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  1. Thomas Kaberle before that, lol
  2. Mike Maniscalco‏@mikemaniscalco @chrisefaw that is not true. The Canes actively pursued Matt Cullen.
  3. Im watching NHL Live and they said that probatly a trade was in progress!
  4. Holy crap, 2 preseason game here (montreal and Quebec). Shut up and take my money!!!! :groupwave:
  5. I think we have a chance to go up to #6, if not we will keep #7. But we have to let Ward have some rest, if they dont beleive in Peters, they should have get a backup before trade deadline.
  6. Where can you see up to date all star vote result??
  7. Win// I could never root for the Canes to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Someone on TSN just said that we where dumping body to get the 1st draft pick
  9. [quote name='legend-1 wrote: panama7996'] Stephane Yelle and Harrison Reed have been traded to Colorado for C Cedric Lalonde-McNicoll and a sixth-round pick Feel bad for the guy thats gotta make that fit on a jerseyLOL
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