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  1. Are you headed to the DC area- maybe for the game on the 11th? I have a Living Social Deal to Sheraton National Hotel for A One-Night Stay for Two in a Traditional Guest Room, Breakfast for Two at the Potomac Restaurant, Two $5 Metro Passes, and Parking. The deal is expiring on May 5th, 2013, but I'm not going to be able to use it before the deadline. We have stayed at this hotel before, and it was a great hotel in an excellent location. I paid $99 for this $195 deal. I am asking for $75 cash. The paid value ($99) will not expire this May but the promotional value will. I'd really like to help someone else take advantage of this deal.
  2. Thanks for all you brought to our community, both on and off the ice. Your trade was a stunning surprise to us, and you'll be missed. We wish you the best as you head to Pittsburgh.
  3. Selling Black Jersey with #53 Skinner - was heat pressed @The Eye Size Medium
  4. I agree with JLP, Sutter's a steal at those prices, especially when compared to what I consider inflated contracts signed by UFAs. Glad #16 will be in a Canes jersey for a few more years.
  5. I am looking for 2 tickets to the STH event on 11/22. I am willing to trade a couple items (bobblehead or another giveaway item) for the 2 tickets.
  6. Was it Dwyer & O'Sullivan? Just guessing here, since we're wondering the same thing.
  7. I was a bit surprised to read this, too. I wonder how this will affect Forsie's contract or his work with other teams? Oh well, I just hope FSN increases their coverage. It's hard on a Caniac when the games aren't live or televised.
  8. Thanks for posting the pics. Looks like fun, as most booster club picnics/gatherings tend to be. And, sorry for this, Chris, but...."Hey, ref! you suck!" So, when are you ratical Booster club folks from Albany going to visit Raleigh? Any plans for this upcoming season? You've got to let us know, so we can properly host you guys.
  9. I like the hat bin idea. Wonder if that'd ever really catch on here- the bin that is. Caniacs are the best when one of our boys scores a hatty.
  10. Just want to chime in an say "Thanks!" *to the Carolina Hurricanes staff, the front office, administrative folks, promotions, Kids N Community, the coaches, players and support staff, the Black Aces, the River Rats, and the folks who covered the games and gave us much insight to the every day happenings. *to FSC and Versus for your coverage of the team we love so dear. *Thank to the folks at The Fan- the coverage of hockey before, during and after games along with the playoff coverage and talk during your daytime shows- it has been wonderful! *Thanks also to the other stations covering the Canes. Keep it up for many seasons to come. *Thanks also to the folks in the Carolina Hurricanes Booster Club for being great hockey fans and for all that is done in the community. *Thanks to the Caniacs all around our great team. Let's bring our fanaticism back next season and cheer for our team!
  11. Today's menu includes beer chicken, potatoes, veggies, bacon-wrapped scallops (aka Penguin Bites), california rolls and drinks. Look for the penguin hung from a kid's hockey stick in the tree in the East Lot and say "hi".
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