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  1. Not winning races to the puck or board battles. No movement except around the perimeter. We need to learn the back door plays and tips from 6-8 feet out in the slot.
  2. Forslund said it on the aftermath after game 3. We do not have e a Quarterback on either unit that seems to take control. That needs to be addressed first.
  3. The announcers pretty much just told all young hockey players that if you play dirty and get cheap shots in, you will be praised in the NHL and loved by your teammates. Smh
  4. Slavin has not been good today, don’t think I have ever said that.
  5. Getting ready to turn the game on, no laptop today. Let's get a win boys, and I will be on to discuss at intermissions and post game.
  6. Boys look good, everybody can either notice that we belong here and are good, or just keeping dissing us as we compete and rack up wins.
  7. It did not look like he actually hit the boards though, he hit him hard but did not drive him in to the boards.
  8. Bruins boards in meltdown mode. "Worst game they have played this year" "OK with losing this one but thugging it up and taking out their best player" What a bunch of idiots.
  9. Wow, Bruins boards are 20 pages of whining about the refs and not getting calls so far. Every bump and play by a Canes player is a penalty.
  10. Do we start asking why the ice is so bad in the North? Original 6 team, you might think they had this whole ice thing figured out unlike us dumb Southerners.
  11. Actually, it was pending the outcome of the NBA game last night, since the Celtics lost and are out of the playoffs they can schedule without NBA conflicts, Celtics play in the same building.
  12. The one that shows on the video board is at the top of 335 near the production windows. It does not register as loud as in the bottom of the bowl. I am at ice level and I maxed at 118 on my iphone app, however, I was not looking at it all of the time.
  13. Love the Islanders board and their calls for 5-0 and 4-0 wins tonight. Can’t wait for this one to start!
  14. Let's just win the Cup this year and let him know that we have won 2 Cups since the Rangers last one. That way we can tell, Jack Johnson, er I mean Adam Fox that he chose poorly.
  15. Incorrect. A shot on goal is defined as: Shots on goal include shots that are on trajectory to enter the net, but are blocked by the goalie and shots that go into the net (goals). Shots on goal=goalie saves + goals scored.* If a goalie deflects or catches a shot that would otherwise have missed the net, it is not counted as a shot on goal. If a player other than the goalie blocks or deflects the shot, it is counted as a blocked shot, rather than a shot on goal. This includes situations where the goalie may be out of position and another defenseman blocks the shot from within the goal crease. If the puck strikes the goal post and does not enter the net, it is not counted as a shot on goal.
  16. I actually agree here. I could easily tell the first two games that we were not at our best and had A LOT of puck luck in game 2 (bounces off posts and crossbars and OMG Anders Lee SO close to tying it late but again angled it just wide). Regardless of what fans think I think we stole game 2 because of all those cross bar and post dings. Lets put crossbars and goalposts into perspective. I am tired about hearing how the goalie was beaten cleanly, but it hit the post or crossbar, it still missed the net and does not even count as a shot on goal. We don't talk about missing the post by an inch, which is the same as hitting the post in relation to missing the net. You don't beat the goalie cleanly when you miss the net either. We are not lucky when the other team hits the post or crossbar, we did our job and did not give them space to score, or they did not do their job and did not execute well enough to score. I have seen all of these mentioned in articles about game 2, and more so on the Islanders chat boards , and they are really talking a lot about nothing. It is a glorified miss that makes a nice sound and nothing else unless it goes in the net. Lucky is a dump in that goes off a glass support and caroms into the goal when the goalie came out to play the puck.
  17. We have never seen playoff Jordan in a Canes uniform, I like the view.
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