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  1. We just heard and my youngest son (Trevor's buddy last two seasons) is upset. In talking with Trevor we know he was hoping to renew his contract with us. We also knew the reality of the situation that Trevor could be picked up elsewhere. My youngest faced that fact, but never thought Trevor would end up in Russia! Trevor will be missed by my family, especially his buddy. We wish him the best though.
  2. Trevor is a good player, but doesn't get enough ice time. I know he wants to stay because he likes it here, but he still had no clue what Rutherford wanted (after the season). We would like for him to stay, but I also know he's capable of scoring more if he had more ice time. My crew is on edge waiting to know something.
  3. No offense, but they are just like us. THese guys shop and eat at local places just like we do, except they can afford it more than most of us.
  4. I have learned that this is a game of money and business.
  5. I think we need to keep Cole. I believe he is great paired up with the younger players. Plus, he takes a big hit but keeps coming back for more!
  6. I hate to see Bret leave because I think he is great with this team, but I believe his heart is on the West coast. The few times I saw Kristi on DWTS, Bret seemed to enjoy the time with his girls. It also appears that the families get along well too. I guess you have to go where your heart is. I just wish him good luck wherever he settles. Maybe we can find some young blood for next year.
  7. There was one day, after practice, we were eating lunch and thought we saw one of the guys. We were eating right down from the RecZone. I didn't approach because I feel that is their "private" civilian time. THey are so great after practices about giving autgraphs, that I respect their privacy in the public sector.
  8. Unless I missed it somewhere, you don't have Letowski listed. He is an Unrestricted free agent. At this time he would like to stay, because he likes it here and his teammates. It just depends on what the offers look like once the time comes. I actually asked him to explain the restricted and unrestricted deals, since I still wasn't too clear. So now I understand.
  9. I agree completely with you. THis team can get the job done, but they are going have to work even harder. THis is awful news though. I lost my reason to go to the practices. Lol Not really, but I will miss not seeing BrindAmour. THis keeps up, we will have to call down the entire minor club to help us get to the playoffs!
  10. Well I hate to see COmmie and Stillman leave, but hopefully this trade will give our team a bit more power. It won't be the same not seeing Commie at the practices. I wish our guys the best in Ottawa.
  11. So it boils down to who works well with the teammmates and who is more capable on which line?
  12. I couldn't have described an unsung hockey hero any better!! In fact, knowing Letowski (my youngest is Trevor's little buddy) this "definition" of unsung hero really fits Trevor perfectly. My youngest has been blessed to develop a friendship with Trevor and we can definately say Trevor is one of those unsung heroes.
  13. THanks for the easy illustration. SInce you mentioned Letowski as an example, I will use him also. I know he is on the fourth line, going to the third a couple times to fill in, but yet he is a good player. He may not be Brind'Amour or Staal, but he is there when you need him. So if someone is on the fourth line, it shouldn't be thought of as demeaning or that those palyers aren't good? I thought Hamilton has been a good addition, thus my surprise when he was on the fourth line too. A little about Letowski, he's a good player and is great at backing his teammeates. In fact it was either Forsland or Tripp who mentioned that Letowski is an unsung hero on the ice.
  14. I feel there are too many curves going on. One thing I am curious about with JR is why does he do a trade in the minors with "for future consideration" clause? What is JR planning here? Don't we need some help now especially right before the playoffs.
  15. Walker will drop the gloves for anyone, but he seems to save the fights for defending his teammates. Brookbank goes on looking for a fight.
  16. I agree with you on this IceFrog. I am not saying Brookbank isn't a good player, but I don't agree with alot of the fights he gets in. Walker and Gleason kinda started like that last season, but now they seem to pull off the gloves when absolutely necessary. Brookbank seems to go on the ice wanting a fight. I can say that Walker and COmmie both have what it takes to stand up for their teammates. I believe one must choose your fights carefully, especially if your team is losing and you risk hurting them with a penalty for fighting. Brookbank is just a bit too much of a hot head.
  17. I don't think we need another forward. We need to up the defense and decrease our average age on the team.
  18. I wasn't trying to start or continue an argument. I just noticed the standings and I believe it could be worse. Granted the points are too close for my comfort. As for fair weather fans, I am definately not one of them. I am at a practice, sometimes two, each week. Regardless of how bad the guys played in the previous game, I always find some kind of encouraging word to say. Sometimes it's difficult not to say to a player "How could you miss that shot or that pass?" I just know that crapping on the guys will get the team and fans no where. They like it here because the fan base in nice, unlike some other places. I, as a diehard fan, would like to help keep that reputation. SO those of you who only are around for the games, come out to the practices and watch, get to know how each player really is, and see their work ethics! I have been to enough practices and become familiar enough with the team, that I can tell watching a game on tv when one of our players is "under the weather". As we are rounding off the season, lets start really rallying for these guys! If we want them in the finals, start coming to the practices and encouraging them, let them know we still believe in them!
  19. I agree that the losses this team has experienced is not just one person's fault. It takes a team to win, it takes a team to lose. I can guarentee Coach Lavi would tell us the same thing. I believe the reasons for the loses this season are inconsistancy, injuries, and porr team work. THe games I have been able to watch this season, I noticed the defence doesn't seem to cover our goalie and they are missing alot of simple passes. That's my observastion for what its worth. As for JR, he complains that the asking prices are too high. If there is a spending budget then he must stay within those boundaries. If the asking prices are too high then there's not much JR can do. Some recommend "dumping" some guys, but who should we dump and who could we afford to get? I have enough problems with managing my own little "team" and finances, I can't even imagine trying to do JR's job.
  20. Ok, I can't stand it! All I have heard this season, even at practices, is how horrible this team is doing and that they have no excuse for it. The way everyone has been talking lately I thought I should get an update on our standings. THe NHL standings for this team seems to disagree with all the amateurs' theories. We are currently currently first in the division, third in the Eastern conference, and ninteenth in the league. Quite honestly these numbers don't seem to be saying that our team stinks. Granted I will be the first to admit that they are not consistant, and they really need to work on that (preferbly on the winning side). We have been plaqued by injuries, some still remain on that list. So before we "throw the baby out with the bathwater" let's watch the standings. Unless I am wrong, at this point we could see the finals.
  21. My youngest, who's birthday was yesterday, thanked his buddy Letowski for scoring a goal last night. Well Trevor asked his little buddy the day before what he wanted for his birthday. I guess he figured it out. Lol All I can say is way to go guys!!!!!
  22. I kinda see changing Grahame and Leighton around. I think Grahame is good,but just doesn't seem to keep the steam going. Putting Aucion here full time might be a good move. He hasn't disappointed us anytime he's been called up this year. As for Stillman, I see if staying until he retires. I think really the only let go I may differ on is Letowski. He is a good player, but needs to be moved up on the lines. I believe we don't see move scoring from Letowski because he doesn't get much ice time. I don't see Rod on your list. What's the deal on that? I do belive bringing in some young blood to mix with our veterns might help during times like what we have lately (injuries).
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