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  1. On 1/27/2020 at 2:36 PM, super_dave_1 said:

    He did exactly that during the 09 ECF run, and that is the most frustrating thing.  He has the ability, he just chooses to not use it. 

    This this this. Same thing that was so frustrating about Faulk. It's like playing up to his ability was just too much trouble.


    And for anybody who thinks Roddy is going to tolerate that crap again, I've got a flash for you.

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  2. On 1/27/2020 at 2:36 PM, cc said:

    I don’t have to read a thing . I’ve been watching this team a long time. I don’t need to read some one else’s opinion of him. I watched it all.  Simply put we sucked a long time. Scapegoat all you want. If it works to blame someone else. Great. I don’t roll that way.

    Hah! His concrete-handed brother has made more players better than Eric ever did. And how is it "scapegoating" to call out a (supposed) franchise player who never earned half of what he was making stealing? I am sorry that Eric sweater now hangs useless in your closet, cc, but think of it this way: It's doing exactly what cherry-pickin' Eric did at the opposing blue line for most of his Canes' career. When he wasn't in the box late in the game for a cheap stick penalty.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Red_Storm said:

    That’s an interesting idea to have the All-Star Game as part of the season’s start, the league should explore the pros and cons of that.

    I don't know of another sport doing it that way.


    I'd also like them to move the tournament back to 4v4, preferably for all of each game, but at least for the first half. There's just too much open ice in 3v3, and it showed. Guys were starting to look gassed by the end of their games, and even the fans in the arena looked bored stiff by the end of the first half.  

  4. 8 hours ago, realmdrakkar said:

    Difference between the NFL and the NHL is that the NFL is smart enough to play their useless AS game after the season's over so everyone can safely ignore it.  They don't shut the freaking season down to make time for it.

    I'd like it to happen as part of pre-season. Great way to announce that hockey's back, and the festival atmosphere and (lack of) intensity seems like the right fit for that time of year. Maybe make it the game awarded as part of Kraft Hockeyville, and alternate it between the U.S and Canada.

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  5. On 1/14/2020 at 1:19 PM, cane-addict-1 said:

    Havent EXACTLY seen this reported but hear me out...


    What if the Canes could trade Reimer for Lehner? We currently have three goalies with NHL contracts for next year. That has to be addressed at some point. 


    By trading Reimer for Lehner 1. we get an improved goalie for a run 2. If he signs with us next year then great. If not we solved the goalie logjam coming next season (Mrazek and Ned). 3. Chicago gets a goalie for next year under contract plus whatever else is involved in the trade. 


    I know theres lots of things that could be at play but it was widely reported in the off season we talked to Lehner and Mrazek during free agency. 



    My thought is that the Canes' more than likely said, "James, if you still believe in yourself and can put your money where your mouth is, you've got a job here this season and a chance to make a run at the Cup."


    Outside of a fluky goal or two, the only time our keepers have looked truly awful to my eye is when our D hasn't shown up. Reimer's playoff numbers are good and while some may think of it as a negative that he has not been there as recently as Lehner, I think that at 31, he knows this is probably his last best shot. Lehner will be looking for a payoff deal, so to me renting a guy and shaking up the 'tending tandem that is working for a guy who is not going to be here next season holds greater risk than reward. 

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  6. 8 hours ago, Derailed75 said:

    Dont forget that the Willy lead Canes were terrible in the first half last season and dispite having the 2nd best record from Jan 1 till then end of the season barely made the playoffs. So while sure the Canes have been inconsistent with Staal wearing the C they have a much better record through 42 games then the Willy lead Canes.


    Oh and great leaders do not have to be vocal, not that we know Jordon is quiet in the locker room because none of us are there. But saying they have to be loud to be heard is bull crap

    I never once said they have to be loud, so keep your bull crap to yourself. They do however, have to speak up. The Cs and As are the only guys on the ice permitted to talk to the ref about calls under the rules. When, if ever, have you seen Jordan do that? And trust me, you don't have enough fingers (and toes) to count the number of times Justin did. Look around the league and you'll see that other Cs share that trait.


    Willy led a team that had never played together. It had lost its top goal scorer, had a new HC, and many, many more roster changes than this one, from the crease on out. He navigated that new team through the gelling process and got it much farther than, I think we'd all admit, any of us believed it'd go in its first year together. Jordan has had two cracks at the C and the results have been middling. 

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  7. 47 minutes ago, snuffy72 said:

    Copying a couple of comments about my post I will respond. 1.  Do you have a source for this? Or is this your opinion based on what you perceive? Because the only things I have heard are comments from players about Jordan being a hard working lead by example type.


    2.  OK-  how in the H E double hockey sticks is this determined unless you work with the guy and occupy the locker room with him? 


    Just my opinion.    Is it o.k. to have an opinion on this board or do I need to clear my comments by someone?  Having served in the military for almost a quarter century I have seen good leaders come and go.   So based on what I think a good leader is all about (hard work has nothing to do with it) I base my opinion.   My dad was a very hard working man but trust me he was not a leader.  Thank you for allowing an old man like me to have my opinions.   Let's go Canes !!

