings.
  24. Or, Rod Brind'Amour wouldn't know a solid prospect if he tripped over one. Letting go of Priskie this soon could indicate an attitude problem. Gauthier may have one too, although if so, it's of Rod's making. But Kouk? Roy? Lou? Wallmark? And giving McKeown a two-way, one-year deal, yet not a sniff of the NHL? All this suggests coaching ignorance at best, and motivational coaching bull *edit* ("Earn your spot!") at worst. Everyone on the CLT roster right now is surely wondering if they're on the payroll strictly as trade bait--because clearly, passage from CLT to Raleigh no longer exists. Unless you happen to be a keeper, and both NHL keepers go down. The same night.
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