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  1. I believe that's why Daniels was sent to Charlotte - to prep him for a head coaching job. I don't know about Francis, but maybe they should give him a try?
  2. Being that Tampa Bay had nothing to gain, I cannot for the life of me understand why the Canes didn't come out hitting ferociously. The Bolts might well have tried to protect some of their better players by keeping them on the bench. I've been holding off on bashing the coaching, but I cannot any longer. Was there some kind of game plan? Memories of that season where all they had to do was beat the cellar-dwelling Panthers on the last day (shirt off your back night) and they coughed up a fur ball. Well they did it again. IMHO, aside from better coaching, they need a backup goalie who can give Cam a night off on back to backs without it being pretty much an automatic loss. Peters is a great minor league goalie but he is not ready for the NHL. And they need to fix the special teams problem. I was impressed with what a bunch of kids shuttling back and forth from Charlotte was able to do this season. A lot of folks picked the Canes to finish 11th or even last. So now they miss the playoffs and the cream of next year's draft. Yeah,it sucks! And thanks very much to Atlanta for serving up the opportunity for the Canes to make the playoffs on a silver platter. Too bad the Canes didn't show up to play.
  3. I just think the intangible is the way he seems to have invigorated the team. And as Tripp pointed out, he comes in without having to learn a new system or figure out the styles of his new teammates. Let's see how long the renewed energy lasts.
  4. Seidenberg has to go. He's just standing around watching goals being scored against.
  5. I liked it when the game was worth two-points and you always knew how many potential points were left toward the end of the season - none of this if team A gets an OT loss and team B wins in regulation or team B loses in OT but team C beats team A in regulation... You need a computer program to figure it all out. It's too complicated having a variable number of points that could be awarded out of a game. I like having a five-minute OT, but I still say when it's done, you either win and get both game points, lose and get no points or tie and get a point. Why reward a team for hanging on and playing onservatively toward the end of a game to secure a point in the standings, only to lose in the first minute of OT.
  6. I have a question about the restriction on changing up on an icing. Is the prohibition in place only after the whistle or from the point of the puck being shot down the ice? In other words, when one of your teammates blasts the puck all the way down, can you quickly change players (who probably are close to the bench) before the touchup and whistle?
  7. With supposedly just about the loudest fans in the league, how come the Canes can't get over .500 at home. They have the fifth-worst home record in the league. Only Edmonton, Tampa Bay, Atlanta and the Islanders have worse home records. and look where they are in the standings.
  8. The valuable thing about LaRose is that he can be a playmaker - he doesn't need a setup man to feed him for a scoring chance. Up until fairly recently, Staal needed a setup man on his line (or two) - someone who could get the puck to him for a close-in shot. Without a Cole or a Whitney on his line, Staal couldn't score 30 goals a season. Eric is developing his stickhandling skills and is able to get the puck down low on his own more and more. That's the one area of improvement I've noticed. I'm not comparing LaRose to Staal in terms of overall skills, but I do think that downplaying LaRose (4th line or healthy scratch) is a mistake. With more ice time on a line with a forward who is a finisher, LaRose may not only score more goals but get a lot more assists. IMO he has more potential than Bayda or Sutter (at this point in time, from what I've seen so far). And he can play physical - he can de-pansify the team. Over the past several years LaRose has improved and I think he's surprised the fans with his abilities. Did he simply make a couple of mistakes that pissed Mo off? I'd have scratched Bayda before scratching LaRose.
  9. I can't help but think that if the end-of-season positioning is even worse this year (i.e. we aren't even in contention for a playoff spot in the last week or two) JR's job is going to be on the line. Who else is to blame for a team with so little chemistry.
  10. Then there's the fact that until yesterday not a single Hurricanes player was in the top 50 in the NHL in scoring (goals, assists or points). Staal just creeped into 46th position yesterday. We aren't scoring enough goals consistently, we have a marginal defense even when everyone is healthy (we have a mostly minor-league defense right now), and the goaltending ranges from inconsistent to awful. I don't know what magic anyone expects from Maurice with a team that shows little motivation, little pride, and little desire to put in 100% effort for sixty minutes. I expect we'll see more trades coming up.
  11. Groin injuries are not the type you want the injured player coming back prematurely. I also would say that Ruutu's and Brindy's shoot out attempts looked like tired goat shots. I would have expected shots like those from a player on some junior college in upstate Florida - no attempt at finesse at all like the Philly shooters. Why didn't Mo put Cullen in for the shootout?
  12. I've been watching the first two seasons of Lost on SciFi - very entertaining stuff. On a hockey-related note, I saw an episode of Law and Order the other night where a hockey dad beat his son's coach to death for suspending his son for one game for violent play. Just to stay on topic (so the forum police don't delete this) I say stalled. On a pace for another 30-goal season. A good season for a Whitney or Williams or Brind'Amour or a Cole - but not for the eight-million dollar man.
