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  1. Find a map of the Metro lines and stay somewhere near one of the stops in Northern VA. You won't find a nice hotel for less than $100 downtown. Yeah, you could try searching for hotels in say Woodbridge or Springfield which is the furthest south on Metro, and you may find much cheaper hotels. That metro stop also has a large parking area, so you wouldn't have to worry about actually getting to the station (just make sure you pay attention to what time the last train leaves for that station after the game).
  2. Yeah, especially if you're leaving during peak rider times, so keep that in mind too!
  3. I run that group, and there's only one group on MySpace named Caniac Nation. It's the first, and largest group by FAR on MySpace for 'Canes fans. My MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/terry85 Caniac Nation: http://groups.myspace.com/Caniacs
  4. I am in DC at least once a week and I can tell you I'm 99 percent sure you're no way going to find a hotel in the city for less than $100 a night. You can *try* the Best Western on South Capitol and I streets, though - might be your best bet. Otherwise, you should look OUTSIDE of the city itself. $100 is way low for the DC area, though.
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