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  1. While I want Pitkanen to produce as much as everybody - lets remember it's what's on front of the jersey not the back. I'm sick of missing the playoffs and this defense needed improvement. Assuming Brindamour and Williams stay healthy they should more than make up for the production of Cole. Am I the only one worried every time Cole takes off head first for the net or gets in the corner? One bad hit and his career could be over. I'm going to miss his speed as much as the next person, but the offense isn't the problem. Pitkanen had two solid years in Philly (40+ points), last year was an alright year on a team that struggled a bit from time-to-time. He'll be fine and we should welcome him. I remember a lot of this forum worried about Corvo and that turned out fine. Why don't we wait and see and give the guy a chance. If Cole + Edmonton - Pitkanen = the Playoffs then good luck in Edmonton COLE.
  2. Um ... anyone still doubt the trade? I know most of the time you wouldn't say one game doesn't mean anything ... and I'm not saying 5 games from now the thought might be "ok, great first game, but what have you done for me lately." If Ruutu brings that energy and that type of play through March and April, this trade was well worth it. Everyone needs to stop questioning JR and give trades a chance. There were too many to count posts on here about hating this trade, but Jimmy did good with grabbing Samsonov, Corvo and Eaves (had a pretty good game) and now Ruutu. A few solid hits, a penalty, an assist, an awesome snow job on Brodeur and he gave blood. That's a good day folks!
  3. Can you please tell me exactly when the last time was that he "slammed it home?"
  4. I think it's a perfect fit. So what if he doesn't have 50 points a year, he skates well, handles the puck well and is a great physical presence. Something Big Joe doesn't use (don't even get me going back on that trade). He should fit in well on the 3rd line with Letowski and Big Joe. I'm assuming he will be 77 since 22 is taken?
  5. Perfect fit. Will be great with Letwoski and Vasicek on the 3rd line. The guestion is...what number will he where. Has to be 77 since 22 is taken by Commodore. To get him for a 5th rounder NEXT year is huge. With Cole out and Stillman out till tomorrow maybe Tuesday, this will help significantly.
  6. While both Philly (Nielsen Market Rank 4) and Pittsburgh (22) are higher than Raleigh/Durham (29), Atlanta comes in at 9, I believe the true draw is Crosby and Pittsburgh. The league and NBC will do anything to get as much exposure for Crosby and that team.
  7. Everyone must remember that the league as a whole is very important. While we are in the middle of a division race and on the edge of missing the playoffs, NBC is going to do what it takes to get the best ratings. Unfortunately that means the red-hot Penguins and that Crosby guy. Even if it's against the lowly Flyers. While the ratings stink no matter who plays, it offers the best chance for NBC. Let's hope for FSN to pick it up. Is it scheduled for the NHL package on cable/satellite?
  8. Knee surgery...hip flexor...doesn't use his size....not very fast, there are others to describe Joe. I thought maybe I was having a daytime dream and that it didn't really happen, however my dream is in fact a nightmare. A fully healthy hard working good skating, above average faceoff winner...gone for Joe. While I trust JR, I'm scratching my head on this one. If Joe would at least use his size and hit something (the puck included) this might not be a bad idea. I hope this isn't the big forward we are going after.
  9. This is a bad trade. 38 games and full of injuries, Vasicek doesn't know how to use his size...never has. Meanwhile, we are sending someone completely healthy to Nashville. Any thoughts that this might be a package deal possiblity? Vasicek and a d-man for someone?
  10. I agree, they look like the practice jerseys and that's ok. What I'm not for is the price increase. Over $400 for an authentic, give me a break. And over $180 just to get the name on the replicas? I hope that's not the case next year when they go with these jerseys. I'm hoping they will be a bit cheaper. We'll see.
  11. Well now I have to buy the wife a new jersey. However, I wish this trade would have been made last week. We could have gotten Mike Comrie instead. I don't think this guy is a bad defenseman. Let's not go on numbers alone, most defenseman don't hit their stride till their mid-20s anyway. I hate to see Kevyn go, he'll always be a fan favorite.
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