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  1. Looking around at many different websites, it seems we are being tied to a lot of defensive players come trade deadline. I would think forwards or centers would be more what we need with the defense we have...other than Gardiner. Thoughts? Also, I read that the Blackhawks will mostly likely be selling a goalie. Thoughts on that one too? Thanks everyone! Just getting the feel of what everyone thinks!
  2. Before we talk too much about Faulk going, can we get rid of Murphy first? He's coming up soon as a UFA but this is Dahlbecks contract year. Let's drop Murphy, sign Dahlbeck, and then talk about what's left (IMO). Dahlbeck is a big body and will move people around. He still needs some experience but beats the socks off of Murphy!
  3. I feel Skinner is not safe today and that an injury was said to get him off the radar. We will know by 3pm but I think Skinner might be traded today. (Just a personal feeling!)
  4. Murphy is not a NHL'er, just like Boychuk wasn't/isn't. We need to shed this guy and pick up a hard hitting D-man. We have puck movers in Faulk, Hanifin, Slavin and even Pesce. Now we need some "stay at home" D-man that will knock anyone out of our goalies way. Murphy is not that guy at 5'11" and 185lbs. He gets pushed around more than anything. We need someone equal to Byfuglien or Burns to handle the guys that target or young stars but can play too. (my wishlist).
  5. To me, Hanifin is just having a typical sophomore year. He has good hockey sense and learning the level. Faulk is currently one of our top 3 defensemen and we need to retain him (Please don't trade him!). You want to trade a defenseman, Murphy is the perfect choice. I defense is looking good and we need to let them grow. What we need is offense! We are on the smaller side and we need some big bodies to get in front of the goalie. Aho is coming into this game, Skinner is leading the team, but I am not impressed with Nordstrom. We also need physicality! The game against Toronto was embarrassing! We were getting banged in the walls, pucks were being stolen, and we did not give good pressure. (IMHO)
  6. Can't be him! The have bought his contract out.
  7. Liles is going back to the Bruins. Good luck to him!
  8. Ladd will be a great fit for the Islanders. Would love to have gotten Eriksson but Vancover had the money. The rest are good moves as well. Still looking for the Canes to make a play!
  9. I heard that interview as well. He said he was not going to make any excuses or blame anyone but then said Carolina's plan was not the same as his and, as you stated, he wasn't surrounded by scoring wingers. I hope he just burnt the bridge and never returns. Also read on the Wild message board they hope to drop him next year already...LOL!
  10. Resurrecting this thread now that the season is over and we have been through the draft. Free Agency is coming up soon and wanted to get ahead of the crowd to see what people are thinking. Who do you think will be our next Captain? I am hoping for Faulk.
  11. I have tried to find in the threads but how is Wisniewski coming along? Thanks in advance!
  12. It's a very sad day in the hockey world!
  13. My thoughts exactly!! Let's see what he's got! The Maple Leafs would be a good game to let him play.
  14. I guess that shot to the face was harder than thought! Get better, Cam!!
  15. I will say that last night showed a frustrated E.Staal...and I liked it! He put a perfect hit on Gionta, which was targeting our guys. He needs to play with that kind of grit more often but it might be a little to late. On the other hand, Lack did not look good but the defense sure looked lost in front of him too.
  16. Agreed! My opinion on Murphy is he is small and not yet strong enough in front to keep players out. He is good in the corners but I have seen him try to get the guys out of the way in front and they act like he is just a little gnat. He may be an offensive defenseman but sometimes he looks like a puck hog, to me. Keep Pesce and Slavin and let him gain strength in Charlotte...IMHO!
  17. Where I don't give any weight to some of the hockey websites out there, TFP's editor-an-chief, David Pagnotta, had quite a lot to say about the team, E.Staal, C.Ward, and a few others players. http://www.thefourthperiod.com/columnists/pagnotta/dp151027.html Interesting reading, I will say.
