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  1. I think kabs is wonderful player. I think its time for him to go somewhere else and its just not going to work for him here. He needs to go somewhere new have new teammates and get his career back on track.
  2. ^^^ i agree with you.. he was all over the ice and at one point I really noticed him trying to set up kovulchuck(spelling??) a few times after he got robbed. He deserved it, to me it doesnt really matter how many goals you get its how much of a differance they make. without staals goals and assist, the east would of lost.
  3. WOWWW. Our eric is an all star MVP!! He represented our caniac nation woooohoooo!! Can i have the truck.. if you really want it then ill take the rover off your hands.. you dont need both!!
  4. GO ERIC.. great job.. MVP Way to represent...
  5. looolll I was thinking the samething..
  7. WOW.. this officially really sucks!!! I hope willy gets well soon. This is the chance for some people to step up. First name that pops in my head is Ladd, its about time and there is no better time. I think Staal needs to play more consistent, he is doing all the little things right but now he REALLY needs to start scoring some goals. As for cullen, dont mess will his line, he plays well with about anybody he plays and makes them better too.. he plays well with walker, cole, and Whitney. I say do it like this: Stillman/Brindy/Ladd Whitney/staal/cole Walker/Cullen/Nolan Letowski/Hamilton/Adams Thats just what I am thinking, but what ever Lavi puts together it needs to stay for a while because if the lines are inconsitant the play is consistant. I just hope for the best. Oh and what sucks too is that willy wont get to go to that allstar game
  8. What a game!!! OMG flyers and the pens.. WOW!!! I havent been a hockey fan for that long and that was the best game I have seen, EVER (minus game seven in stanley cup finals) How many fights were there??? And two hatricks. when was the last time that happened? And the crowd just booing crosby everytime he touched the puck and martin Biron is my hero (just for today)!!
  9. HAHAHA(falls off chair laughing) What a horrible thing to do for kids. I wouldn't care if it was adults but kids... come on. I liked crosby but slowly i am realizing he is a tool and i cant stand him anymore. Its like he is the obly kid that knows how to play hockey in the NHL... come on!!!
  10. Cam Ward was GREAT Our Defense played very well.. I noticed iceburg doing very well in shot blocking The third line is working great They played very well, you cant deny it even if we were flat but we played better than alot of teams that go into joe louis who come in rested. only thing i noticed that turned me off was that Chad Larose took too many penalties in Montreal too.
  11. I am not sure what happened either. I think, again I am gonna say I am not sure, when we were on the PP staal got hooked and there was no call and something was said on the bench. I think thats what one of the broadcasters said. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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