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  1. Yeah, I have to think that the idea in getting Reimer was to give up one brick on the chance that a change of scene will shake him enough that he doesn't become another. He has a chance with a team that did some damage last year and is poised to do more. If he can't parlay that into the motivation necessary to play well, he's at the end of the line. 


    He might be regardless, if Ned tears it up in camp and preseason. Waddell said something about creating competition for the crease, and getting Reimer assured that every dynamic for doing that is in place: The guy who tested the market because he thought he'd already earned it; the old cowhand making a stop at the Last Chance Saloon; and the young gunslinger trying to take the next step.

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  2. From the NHL Rule Book (emphasis added):


    Each member Club shall design and wear distinctive and contrasting uniforms for their home and road games, no parts of which shall be interchangeable except the pants. Any concerns regarding a player’s uniform (including the goalkeeper) shall be reported by the Referee to the NHL Hockey Operations Department.


    I can't imagine gray/silver being a problem. As long as it's light enough to contrast with one of the opposing team's three jerseys, you're good.

  3. 41 minutes ago, slapshot02 said:

    Reimer will be gone. Read an article today that the Canes haven't even assigned him a number yet. Haven't heard any press on the guy since his signing. Also read today that Columbus may be needing a goalie since they are relying on two back ups. Reimer to Columbus for a draft pick. Ned gets his shot at backup.

    I do think it's hard to keep Ned down on the farm without at least giving him enough game to prove he is or is not ready. The only pitfall to moving Reimer would come if it turns out he is not.

  4. 5 hours ago, remkin said:

    I suspect the Canes and Williams have a loose agreement in place and Williams is letting the team get all of the other ducks in a row first.

    Exactly what I said on the Player Moves thread.


    He's not going anywhere. He darn near let the cat out of that bag right after the Canes' went out. He looked momentarily shocked that a reporter had even asked whether he'd be back.

  5. 53 minutes ago, AssistantGM said:

    Cap room getting tight for JW.

    And for just general in-season flexibility, which is why I've been looking at Faulk (more likely of the two) or Staal (much, much less likely) as our only options for making space.


    When we got Dougie last year, pretty much everyone here figured Faulk was gone, but there were either no takers among his list of 15 or we weren't willing to part with him for the returns offered. Both of those dynamics have changed. Our depth front and back, coupled with this being the last year of Faulk's deal, allows us to take a Cliff Pu-type return.


    As for Staal, the NMC is a problem, but only to the extent that Jordan wouldn't waive. If he'd like to play with his brother again, that could work; the Wild have almost $10 million in cap space, with Mikko in the last year of his deal. Outside of him, their centers are Eric, Victor and Eriksson Ek, who is an RFA. Donato, who is still on his ELC, is listed as playing all three forward spots, and he is waivers exempt. If they sent us Donato in exchange for Staal, they could sign Eriksson Ek at a bargain price in the first year of his deal, until Mikko's off the books, move Rask or Eric to the wing, and be set at C both this year and going forward. On our side, we'd get the room we need for Willy, McKeown, and then some. 


    I don't want to lose Jordan, but if we're going to dump salary, I don't see viable options for doing that other than him and Faulk.  

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  6. 23 hours ago, remkin said:

    Those that have always liked Faulk presumably wouldn't find it much of an issue since they don't buy that Faulk was ever a liability. But to me it would be the issue if we plan on keeping him. 

    Precisely. If he can build on last year, I'm in. If not, I think we move him at the deadline or sooner.


    22 hours ago, cclifford10 said:


    If we can find a PP QB (maybe it's Bean), we could use Faulk in Ovechkin's office on the PP.  That would be the best use of his skill set. 

    I've been saying for years we should have made him an RW.


    On 7/19/2019 at 6:39 AM, Derailed75 said:

    last year he not only protected the puck in his own end he bailed out goalies a few times. It was night and day from the prior years and the only difference was the bench boss

    I agree with the second sentence and the second half of the first, there were times he looked more like Mrazek than Mrazek. But he still coughed up the puck in all three zones a lot more than any Dman who has played in this league as long as he has, and has been to two ASGs, should.


