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  1. Expansion's a little over a year away. If we're going to make deals for guys with term remaining, now's the time, although the events of Saturday maybe forced us into it a little sooner than we might have wanted. This much seems clear: We have zero faith that any of our CLT D are ready. And I think that's what Vatanen's about. From what I'm seeing he basically has a contusion and was put on IR to make space for Merkley, who was part of the Devs return for Taylor Hall.
  2. You do realize it's not like we're in a position to call the tune at the moment, right? We need these deals more than the teams we're making them with need to do them.
  3. Just what we need at the moment, and maybe a little Southern Comfort is just what he does.
  4. Seriously dude, is it the water you drink, or what? He's a $5.5 million NHL D man who is only in minus territory because his former team sucks.
  5. Yes you have. It's pronounced SHAY. Brady Shay. You're gonna like him.
  6. Pesce or Hams, take your pick. Or Reimer or Petr. Or all of 'em? Seriously, all this spending tells me Brett and at least one keep won't be back for a while. I'd love to be wrong, though.
  7. I'm good with this. Still ****** that it took Wallmark to bring back Trochek.
  8. Wow. I guess I'm better at ignoring the West than I thought.
  9. Preds gave up 3-1 lead to go down 4-3 at the second intermission, and won 5-4 in regulation. IN THE CAPS' BARN. I STILL miss Peter Laviolette....
  10. Defensive battle in DC: 3-2 Preds with 3 mins left in the first. Sheesh.
  11. This this this. Same thing that was so frustrating about Faulk. It's like playing up to his ability was just too much trouble. And for anybody who thinks Roddy is going to tolerate that crap again, I've got a flash for you.
  12. Hah! His concrete-handed brother has made more players better than Eric ever did. And how is it "scapegoating" to call out a (supposed) franchise player who never earned half of what he was making stealing? I am sorry that Eric sweater now hangs useless in your closet, cc, but think of it this way: It's doing exactly what cherry-pickin' Eric did at the opposing blue line for most of his Canes' career. When he wasn't in the box late in the game for a cheap stick penalty.
  13. Okay, then I will: HARD pass. Eric got his shot--and his millions--here already. Sayonara, and good riddance.
  14. I don't know of another sport doing it that way. I'd also like them to move the tournament back to 4v4, preferably for all of each game, but at least for the first half. There's just too much open ice in 3v3, and it showed. Guys were starting to look gassed by the end of their games, and even the fans in the arena looked bored stiff by the end of the first half.
  15. I'd like it to happen as part of pre-season. Great way to announce that hockey's back, and the festival atmosphere and (lack of) intensity seems like the right fit for that time of year. Maybe make it the game awarded as part of Kraft Hockeyville, and alternate it between the U.S and Canada.
  16. My thought is that the Canes' more than likely said, "James, if you still believe in yourself and can put your money where your mouth is, you've got a job here this season and a chance to make a run at the Cup." Outside of a fluky goal or two, the only time our keepers have looked truly awful to my eye is when our D hasn't shown up. Reimer's playoff numbers are good and while some may think of it as a negative that he has not been there as recently as Lehner, I think that at 31, he knows this is probably his last best shot. Lehner will be looking for a payoff deal, so to me renting a guy and shaking up the 'tending tandem that is working for a guy who is not going to be here next season holds greater risk than reward.
  17. whatever you want to make up, man. I've posted numerous times that he brings an essential quality to the team and the game, and that he was never expected to put up huge numbers. But keep trying to stuff words in my mouth--clearly, it's all you got.
  18. I never once said they have to be loud, so keep your bull crap to yourself. They do however, have to speak up. The Cs and As are the only guys on the ice permitted to talk to the ref about calls under the rules. When, if ever, have you seen Jordan do that? And trust me, you don't have enough fingers (and toes) to count the number of times Justin did. Look around the league and you'll see that other Cs share that trait. Willy led a team that had never played together. It had lost its top goal scorer, had a new HC, and many, many more roster changes than this one, from the crease on out. He navigated that new team through the gelling process and got it much farther than, I think we'd all admit, any of us believed it'd go in its first year together. Jordan has had two cracks at the C and the results have been middling.
  19. Careful pointing out the deficiencies of Staals around here, snuffy. The True Believers with their Staal jerseys and rose-colored glasses are killer. Before I go on, let me be clear: Jordan brings talents that are easy to overlook but absolutely necessary to win hockey games. And OF COURSE (all you masters of the obvious...) none of us "knows" anything about how he leads. What we do know is that when he has had the C, the team has struggled to maintain focus, and when Justin had it, the team was focused for the entire second half of the season, and went to the ECF. That's not an indictment of Jordan, but it is evidence--admittedly anecdotal, because that's all we've got as fans--that however Jordan leads probably doesn't speak to the troops as effectively as however Justin does. Jordan was comfortable with the A, played better with A, and he was never intended to be an offensive star--except perhaps in Jim Rutherford's twisted little dream of having four or five or however many they're up to these days Staals playing in Raleigh simultaneously. But even then he wasn't going to be an offensive powerhouse; it's just not what he does. He's a role player, who goes quietly about doing his particular job better than pretty much anyone in the league. Effective Captains, however, are not quiet.
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