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  1. I always assume our playoff road goes thru Boston. Let 'em bring it. I don't think our guys care who they get.
  2. All the network "experts" have been giving kudos to Trotz for sticking with Lehner. It was BS then and it's BS now. One finally (just) admitted that Greiss owned us all season, but the other is still trying to justify how the Isles' Cup-winning coach went with Lehner. I think Costanza would be better than either of them.
  3. I do believe this is the most fun you can have--without getting arrested.
  4. They're playing for something bigger: Some well-deserved downtime. That bye week must feel like five years ago to these guys.
  5. The same. By the next season it was finished, and much more comfy. I was all over the DelVal circuit, from Wilmington to Radnor, General Washington CC, we even played a game at U Penn's rink when it was still very new. Funny you mention Hull, my Dad snuck into 'Hawks games as a kid in the 30s.
  6. I hope so. I was very high on him at mid-season, and I think he has the stick and smarts to succeed at this level. it's just I have yet to see him throw a check with his hips, and our shoulders are not designed for repeated impact, especially with the arms up.
  7. I dressed for an 8 a.m. game on a Saturday morning in the unfinished, open-at-both-ends hallway of the "brand new" (but not yet finished) Cherry Hill Coliseum, in February. Outside temp: 10. Wind chill temp in that breezeway, standing on a sheet of plywood immediately on top of the frozen tundra: a heluva lot colder. The one game I didn't sweat in my goaltending gear.
  8. They difference between you, me, and AWACS is that you and I were not only alive for it, but we actually remember it. And not, as Flyers fans at the time, fondly.
  9. No offense, but I'm pulling for Canes/Sharks. I want us to deny Joe Thornton--then sign him to a one-year deal and get his ring with us!
  10. I don't what he'll come up with, but I can tell you where he'll pull it from...
  11. Willy's goal was super well-timed. You look at the clock and see that if you go as hard as possible for 10 minutes, you'll be up 3-0. There was a five-minute spell there where the Isles couldn't even gain our blue line. Just killer, smothering D, without going into a D shell, which is death. They can't score from their own end.
  12. If Peele really had it in for us, he calls back Faulk's goal. Because he totally closed his hand on that puck.
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