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  1. Sorry, hard pass on Laine. Takes too many shifts off, no where near the work ethic needed for this system. Ehlers yes, no to moving Pesce. His absence was apparent on special teams in the playoffs. As for goalies, I would not mind seeing Thomas Greiss in a Canes sweater. He is a huge supporter of our military and sponsors a hockey camp every summer down at Fort Bragg for the Cape Fear Warriors youth teams. My younger son played U-16 and U-18 AA hockey there for the last three years and was a counselor at the camps. He stayed with Greiss last year for a week and had a blast, said he was a great guy. He would bring down a semi trailer full of gear for all ages. 50 complete kits for skaters and tons of gear for goalies, hundreds of sticks, etc... just my biased 2 cents...
  2. Great hype video on the link, actually gave me goosebumps. Slick logo too. Good luck to Ronny Franchise. Hopefully we see a Canes vs. Kracken SCF in the near future.
  3. The Seattle "Reign"? - See what I did there....
  4. I guess withe Reimer, Pesce, and possibly Mrazek on IR for a bit, 2 AHL goalies, no Wallmark and Haula... it probably evens out on a per game basis. Ill let someone else geek out on the math.
  5. That seems pretty lopsided, what else is going on in the background? Are we sellers?
  6. I believe that he was seen walking normally after the game, but will have to check and see where i saw that information.
  7. As of today, 6 of the top 10 teams in the league are in the Metro. 8 of the top 10 teams in the league are in the East. This will be a popular thread through the end of the season...
  8. CBJ has a pretty easy February, playing 15 games. They only have 13 games in March, 8 are away, and they play some of the best in the league. Evil empire, Bruins, Lightning, Caps, Canucks x2, Avs, and Dallas
  9. Islanders have a pretty brutal March, 16 games, 2 B2B's, and only 2-2 day rest spans. 10 away games, but we play them twice in their barn. One tough 4 game road trip, Canucks, Calgary, Edmonton (B2B), evil empire. They are the team that I think that we leap frog by then end of March.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA, that just made my day and helped me forget about last nights loss! Thanks!
  11. HAHAHAHAHA, I guess it is a site thing, we could probably change that now.... You cant type s-t-a-l-l without the post autocorrecting.
  12. Do you have "Staal" set to autocorrect to Staal? ^^^^^
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