    All of the above being said, I do believe that last season will help Justin get his mojo back. It's hard enough to turn things around all the way after one off season. After three (four by Rem's count) you have to wonder if you'll ever regain the confidence it takes to play well. Faulk took a big step toward doing so last year. His shots were on target a lot more often than they had been for years, and my guess is that retaining his spot on the #1 PP unit was as much about Roddy giving him a vote of (and helping rebuild his) confidence as anything. Now that his shot accuracy is back, hopefully he'll start moving to create shooting lanes--because when he was really pumping in goals there a few years ago, that was a key part of it.

  7. 8 hours ago, coastal_caniac said:

    Somebody shake me awake when anybody cares what happened 3 years ago. 

    Coastal, I loves ya, but please get my words right. Step one is actually quoting them in replies.


    It was three straight years of suck, which only (partially) ended last season--after we went out and got a guy in Hamilton who actually does what RF tried to sell us on Faulk doing, to put the fear of God in him--and actively shopped him for good measure. And even then it was a marginal improvement. He still shoots into shinguards because backpedaling to open up shooting lanes is apparently too much work, he still coughs up the puck all over the sheet, he still shoots glove side shelf against the best glovemen in the game, and he still makes really poor pinching decisions. If we were paying him $2 million and he were slotted 5-6 I wouldn't care. But we're not, and he isn't. 


    We talk a lot here about accountability and getting the value you're paying for, so I'll close with a claim parallel to yours about "player haters": Some guys are just fanboys and refuse to see the forest because they're so enamored of one tree. I'll even own having done so myself with Skinner, and suggest that maybe you are, now.

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  8. 9 hours ago, super_dave_1 said:

    Gotta have somebody to shove under the bus.



    The guy had three abysmal years in a row and only last year began looking like he had a clue again until Hamilton got healthy and left Faulk's much-heralded "offensive contributions" in his dust. $5 million is a lot of money for a guy who's supposed to score goals but doesn't and can't protect the puck in his own end.

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  9. 7 hours ago, realmdrakkar said:

    I'm considerably more-impressed with McKeown than Fleury but i'm with you - seems he's never going to get a shot with the Canes.  Darned if i can figure out why.


    8 hours ago, coastal_caniac said:

    Not picking at your opinion at all, but Roland McKeown, what a mystery.


    It is a mystery. You'd think the organizational goal is to have a leadership core at AHL level that wins and can shift to the NHL. Seems like a smart thing to do. McK's been a leader down there and now they've won it all. If that's the plan, you'd think Bean, Geekie and Necas would be next in line for leadership roles in CLT, and McK would "graduate." 


    Coastal, we'll never agree on Justin, but at least we both know where we stand :)

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  10. I think TBL backs waaaaay off the gas this year, asserts itself in key games to keep divisional opponents in fear, finishes second or maybe third--and then absolutely kills it in the postseason.


    Leading tape-to-tape last year didn't do a damned thing for them, and arguably hurt them: Playing like every regular-season game is a playoff game only leaves you gassed when the playoffs finally begin. 

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  11. 7 hours ago, DevildogKodi said:

    TVR is as good far better defensively as Faulk and good enough for 2nd pairing duty.



    The only other candidate I see for a salary dump is Jordan. Given his age and what we've added up front, that might be a possibility. The challenge with both is their NTCs. I could see JR (a.k.a. Just Recycle) taking Jordan back in Pittsburgh, but they've got less cap space than we do. 

  12. I could totally see us moving Faulk to free some room for Willy and McKeown, a right shot.


    I only see Pesce and Slavin becoming more offensively minded. With the two of them, Dougie and TVR and Fleury, only Roland would have less than 80 NHL games, so why keep trotting Justin out there? He makes every defensive play an adventure, and with suspect goaltending, that's the last thing this team needs, let alone can afford. Move him for a Skinner-like return to dump salary and move on.


