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  1. Very nice, I like all the contrast. Keep it up.
  2. j-willie


    Yeah I understand for sure with the price thing. But it is a lot easier when you have your own equipment because then you're really just paying for the paint.
  3. Welcome man, ive been on the boards for a while but have just recently come back. Where in Florida are you from?
  4. Wow haha, thats pretty funny. He would be stupid not to take an offer that great /sarcasm
  5. Yeah I saw that. Its funny, yet sad..
  6. j-willie

    More Snowww

    Whoa whoa whoa, NHL Arcade? *edit*? Do explain... But yeh 6 inches in some areas if the storm curves but most likely around 3 in.
  7. I can take co-GM or anything you need cause Im getting my xbox back tonight or tomorrow. (It broke) So i can take whatever you need help with iceboy.
  8. I just got disconnected from that game we were in. Tell me how we do.
  9. I wanna see if you wanna play me... :) You said last night but you were appearing away.
  10. Yeah, I didnt see anything. You just have t wait till then I guess.
  11. Hahahahahahahahaha. They take it WAY too seriously. I just want to play with regular people. Ya know? Id rather be Staal than Bergeron anyway. EDIT: Sounds Good Ryan.
  12. Naw, im about to eat dinner now. How about 7:30, like a warm-up for our team game. K?
  13. I was going to check the news article on the website but I haven't checked yet. I dont think it says but Im going to go look now.
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