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  1. I'll be at the equivalent of a practice when I attend the games on Friday and Saturday nights.
  2. robinmac

    Stanley Cup

    Mid June. RBC Center, CENTER ICE!! Be there or be square. Mid June What Year???
  3. I'm sure whatever you end up wearing can't be any worse than things I have seen at the RBC... Anorexic and extremely "sturdy" females alike wearing clothes, particularly jeans, that are two sizes too small, making you wonder how they are breathing and why in the world would their mothers or husbands or boyfriends let them leave the house dressed like that!!
  4. Thank you both for the info. Must get new tv with money my Uncle Sam is sending to me. It is nice when the government does something for ME. Great Game!!!!
  5. My current tv situation is smaller than a computer monitor. Couldn't very well see what happened to cause the penalty shot. Can someone help? Thanks.
  6. We're lucky it's only 1-0. Shots on goal 1st pd: them 18, us 5...... it could be a lot uglier than it is....
  7. I wish I could go to work and get paid to not do anything. Esp. as much as he makes.
  8. I think Tripp looks more professional.. I would be asking for a refund on those glasses.
  9. Speaking of John and Tripp... am I the only one who thinks this... as much as John is on TV, he needs to spend some $$$ on a beauty/fashion consultant and get some new glasses and a new "do"
  10. Oh my goodness... I just flipped back... let's just make the whole game a PK :x :-o
  11. might need to smoke some bud to get through this game LMAO... too bad I'm not 18 again.. didn't have to worry about studying for p test then. 8)
  12. robinmac

    Julia Rowe

    I will be willing to participate if we involve Rex Blood Services. I will not donate anything, including time, to anything or anyone remotely connected to the American Red Cross. Some of you may remember a study that was done post 9-11 comparing the Salvation Army to the ARC... The majority of $$ taken in by the ARC are used for salaries, namely the director's. Of all the relief organizations, the Salvation Army has the highest % of $$ going to the people who need it most. BOOOOOO the American Red Cross!!
  13. Here is the trunk monkey compilation. LMAO My fave is the pregnant lady one.
  14. Couldn't they have mailed them out during a winning streak, well, streak is a bit much to anticipate... but a least after a WIN?? This is the first month of no payment for the STH 6 pay plan. Guess they think we are budgeted for it, so send it on... I think I'll use my $$ towards a HDTV and watch from home. That way when hockey season over, we'll have new TV to show for.
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