    There are not many guys left in the league who would do this, but I could totally see Willy telling the Committee in exits that they should do what they have to do and he'll take whatever's left. He will turn 38 just as the season starts, after all. And if it's a choice between keeping his leadership and signing a young stay-at-home RHD who has won at every level, or losing them both to keep Faulk, that's an easy call in my book.

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  13. 3 hours ago, beboplar said:

    Can I just add,

    No. No, you can't. (kidding)


    I love what both sides did. The Canes looked willing to commit, which from the standpoint of intra-league PR is important, especially after TD's comments re coach/GM value early in his tenure. Aho stuck to what he wanted too. Ultimately both played their cards exactly as the CBA stipulates.


    Players' desires seem like fickle things at first blush, but in fact they just--must--adjust based on the subject player's age and the status of their development. Ultimately, I still believe bridge deals will make a comeback; indeed, I think both Aho's and Gaudreau's are bridge deals, just for guys who project to elite status. If they meet expectations, I can imagine their next deals being upwards of $10 million for the first five years, then (assuming they are willing to go eight years at that point) stepping down by half in each of the last three years. So at 34, SeaBass would make $1.5 (maybe 2) million. Feels about right.


    Those whom orgs feel might become elite but are less sure about will start getting deals of higher value than traditional bridge deals--and term will depend almost entirely on their ages and likely length of their next deals.



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  14. 18 hours ago, Kyrule said:


    I’m baffled that anyone is still baffled. Of course it was about cash/cap.


    Mrazek’s AAV is 3.3 or something like that. Dzingel’s is somewhere around there. Haula is at 2.75. 


    De Haan was at 4.55 million per year (for three more years). It was a bloated contract for a bottom pairing guy. 


    What cracks me up is now people are saying TVR is expendable and it is pointed out that he makes 2 million plus. He is a bargain at that price IMO, and he is under appreciated like Forslund has said on multiple occasions.



    I'll just add that counting the available slots at this time of year is kinda like using a snowblower while a blizzard is still raging: pointless. Building roster depth at this time of year does two things: It forces guys earn their slots, and opens the door to preseason moves to get your cap space and lineup just right. That way you ice the team you want, without guys you are not 100 percent sure are ready.


    Just look at our forwards roster: With Dzingel, we've got 14 bonafide NHLers on it at the moment, counting McGinn (RFA) but without our captain. So whether it's Necas, Geekie, Goat, Pot or (insert the name of whomever you like here) they are not going to need a merely great camp to crack the lineup, they're going to have play absolutely lights out, because even our least-experienced guy (Svech) is already a stud. That's exactly what you want: Guys earning slots, not being handed them because they're your only option.

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  15. 12 hours ago, remkin said:


    First, holy crap Batman!!! That is a significant move. This guy may or may not have just had a career year, but he was a substantial name in the UFA pool. Further, he's a center, so not only is my last post just a minute ago outdated for Geekie, who now has a snowball's chance in heck, but Wallmark should start sweating.


    This, and Huala, gets it done.


    Does this mean J Williams might be leaning to retirement? I'd be more surprised about this with J Willy than sans J Willy. But if Williams does come back we are suddenly very very deep upfront. 


    This is GREAT.

    I have to get over to the "rate the committee thread," because I haven't voted yet... but I'll just say this: We don't have room for anybody we're not sure about whether it's Wallmark or Necas or Ned of Geekie or whomever.  The longer we keep a winning core together in CLT, the more we engrain in them the EXPECTATION of winning, versus the HOPE that it happens. And that's how you build a winning culture.


    This move shows that we are willing to wait until our homegrowns are ready, and will spend what we must in the short term to get to the point that we have a ready supply of guys who are just dying to get here and show what they can do, versus hoping they'll stick, which is what we had for the past 10 years. 

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