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  1. i agree...those are two leaders who fit in the "you dont exactly know what you have until you lose it" type thing. i know all caniacs appreciate what they both have done but DANG are they important. Francis in front of the net and Brindy on the draw. o well...lets see what happens tomorrow...maybe these past 2 months will help staal grow
  2. we are in a better position then the sabs! trying to send something positive out tonight! its not over yet....
  3. yeah cullen couldnt get back. but its hard to say our team as a whole played bad. we outshot and outchanced them. our PP was not very good and our D wasnt the best but we played well offensively as a whole IMO
  4. did you guys not see florida score on two breakaways. is all four goals just cam's fault? when no D men are in between him and a shooter its hard to say. cullen couldnt get back (even tho he is no D man but was at the point) and our guys couldnt get back for the other one either. hard to lay it completely on cam IMO
  5. i agree we had many opportunities to win this divison but we have played some UNREAL hockey since the captain went down and I dont think ANYBODY can say that they expected that. we havent played our best the past week or 2 thats for sure but to say we are lucky to get in is a joke! we have play unbelievable hockey over the past 2 months and the caps are in the EXACT same position tomorrow night then we were tonight, they have to beat the panthers to get in. watch it or not tomorrow night but i am so proud of this club right now for what theyve done and if they are fortunate to get in i think the east is in some REAL trouble because our team knows now what its liked to feel like their destiny is not in their hands and they will not let this happen again that is for sure. so as a fan and for all of the players and coaches lets just keep our heads up and see what happens.
  6. is it just me or does it seem like so many playoff tickets are still available? i got mine right at 10 am (used to 2002 playoffs and 2006 playoffs). are they not going as well as planned? seems like a lot are still available. what is the deal?
  7. yeah im the same with college in a different state. i will only be able to go to friday-sunday games and its killing me. im hoping that we start on the 9th and game 2 wont be until the 11th or 12th....
  8. does anybody have a picture of the black 3rd jersey for the canes? thanks.
  9. im kind of confused about Kim's post. so you went to a flyers game and the fans weren't loud? and you stood out bc you were the ones that stood up? but then you say the fan's ARENT lacking in noise? are you refering to the canes fans that arent lacking in noise or the philly fans? also, seems like we honor a lot of local HEROES (cops and firemen and what not) every night ive gone.
  10. i think im gonna go with my section # and my row letter of the seats i had for game 7 of the stanley cup finals. i think that would be pretty cool.
  11. thanks guys for the help! any advice on a 4 character saying to go on the plate? i was thinking 'WHOO' but that is taken, should i do 'WHEW' or would that not make sense? any ideas?
  12. and if thats the case, tampa can only get 1 more pt and if mont gets 2 more we can tie with wins by winning out and getting the tiebreaker cuz we were 3-1 vs them i think
  13. the tiebreaker for most wins comes before head to head , if im not mistaking
  14. tampa can only get 1 more pt tho. if they get 2 best we can do is tie and we wont have enough wins to catch them in a tiebreaker
  15. everyone that goes be LOUD so when i get to come home next weekend for the final 2 games we will be in a spot to clinch the spot!
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