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  1. Actually he was that to me (and others) back when we made the boneheaded decision to trade him. Which is why I think your characterization of those questioning this move as calling him a "zero" is over the top, spy. I think it's perfectly legit to ask whether it's right that a 38-year-old who limped into the off-season gets a regular slot, and if so, whom you sit. I've been a Willy fan since he came up in Philly, and love that he'll be available. But I'll love it even more if he's the 13th forward we dress occasionally for a different look, and to give someone a night off at a time of year when they'll benefit from it.
  2. Bold prediction: We will see more and more of this going forward. This league is faster than ever, making it increasingly unlikely that guys Willy's age will be able go for a full season and the playoffs to boot. But if guys of his caliber are able to use the first half of the season to maintain/get into NHL shape--a big if, to be sure--save half a season of wear and tear, and then inject their expertise and excitement into both the team and the fan base, I could see it becoming a recurring thing. I'd bet that Willy has mulled over this scenario a lot longer than just last summer. He's a smart guy and he's been around long enough to have run into older guys who came back and talk to them about the experience, what they'd do differently, etc.
  3. This part of the "we" sure doesn't see them that way, and is pretty sure Roddy doesn't, either. What Staal brings is intangible and has value, particularly on the PK, but he's aging, showing it, and Wally is fast positioning himself as our next defensively responsible center. I wish we'd have moved Jordo a couple of years ago when his deal looked much better to potential trading partners, but unfortunately we had both an owner and a GM who were incapable of making difficult but crucial decisions. I don't think getting the C makes moving him unlikely at all. It sure didn't stop us from stripping him of it to give it to Willy. I can see him being moved this offseason to make cap space for Haula, even if we had to retain up to half his salary, and if anything, the C makes him more attractive to a young team looking for a vet to show its kids the right way. We'd simply thank Jordo for doing that here before ushering him out, then open the captaincy to Slavin or Marty (i.e., the future, instead of the past). As for his NMC, that is easily overcome. If he balks at being moved, we'll just send Erik "the Ambassador" Cole to badmouth him on the radio...
  4. You don't. One here and two with LA. Went to the Finals with the Caps but they lost. Which is not to diminish the achievement in the least. Nor what he achieved in his encore here. I'm just unconvinced another curtain call is necessary.
  5. You mean besides most of the guys on the roster, who went to the Conference Finals last year? Well, how about... Staal: Won the Cup (58 total playoff games before last year's 15 with the Canes). TT: Won the Cup (plus 7 more playoff games with Chicago before last year's 15 with the Canes). TVR: Won the Cup (and 11 more playoff games with Chicago before last year's 9 with the Canes). Edmondson: Won the Cup (22 games last year in winning it, and 27 in the two years before). Haula: Finals in '17-'18 (plus 25 playoff games with Minnesota over the four years prior). Nino: 39 playoff games with Minnesota. Hamilton: 23 games (19 with Boston, 4 with CGY). Dzingel: 24 games (15 games with OTT and 9 with CBJ.
  6. Like I said, I don't see Willy hurting us. But if we're really pinning our hopes on a 38-year-old for bringing the heavy when we've got guys like Foegele, Marty, Edmondson, Svech, Gaut, and Staal (yes Staal, who CAN bring it, and too often opts not to), I think we have to ask: If we're not already heavy enough to bring it without him, when will we be? Sometimes you just have to put guys in situations and trust them to handle them. This team has done so all year, and I'm more than a little concerned that Willy coming back will be more of a distraction than an addition.
  7. I don't know whether he will come back. I do know I'm maybe his biggest fan, going back to his rookie year in Philly, and no longer care whether he does or doesn't. Along with five bucks, that'll get you a frappucino at Starbucks. I don't think Willy's return would hurt the team, but do think it is unnecessary, and that should be the standard: are we doing it because we need to, or because we can, i.e., because we want to give a favorite son who already has three rings one more run at the Cup? Again, I don't care (much) either way, but If we do it because we can, I think that goes against everything Roddy purports to believe in, and more important, wastes an opportunity to give a young player invaluable playoff exposure, in favor of returning to the dance a guy who has already waltzed more than most guys in this league ever will.
  8. Clearly a man who doesn't know which side his bed is buttered on...
  9. Oops. The scary thing? I looked it up first, and typed "Swede" anyway! Thanks Ky.
  10. I won't even begin to defend what Peters did to Michal Jordan or prior to his arrival here, because it is indefensible. But do you (now) also happen to know why the team suffered from all the same maladies you list before he even showed up here? And maybe why Peters (who is clearly unable to manage frustration in a acceptable way) blew up at the end of his second season here? The answer is the guys in the GM's and majority owner's offices, not the coaches--including (much as I hate to admit it) Mo. I don't like the style he plays and coaches, but his ability to make lemonade out of lemons is beyond dispute. The fact he couldn't on his last tour here rests entirely with management/ownership in my book, and I'll venture that the same held for Muller. Meddlesome management is the road to hell. If you're not willing to hire (and sign) guys and let them do their jobs without interfering, you're not a manager. You're the fly in the ointment.
