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  1. Rod says around the 30 second mark in response to a question that maybe it looked worse than it really was "I think so, he looks normal today, feels great" That is positive, but they are going to be very careful. Often times symptoms show up after a few days. Fingers crossed!
  2. Nice to get Aho of the schneid, I think of Nino gets one the floodgates will open for this team.
  3. Way too stagnant on the 5 on 3, need to move your feet and shoot the puck. Traffic!
  4. Cmon hockey Gods, time to cancel out the poor officiating.
  5. How was that not tripping, took Hamilton’s legs out and did not play the puck? What ****** game are these zebras watching?
  6. JR has the nerve to call that goalie interference? What a joke.
  7. I yelled, Svech dropped him like a dirty sweater, Mrs. Bam laughed out loud and told me that did not make sense. Sounded good in my head...
  8. Left his feet and point of impact point was the head. Ejection!
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