    Careful pointing out the deficiencies of Staals around here, snuffy. The True Believers with their Staal jerseys and rose-colored glasses are killer.


    Before I go on, let me be clear: Jordan brings talents that are easy to overlook but absolutely necessary to win hockey games. And OF COURSE (all you masters of the obvious...) none of us "knows" anything about how he leads. 


    What we do know is that when he has had the C, the team has struggled to maintain focus, and when Justin had it, the team was focused for the entire second half of the season, and went to the ECF. That's not an indictment of Jordan, but it is evidence--admittedly anecdotal, because that's all we've got as fans--that however Jordan leads probably doesn't speak to the troops as effectively as however Justin does.


    Jordan was comfortable with the A, played better with A, and he was never intended to be an offensive star--except perhaps in Jim Rutherford's twisted little dream of having four or five or however many they're up to these days Staals playing in Raleigh simultaneously. But even then he wasn't going to be an offensive powerhouse; it's just not what he does. He's a role player, who goes quietly about doing his particular job better than pretty much anyone in the league.


    Effective Captains, however, are not quiet.   

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  8. 1 hour ago, spyglass88 said:

    What I am saying is that last season JW was the second coming of Brindy to many,

    Actually he was that to me (and others) back when we made the boneheaded decision to trade him. Which is why I think your characterization of those questioning this move as calling him a "zero" is over the top, spy.


    I think it's perfectly legit to ask whether it's right that a 38-year-old who limped into the off-season gets a regular slot, and if so, whom you sit.


    I've been a Willy fan since he came up in Philly, and love that he'll be available. But I'll love it even more if he's the 13th forward we dress occasionally for a different look, and to give someone a night off at a time of year when they'll benefit from it.

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  9. Bold prediction: We will see more and more of this going forward. This league is faster than ever, making it increasingly unlikely that guys Willy's age will be able go for a full season and the playoffs to boot. But if guys of his caliber are able to use the first half of the season to maintain/get into NHL shape--a big if, to be sure--save half a season of wear and tear, and then inject their expertise and excitement into both the team and the fan base, I could see it becoming a recurring thing.


    I'd bet that Willy has mulled over this scenario a lot longer than just last summer. He's a smart guy and he's been around long enough to have run into older guys who came back and talk to them about the experience, what they'd do differently, etc.

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  10. 14 hours ago, OBXer said:

    We list the Staal line as 1, the Aho line as 2 and the Haula line as 3. 

    This part of the "we" sure doesn't see them that way, and is pretty sure Roddy doesn't, either.


    What Staal brings is intangible and has value, particularly on the PK, but he's aging, showing it, and Wally is fast positioning himself as our next defensively responsible center. I wish we'd have moved Jordo a couple of years ago when his deal looked much better to potential trading partners, but unfortunately we had both an owner and a GM who were incapable of making difficult but crucial decisions.


    I don't think getting the C makes moving him unlikely at all. It sure didn't stop us from stripping him of it to give it to Willy. I can see him being moved this offseason to make cap space for Haula, even if we had to retain up to half his salary, and if anything, the C makes him more attractive to a young team looking for a vet to show its kids the right way. We'd simply thank Jordo for doing that here before ushering him out, then open the captaincy to Slavin or Marty (i.e., the future, instead of the past).


    As for his NMC, that is easily overcome. If he balks at being moved, we'll just send Erik "the Ambassador" Cole to badmouth him on the radio...

  11. 8 hours ago, beboplar said:

    Who residing in the locker room has ever gone anywhere in the playoffs?

    You mean besides most of the guys on the roster, who went to the Conference Finals last year? Well, how about...


    Staal: Won the Cup (58 total playoff games before last year's 15 with the Canes).

    TT: Won the Cup (plus 7 more playoff games with Chicago before last year's 15 with the Canes).

    TVR: Won the Cup (and 11 more playoff games with Chicago before last year's 9 with the Canes). 

    Edmondson: Won the Cup (22 games last year in winning it, and 27 in the two years before).

    Haula: Finals in '17-'18 (plus 25 playoff games with Minnesota over the four years prior).

    Nino: 39 playoff games with Minnesota.

    Hamilton: 23 games (19 with Boston, 4 with CGY).

    Dzingel: 24 games (15 games with OTT and 9 with CBJ.



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  12. 3 hours ago, beboplar said:

    With the goal of a deep playoff run, JW's presence is necessary.  I am not capitalizing the word or italicizing it, but I would like to.  Winning playoff series is going to take more than talent.  This team needs the grit JW brings as an element to fend off physical teams such as Boston and Wash.  Not taking one bit away from the current group and their successes, but playoff hockey is another animal altogether.

    Like I said, I don't see Willy hurting us. But if we're really pinning our hopes on a 38-year-old for bringing the heavy when we've got guys like Foegele, Marty, Edmondson, Svech, Gaut, and Staal (yes Staal, who CAN bring it, and too often opts not to), I think we have to ask: If we're not already heavy enough to bring it without him, when will we be? Sometimes you just have to put guys in situations and trust them to handle them. This team has done so all year, and I'm more than a little concerned that Willy coming back will be more of a distraction than an addition.

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