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  1. being both a Cleveland Browns fan and a Carolina Hurricanes fan, i agree with you. that would be like having the Baltimore Ravens wear a Browns uni. i think it would be a direct slap to the fact of old Whaler fans. i would like to see a 3rd uni, maybe a black one with the Storm warning flag/hockey stick logo on it. And kind of like how Balt Colts fans feel all the time seeing the same uniforms in Indy. I'm hearing 3rd sweaters are fading from vogue among the league office, and third black sweaters are a dime a dozen. Wondering - would Hartford hold the rights to an old New England Whalers sweater? I know its pretty similar.
  2. Also, isn't 99.9 supposed to be switching to a sports format?
  3. Its a merger between the two. XM is slightly the larger partner. XM204 is excellent, I've been listening since the beginning. We get pretty decent treatment on there, with a couple of exceptions. Even had one of the producers/now announcers adopt the name Ric Flair for a year. Lots of "wooo's." I agree about the MASN thing. I am an Orioles fan, and this season has been very frustrating. We are midway between Wash/Bal and ATL, so it makes sense to me to have the benefit of both a southern and mid-atlantic sports channel. But its all hardball, MASN wants to be on the standard tier and TWC wants to put them a la carte. Like a lot of people, I have TWC bundled services and really hope this gets resolved soon. I think MASN is going to make a move for the canes in 2008, and that could be interesting. Hope we have a good season and strengthen our bargaining position!
  4. Vasicek isn't slow, but he's so big he appears to be. And although he has only an assist since back, I think he looks much better than the 63 we saw after he came back last year. he's working pretty hard and forechecking well.
  5. We are going to be a place where the weeknight games don't sell out, and it will be that way for a while. We aren't alone there. Its no big deal. Everyone doesn't have sellouts for every game, and its not something shameful. There are some who sit around and watch the numbers, poised to start complaining about attendance somewhere else as if it is some disgrace. Whatever. There are a long list of successful franchises in pro sports that don't have sellouts every game (see the Atlanta Braves in MLB). Worth noting - we have 2 Saturday home games in all of February, March and April - and have only one Sunday home game all season (New Years Eve).
  6. I agree with whoever suggested we chill and sit back. The coaches and management know what makes both these guys tick now, and they must think that Joe is going to give them more of what makes our team better down the stretch. Joe may play with some desparation this time...he is actually going to be UFA and if he wants a decent contract he needs to show why. He also seems to be healthier than he has been in years. Belanger did nothing more than win FO's well. Lets see what happens.
  7. C'mon Devils - they helped us last time against ATL. Somebody get Cam some help out there.
  8. Maybe the Puckheads can start doing the games (gawd). Denis Potvin was out of line with those comments, but I will say in his defense he has been very complimentary of the Canes and our fans in the past on the morning XM hockey show from TO.
  9. Indeed, the most important numbers of the night. And a chance to shave it to 2 perhaps with a win Saturday. We need to pack the house for that - big game!
  10. There are a lot of things going on with the team, some beyond their control, but the inability to make good passes and hold puck posession is killing us.
  11. Uh oh (closes ears), he said the names. The names! Suffice to say, the names the Knights of Ni cannot hear.
  12. Well, lets hope the dam has burst for 12 now. he looked like a man who had rec'd a stay of execution last night!
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