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  1. oh so you are one of those " SHOOT IT!!!" people. I think EVERY hockey fan should have to lace up the skates and play hockey themselves so that stupid stuff doesn't spew from their mouths. Cole has been next to invisible during this playoff run. and someone needs to tell him that ALL players know his "speed up the right wing, cut in front of the crease, lean on the defense and hope to get some sort of shot off"..... thats why it hasn't really worked in his whole season. . .. Canes need to bring the pain. A whole lot less body throwing this game. a few big hits but those were it. sorry coach mo, its playoff hockey! its got to happen dude! Pitkanen has been terrible. he started off the begining of regular season on a good stride. but his turnovers and costly mistakes have been the root to SOOO many loses for us. he pinches most everytime. and the few times he doesn't, he'll stand in place and watch the puck go by instead of skateing to it, or to where its gonna be. I'd hope to see him gone in off season no matter how far we get in the playoffs/stanley cup run.
  2. you must not keep up with the rest of the league during the seaon. the sharks are next to unbeatable. ESPECIALLY on home ice. run into a hot goalie? ummmm NABOKOV maybe???
  3. I'd like to know how the players were picked to do the different events. How people such as Staal were in none except the shootout portion(but EVERYONE got to do that, same as the game itself). shouldn't they let everyone get a chance to do some portion of the other events? kinda sucks as a 'Canes fan to not get to root for him except for his ONE goal and the invisibility cloak he had on.
  4. ...as per Wallin in my store today: Cam is in net tonight. he's been practing fine, but still feels a twinge. Wallin even feels it was a little fast maybe and that they were jumping the gun. he did say Seidenberg AND Gleason are back in the lineup tonight and that Larose and Brookbank are healthy scratches tonight. He himself just went to the doctor and got a cortozone shot for his "leg/groin" so he felt like he'd defeinitely be in this week.
  5. not to hijack or anything, but Braden at Eternal Ink gave me a copy of your disk. Your music gets me pumped before hitting the ice myself!
  6. Congrats to Eric, but I woudln't get too excited. a few lucky bounces and a goalie out of position helped his hat trick.
  7. I was at stick and puck in wake forest at 5:45 to 6:45 too. didn't see any of them. that sucks, I would have gotten cory to sign something.
  8. Bunch of us went out Monday night to N. Raleigh for last drinks before going back to work. Who was there? alot of the hurricanes team. We were sitting beside "the wives" table, but still within 5 feet of "the players" table. Who all was there? Cory Stillman, Ray Whitney, BAtes Bataglia, Craig Adams, Bret Hedican, Kristi Y, Eric STaal, Erik Cole, Justin Williams, and a few other players from other teams that I recognized, but couldn't name.
  9. not my personal story, but my roomate works at David O'neal Jeep on Capitol Blvd. in the service department. The same mini van that you all keep talking aboutScott Walker driving is the new chrysler which he spent closer to 70k on just to have EVERYTHING. anyway, something was wrong with the mini-van and it was going to have to spend a week in the shop. the dealership people thinking SOOO clearly wanted to put him into a crossfire or something. my roomate said Walker was pretty mad how they handled getting his car taken care of, and they're idea of making him drive his kids around in the smallest car in the world. my roomate said he knew it was one of the canes but he would never known "who" scotty walker was because of how short he is off skates. I let him know that he was actually one of our enforcers, so to speak.
  10. as much as I'd love for the Canes to win, I feel its not going to happen tonight. with the few players that MIGHT play tonight after a long time out, I think it will hurt us more than help. only one way to find out though.....
  11. guess he point blank lied to you
  12. I am in absolute awe of that!!! Sucks for him, bet he feels VERY bad.
  13. UMMM HELLO?!??! HAVE YOU EVEN READ THIS THREAD?!?!? Have we EVER had a thread that trashed the parking this bad? no! it was an outrage. Alot of us are STH or just go to ALOT of games. What happened yesterday is out of the ordinary!!!! not only did I leave for the game at the normal time I usually do, but I left an extra 30 minutes earlier. I usually leave an hour and 15 minutes early for games and I get there and have at least 30-40 minutes before the puck drops. this time I left 1 hour and 45 minutes before the game, and still made it in there with 10 minutes left in the first.
  14. guess what made me the most mad was I've been waiting in line down the off ramp at edwards mill, the whole length of edwards mill, and then ALL of trinity road. Once I get to where I'm about to be let into the parking lots, people are coming up on my right side with their left turn signal, wanting to cut in front of me, and getting mad because I won't let them in. It was one of those: "Hey look, I just waited 35 minutes in standstill traffic to get in, and you are going to cheat and weave in and out of people and go around people, not wait, and expect me to let you in?"
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