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  1. I guess withe Reimer, Pesce, and possibly Mrazek on IR for a bit, 2 AHL goalies, no Wallmark and Haula... it probably evens out on a per game basis. Ill let someone else geek out on the math.
  2. That seems pretty lopsided, what else is going on in the background? Are we sellers?
  3. I believe that he was seen walking normally after the game, but will have to check and see where i saw that information.
  4. A-freaking MEN to that. Most underrated Dman in the league.
  5. Wow scoring support from the other lines, go figure...
  6. Flyers up 4-10 with 10 to go.
  7. Missed it. So nice to have a player that can finish.
  8. Tripp guarantee = goal most likely
  9. Any reason why we have the Preds announcers on fox sports go? They suuuuuuck....
  10. As of today, 6 of the top 10 teams in the league are in the Metro. 8 of the top 10 teams in the league are in the East. This will be a popular thread through the end of the season...
  11. CBJ has a pretty easy February, playing 15 games. They only have 13 games in March, 8 are away, and they play some of the best in the league. Evil empire, Bruins, Lightning, Caps, Canucks x2, Avs, and Dallas
  12. Islanders have a pretty brutal March, 16 games, 2 B2B's, and only 2-2 day rest spans. 10 away games, but we play them twice in their barn. One tough 4 game road trip, Canucks, Calgary, Edmonton (B2B), evil empire. They are the team that I think that we leap frog by then end of March.
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