  18. Well, just to contribute.... Have any of you seen the "Face lift the PNC arena is getting?" Does that mean we will have NEW players on the walls and windows? http://www.wralsportsfan.com/pnc-arena-set-to-undergo-multimillion-dollar-facelift/15025140/
  19. I have been a "put E.Staal down" person for a long time. My personal opinion is there is only one goal left for him, being a Captain for a Stanley Cup Team. Look at his career in the NHL, draft 2nd overall, won a Stanley Cup ring, went to the All-Star games, Got Captain before he actually proved himself, won a gold medal at the Olympics, captained an All Star team, got a huge first contract. The only goal left IS captain a Stanley Cup team. The question I have is: Did he earn all these prestigious honors or were some handed to him? You give a young player everything up front they may lose interest early. Has E,Staal every really had grit or heart after that first year? He plays well...when he wants to, but I think he is too easy to concede to defeat. He argues with the refs just as much as "Cry Baby" Crosby. He stood up once for a team player, his brother. He's not a fighter! So, what do we need from him if he stays? My humble opinion, a no more than, $5mil / 3 yr contract, no NTC, That's it! I have said take the 'C' away, but now I say, take it away if he can't light a fire under his team. A captain is a person that talks positive, reacts positive, and plays positive. He gets doubled teamed in the corner because he's tough to handle there, but anywhere else, he plays like a 3rd liner. He's slow to get off the ice and I have only seen him mostly talk with his brother on the bench. Yes, he's getting older so it's time to act it!! Yes, I am an E.Staal basher. I feel he has been given everything but doesn't bring it all. These are my personal opinions and we all have them. Some people think he's the best thing since sliced bread, others think he's a good fit, and other's think he's lazy and doesn't try. We all have opinions about the guy so does mine really matter?...NO! In the end, Francis and Peter's are the ones to make the decision. They know what they want and they are working on trying to get it, either out of E.Staal or someone else. So, I am waiting on seeing what they are going to do. But, my last opinion is this... It takes more than one player to make a team. It takes Team Work, it takes respect of each other, and it takes heart. Without heart, you have nothing! There...I am done!
  20. I must agree with you, Coastal. The energy to discuss this is more than the energy I see E.Staal provide in the games. Ronnie and Peter's are working with what they have and trying to make the whole team work together. If they see something I don't, then as long as I see energy and production on the ice, I will agree with them. But for now, my biggest issue is lack of energy, lack of physical play, and lack of heart.
  21. I have said all along, The letters need to be removed and earned this year. Faulk deserves his letter as he is the best D-man we have. But, the other two? Both were given without thinking! Brindy was a much better captain that E.Staal and he only got it because he was the "franchise" player. WHOOPIE!! J.Staal only got his because...I really don't know! Agree with all the statements that we need some hard hitting players, *cough* RUUTU *cough*, again. I agree that no one stands up for anyone either. When other teams know you are not going to hit or take up for each other, we are beaten before we even play. On a second note, in the games we lost, we took an average of 24 shots. In the one game we won, we took 36 shots. What does that tell you? Same thing it meant with they played in PeeWee. "You don't shoot, you don't score!!" Peters! Time to shuffle the letters!!!
  22. I believe in Coach Peter's dream of being a better team but with the players we have, not going to happen. E.Staal asking for $9mil per year? Get real! You may be worth $3.5 if you were on the 3rd line! J.Staal cannot seem to find where he's suppose to be either. Being a coach of a bunch of millionaires has to be hard but let's sit some of them and bring up some grit, if we have it, from the AHL. Take his 'C' away and give it to a more active player that gives 110% every shift. Take away the 'A' that was handed to him on a platter without having to earn it here. If I was Peter's, these guys would be sore after practice from just getting off the bench to back on it. Hanifin is looking good just to be 18 and Faulk deserves his 'A', but when I see a really bad pass, and I mean to an area where this is only opposing players, I wonder why we are just slinging the puck around. Come on Canes, earn your paychecks!!! Act and play like professionals that you are suppose to be! (IMHO, of course!)
  23. I've read that E. Staal is requesting $9mil a year. If that's the case, I say "LET HIM GO!" Why? We can get 2-3 players for that price and I predict both could match his production. He is older, slower, and I just don't see him with heart. I hope he goes and we get another captain...just not the other Staal! IMHO!!
  24. LOL...yeah, I mumble alot to myself as well.
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