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  1. I'm a little confused about the ASG Wide Open - do we need separate tickets for each day? Or if we buy one $10 ticket, is it good for the entire weekend?
  2. bk-59

    Worst pet peeve?

    people who go through the self-checkout line at walmart or the grocery store with like 30 items in their cart. ughhhhhh!! lol
  3. There seems to be several conflicting reports of what really happened. The NHL.com story reports that he walked into the hospital on his own, with the team physician, after the game. But the Daily News said he was unconscious and not breathing when he was taken to the hospital at 3am. From what NHL.com says he's expected to be okay, but I hope everyone gets their stories straight so we can figure out what's really going on. Best wishes to Avery for a speedy recovery.
  4. It says somewhere in that article (second or third page, I think) that if he wasn't playing hockey he wanted to be a fashion magazine editor.(!) And then I think it was the woman he's going to be working with maybe, said something like "I doubt he'll be doing things like getting coffee like normal interns do." It's somewhere on the second or third page. There are some pretty awesome quotes in there lol. Thanks for merging the topics!
  5. Sean Avery to Intern at Vogue Didn't see this posted anywhere else... a 3-page article on Sean Avery going to work at Vogue. It's great. I love the quote from Gary Roberts on the second page.
  6. Someone brought up another thread on the Thrashers boards that mentioned that the Canes have two problems, one being diving and the second being steroids.
  7. Who, Darren Elliot? He didn't say anything about steroids (if that was what you were referring to), that was a random fan on their boards. If you're talking about him saying it was all diving, I don't exactly see that as flaming lies. He's saying what he thinks but he's an idiot. Anyone who listens to the games on their end will tell you that. And anyway, there are quite a few other people that like to think the Canes only win because they dive, so while it might be stupid I don't think it's extremely harmful for one idiot announcer to say that.
  8. Yeah, I read that just now and all I could do was laugh about it, but it doesn't really matter. I can't blame the fans who are trying to make excuses, but really there's no excuse for the way the team has played this year. For the ones that blame it on diving, steroids, etc. of the other team - its probably just time to let go and admit the team doesn't try. It's frustrating being a Thrashers fan this year (my boyfriend and his roommates are, and I don't mind rooting for them on the rare occasion I go see them when they aren't playing Carolina) and like I said, most of the fans I know have just let it go and laugh about it. I do think its funny that someone is blaming our being ahead of them on steroids...but it doesn't matter... they can say whatever they want on their board and we can say what we want on ours and it won't change anything, so we should probably just leave it at that and not worry about what a few random frustrated fans are saying.
  9. Yeah I think this was a huge part of it. Elliot just went on and on and on about "diving" and that really didn't help. He is an idiot and usually doesn't know what he's talking about. I think that and the horrible officiating was what lead a lot of the Thrashers fans who were making excuses to do it. But really I can't blame them, and most of them aren't actually making excuses for their play - most of the fans I know knew that the players gave up a long time ago and aren't trying to make any more excuses for them.
  10. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/03/15/storm.atlanta/index.html' target="_blank">Storms stagger Atlanta[/post] A tornado swept through downtown Atlanta. You can read all about it on CNN. I haven't really looked at the site yet, but if there are any videos on there you should definitely watch them. There were clips on last night from the Georgia Dome where the rafters and the scoreboard just start swaying back and forth and people started running - unbelievable. Everyone in Atlanta will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  11. I agree. Limiting ticket sales to locals may sound good to locals but not to anyone else. If I wasn't allowed to buy tickets for the team I support just because I don't live in North Carolina, I probably wouldn't be supporting that team much longer. And opposing teams' fans are welcome in the RBC Center, I think, as long as they are respectful. There are bad apples in every fan base, even the Canes, so disallowing people from out of state to buy tickets just isn't fair.
  12. Get well soon David. We miss you and need you out there! Take care of yourself - we all hope to see you in a Canes jersey again soon!
  13. Did you make your purse yourself? I saw someone last season with an awesome Hurricanes purse (I totally loved it) and I asked where she got it, and she said she made it herself. Might have been you!
  14. For the most part I agree with what you're saying RRW. I wouldn't expect, say, a Caps fan to move down here and automatically cheer for the Canes. But I do agree with what you (or maybe it was another poster, can't remember) said about going for the love of the game. I grew up in Durham and have been a loyal Canes fan for years. I live outside Atlanta now and while I always wear my Canes gear when the Canes and the Thrashers play each other, I still love going to other Thrashers games too. I felt lucky to have such an awesome team in Raleigh, and when I moved down here I felt lucky just to have hockey at all, so of course I go support the Thrashers when they're not playing the Canes. (Yeah, I know, divison rivals, blah blah...but if you didn't have hockey any other way I'm sure you'd go just to see the games too! lol) I lived in Charlotte for a time and I went to Checkers games. Not necessarily because I was a Checkers fan, but just because it was hockey. So yes, I agree that its great when hockey fans support the local as well as their home team, but of course I'd never try to force anyone to do that, and if you don't want to do that then that's fine too. Just my 2 cents.
  15. I agree completely. Overall the event was pretty good - those of you that watched it at home seem to think that it is the NHL's fault or the players' fault that the TV version wasn't very good. Watching it live was amazing. If Versus was the one broadcasting the event, take it up with Versus. And yes, the speed contest did seem to be messed up. I read somewhere that the timers got switched for the players or something, because for every race the fastest person got the slower time. Campbell very clearly got killed in that race, but he still went on to compete in the final round, while Kovalchuk should have won (and even thought he won, as he was in line for the next race) but the other guy had his stick across the line at the same time Kovalchuk crossed. That was the only event I really didn't care for because of that. The Youngstars game was a blast, and I enjoyed the breakaway competition for the guys like Getzlaf and Ovechkin that actually did something a little unique. (So what if they couldn't pull it off as a goal - at least they were creative and did what they were supposed to do!) I have mixed feelings regarding the crowd last night. While a few of you are bashing the 'Atlanta fans' for booing everyone, keep in mind that a good portion of the people there actually WEREN'T Thrashers fans. Every NHL team was well-represented there (especially the Canes!) and while probably around half the people were Thrashers fans, the other half weren't. So I don't think it's fair to blame the entire Atlanta crowd by saying we don't have class - every team has its rivals, so chances are everybody out there is going to get booed at one point or another. Not saying I agree with it because like someone else pointed out, it's just for fun, it doesn't matter, so why make a big deal out of it? I just don't think it's fair to put the blame on the Atlanta fans when only about half in attendance were actually Atlanta fans. (I live in Georgia now so I watch the Thrashers all the time, but I grew up in NC so I'm still a bigger Canes fan. I wore my Thrashers jersey tonight since my favorite Thrasher [Enstrom] was in the youngstars - will be wearing the Canes jersey tonight for the real game!) Anyway, I'm not trying to bash anyone here - just suggesting another opinion. Sorry you guys were so disappointed with the skills comp and hope you decide to watch the game tonight anyway.
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