  13. The season after we won the cup, we still had 16 of the Stanley Cup winning team players on the roster - with no less than six all-star caliber players, and we still couldn't make the playoffs. I don't think it's all about talent. It's about commitment and desire and work ethic. There are only a handful of guys on the team who seem to put in 100% on every shift for the entire shift. That isn't enough of a commitment to make the playoffs, let alone take a serious run at another cup.
  14. Avery is a thug and an idiot. If JR is stupid enough to add him to the lineup (for what - his skills at pissing other players off?) - I will boo him whenever he hits the ice - whatever uniform he wears.
  15. Staal isn't a Crosby or an Ovechkin - but: I expected to see him at least in the league top 50 scorers through most (if not all) of the season. I expected him to score a goal at least once every three games and get a point at least in every other game. I expect him to improve and be a better player every year. I expect him to show more leadership and certainly not to take a lot of dumb penalties when he gets frustrated. I expect him to play defensively - not to loaf back when the other team gets possession of the puck.
  16. Staal is untouchable. Maurice isn't going to restrict his ice time. If Staal is satisfied with not being in the top 50 in scoring (goals, assists or points) and feels his loafing back when the other team gets possession of the puck is okay - there's not a darn thing the coach can do about it. Rutherford will have to be the one to make the tough choices in this respect. JR got rid of Cole and the team keeps trying different wingmates, and nothing seems to be working. Everyone keeps making excuses for Eric and saying he's still young and hasn't reached his maturity yet. Are they still going to be saying that when he turns 30? I think NOT being selected for the all-star game might be a good thing for him. I don't see Maurice bringing any special magic to this team. They need better on-ice leadership - leadership by example. That is a big gaping hole right now.
  17. The point is not that LaRose can single-handedly get the team into the playoffs. The point is that work ethic is not being rewarded, while high-paid, high-profile players who aren't producing results and don't appear to be putting in as much effort as they should, are getting rewarded with lots of ice time on the top two lines. Maybe that isn't the best message to send to the team. But coaches who do reduce the ice time of "star" players who don't seem to be working hard don't tend to last long.
  18. I know I'll get slammed for this but I think if the Canes are out of the payoffs by the trade deadline, Brindy might be traded to a team that's in - for the same reason we picked up Recchi and Weight - just to add someone with cup playoff experience and maturity. I don't know if he's providing some intangible leadership thing we don't see, but he's certainly skating and stickhandling like he's playing injured. The same was said about him all last season. They tried a new coach, now maybe it's time to try new on-ice leadership.
  19. If the Canes miss the playoffs again, I don't see them drawing up a new contract for Maurice. After the current Toronto contract expires, I really think they'll let him go and give Francis a try.
  20. If you combined Brind'Amour's and Staal's goal productivity thus far you'd actually have a top-ten scorer.
  21. Examples? On the game-winning goal last night, Rod not only lost the face off, but failed to tie up Carter. He was just watching Carter wheel around and rip off a shot. He needs to look in the mirror. Neither he nor his supposed heir apparent are playing up to their potential. This isn't a recent slump for Brindy - he's been looking like he's in a fog for the past two seasons.
  22. Hey I resemble that remark! The original post was virtually all someone's opinion. So was mine.
  23. Most incapable of keeping the puck from hopping over his stick on the blue line on a powerplay: Tie between Nick Wallin and Bret Hedican. Lowest goals scored to scoring chances ratio: Eric Cole. Most calories burned without scoring: Eric Cole. Biggest disappointment of the year: Friday night. Most astounding contrast of stellar saves to jaw-dropping soft goals allowed: Cam Ward. Fastest skater who is completely incapable of stick handling: Bret Hedican. Biggest waste of bench space: Trevor Letowski. Highest ratio of meaningless faceoff wins to important faceoff wins: Eric Staal. Best display of circling and dipsy-doodling with the puck before giving it away to the opposition: Ray Whitney. Most inexplicable lack of focus and skills and skating ability by a team captain: Rod Brind'Amour (are you gonna censor that one too?) Most times caught standing around watching the other team score: shared by the entire defense corps (minus Wesley). Dumbest coaching idea: the five-forward powerplay. Worst team equipment/supply vendor: whomever they get their sticks from. Non-players who should be fired: the conditioning coach. Dumbest/rudest/most low-class/redneckiest fan chant: "<opposing goaltender's name>, <opposing goaltender's name>, <opposing goaltender's name> - you suck!" Least entertaining intermission entertainment: watching two kids play a videogame. Mascot I'd most like to see on a barbeque grill: Stormy the Ice Hog. Stupidest business office mistake: they're still advertising playoff tickets today! Oh and lest I be accused of only seeing the negative side of things: Most pleasant surprise in performance by a player acquired mid-season: Sergei Samsonov (who else). Best looking cheerleaders: The Storm Squad!!!
  24. I want to see a Southeast division team take the cup for the third time in four years to shut up those who deride the division as the worst in the NHL. Not only that, but three different teams. Rather than hate the Caps for overtaking the Canes, I respect them for their effort and dedication and desire. Too bad the Canes couldn't match it. Best of luck Caps.
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