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  1. I am guessing the league will suspend the rest of the season and start back up with playoffs in a few weeks. Where the teams stand right now is where the playoffs will start. (IMHO of course!)
  2. Not sure about that. In 1919, the Spanish Flu caused the league to shut down and no one was awarded the cup.
  3. I am not up on all contracts and such so asking, isn't Ned signed to a NHL contract next year? I thought I read it was a two-year this year and NHL next. Thanks!!
  4. Yeah, I just saw the replay of that on YouTube. It was not Dzingle's fault though. Trocheck's skate got locked in the ice.
  5. Time will tell but not sure we bettered ourselves. Just hope Trocheck is healthy and physical..which is what we need more of!
  6. Looking around at many different websites, it seems we are being tied to a lot of defensive players come trade deadline. I would think forwards or centers would be more what we need with the defense we have...other than Gardiner. Thoughts? Also, I read that the Blackhawks will mostly likely be selling a goalie. Thoughts on that one too? Thanks everyone! Just getting the feel of what everyone thinks!
  7. Before we talk too much about Faulk going, can we get rid of Murphy first? He's coming up soon as a UFA but this is Dahlbecks contract year. Let's drop Murphy, sign Dahlbeck, and then talk about what's left (IMO). Dahlbeck is a big body and will move people around. He still needs some experience but beats the socks off of Murphy!
  8. I feel Skinner is not safe today and that an injury was said to get him off the radar. We will know by 3pm but I think Skinner might be traded today. (Just a personal feeling!)
  9. Murphy is not a NHL'er, just like Boychuk wasn't/isn't. We need to shed this guy and pick up a hard hitting D-man. We have puck movers in Faulk, Hanifin, Slavin and even Pesce. Now we need some "stay at home" D-man that will knock anyone out of our goalies way. Murphy is not that guy at 5'11" and 185lbs. He gets pushed around more than anything. We need someone equal to Byfuglien or Burns to handle the guys that target or young stars but can play too. (my wishlist).
  10. To me, Hanifin is just having a typical sophomore year. He has good hockey sense and learning the level. Faulk is currently one of our top 3 defensemen and we need to retain him (Please don't trade him!). You want to trade a defenseman, Murphy is the perfect choice. I defense is looking good and we need to let them grow. What we need is offense! We are on the smaller side and we need some big bodies to get in front of the goalie. Aho is coming into this game, Skinner is leading the team, but I am not impressed with Nordstrom. We also need physicality! The game against Toronto was embarrassing! We were getting banged in the walls, pucks were being stolen, and we did not give good pressure. (IMHO)
  11. Can't be him! The have bought his contract out.
  12. Liles is going back to the Bruins. Good luck to him!
  13. Ladd will be a great fit for the Islanders. Would love to have gotten Eriksson but Vancover had the money. The rest are good moves as well. Still looking for the Canes to make a play!
  14. I heard that interview as well. He said he was not going to make any excuses or blame anyone but then said Carolina's plan was not the same as his and, as you stated, he wasn't surrounded by scoring wingers. I hope he just burnt the bridge and never returns. Also read on the Wild message board they hope to drop him next year already...LOL!
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