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  1. I can’t get the game of fox sports go even with Spectrum credentials. Did they drop FSCR?
  2. I think RBA just read my post and said, yep, that sounds right.
  3. https://www.tsn.ca/carolina-hurricanes-sign-ex-leafs-d-jake-gardiner-to-four-year-deal-1.1361555 Big deal in the works for our glut at D?
  4. IMHO - Staal gets the C Slavin gets an A Martinook gets an A Aho is not ready. Let him concentrate on his game, maybe someday, but he may not be leader material. A lot of high paid players are not Captains for a reason, they are paid to get points, not lead. There are only a few teams where the "best" player is the Captain.
  5. I am just happy that we have to worry about being OVER the cap instead of UNDER it for a change
  6. I am absolutely flabbergasted! This made my whole morning. This is the kind of move we needed to make, right age, right position, will fit right in with the style we are looking for. Happy F'ing Friday!
  7. Saw a rumor of $21 million in first calendar year including signing bonus. I stand corrected on my earlier comment that nobody would send him an offer sheet.
  8. Simmonds to the Devils, 1 year $5 mil.
  9. Dallas trying to build the oldest team in the league?
  10. Nobody is tendering an offer sheet for AHO. Please stop. You do not give up 4 1st round picks for Aho, he still has some proving to do. Crosby and McDavid would be the only 2 players that would be worth it. Just stop, it is not going to happen, yon need find other things to wring your hands about.
  11. Let's just win the Cup this year and let him know that we have won 2 Cups since the Rangers last one. That way we can tell, Jack Johnson, er I mean Adam Fox that he chose poorly.
  12. We have never seen playoff Jordan in a Canes uniform, I like the view.
  13. @canes2017 - You want to re-read the thread? He is a businessman, not a charity. He fronted the money to keep them running, when it became clear they were not going to get rights to NFL contracted players, he bailed and rightly so.
  14. Should rename this thread to "Tin-foil hats for sale". You are basing him moving the Canes to Houston from an article that leads with the word "Perception" on an opinion tweet, from what would be considered disgruntled employees, that the boss spent $70 million so he could get an app that processes data quickly. Gee, I bet nobody else could write an app to do the same thing, with more features in about 4 months and a couple of hundred thousand dollars.
  15. Hamilton Svech Turbo 4- Slavin 5- Nino
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