  11. Wallmark is going to play a long time in this league, and has underrated, maybe greatly underrated, upside. Both he and Foegele have taken more games to get rolling than we might have liked, but that's to be expected in anybody's sophomore year. Now they are fast returning to their second-half form of last season. I do think Nino finally busts out on this trip. He's very close, and hopefully being with TT and Aho will help the Swede find some Finnish.
  12. Or, maybe that's why it's the three stars of the week, and not of the game? I get the umbrage over the Canes not getting enough love, but seriously, you don't get weekly honors for one-night performances. SeaBass wore the horse collar in his other two games last week.
  13. If I'm understanding your question, we have about 2.5 million in space (if I'm not mistaken), and bringing up an AHLer, whose contracted NHL pay rate is factored into that (again, if I'm not mistaken), shouldn't have any bearing on it. Even if it did, McKeown, for example, makes just $700k at the NHL level, so it wouldn't put us over. But I defer to the board's cap gurus to check me on all that.
  14. Maybe, and Tripp's constant mantra of "he's a fighter" smacks of an early PR effort to quell the very concern you raise. Mraz does have a history of fading, but (for now) I'm choosing to believe that because he has been down this road before--trying to become the guy, long-term--he has learned from it, and the team is giving him all the support it can to help him get there. The in-game and off-ice regimen required to carry the workload of a #1 is hard to overstate. Games like last night come with the turf, and Petr's next start will tell us a lot about what he has learned during his NHL career. As I've often written here (back in the day, about Cam Ward), what he's trying to do is by far the hardest (and loneliest) transition to make in all of pro sports. I want to believe he's ready. We all do. Here's hoping we're right.
  15. I agree history says he's got the tools, and I loved that we got him. It's too soon to call it a bust; Dougie stunk it up pretty good until January of last year, and we later learned why. I suspect Gardiner's struggles have more to do with coming off the injury. What doesn't compute is continuing to run him out there if in fact that's the issue, especially in light of our depth on the back end. McKeown would be a head-and-shoulders improvement over the current Jake Gardiner. He must believe, and Roddy must agree, that he will be all the better in the end for having played through it. No other explanation makes sense.
  16. After last night, I'm not so sure. He looks disinterested, and when he gets interested, he's interested just enough to take a penalty. Suffice it to say Nino is no longer the lone inhabitant on my "needs a bag skate" list, and at 2G 4A 6P -2, and with a goose egg in hits in 7 of his 14 games in November, Brock McGinn is about to join them.
  17. Good luck. Nino poisons the package. At over $5 million, he just needs to get his behind in gear, simple as that. It's pretty bad when you make Jordan look like he has elite hands, and that's exactly what El Nino is doing these days. There's nothing wrong with him that a bag skate can't cure.
  18. Except that match would have never happened. If this org (read: Dundon and Waddell) learned anything from the Staal and Ward contracts, it learned that (1) you don't give kids payoff deals, because (2) this market cannot support it, at least not yet. If it were Pittsburgh or Chicago, maybe. (And only maybe--both of those teams' lavish spending is now biting both in the @$$, just like it did LA.) Yeah, they got their Cups... but they have the fan base to sustain them through the down years they are now facing. We don't, and are many, many consecutive years of playoff berths away from being anything like those teams on fiscal side of things. I like a lot of what I read in The Athletic, but as the Sports Illustrated of the internet age, it suffers from the same tone-deafness SI always had, because it has a bunch of large-market sportswriters/"analysts" who only see the big leagues through big-market eyes. You don't get the platform of a national publication if you haven't first worked in a major market (usually for years), and that renders them clueless when it comes to the nuances of trying to sustain a team in smaller/non-traditional markets.
  19. The rush was his injury and his contract. The first created enough uncertainty that, combined with the second, we couldn't risk it, and with the D in our system we didn't need to. We signed him to a great deal for his skill set, but given our defensive depth we could afford to let him go, and arguably, we couldn't afford not to: Gardiner saved us $650k a year in salary and 500 in cap on our third pair, which is where DeHaan was going to end up. In Chicago he's playing 20 minutes plus most nights, a much better fit to his salary.
  20. I hadn't even finished typing my post when a little voice said, "AWAC gocanes will know"!! 😳 Thanks!
  21. Hey, do any of you parents or grandparents know the current ticketing rules for little (like, 18-month-old) kids? I'm guessing if they're "lap kids" they get in free, but don't know the cut-off age. Any confirmed info appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  22. Same reason Gaut isn't: There is no reason.
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