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  1. 1)the people in front of u will stand up and start a conversation while the puck is in play 2)some drunk guy will spill his beer 3)you will get in a random conversation with the person beside you 4)if were losing with like 2 minutes in the game u will see lots of people leaving early(hello we could still win) 5)while leaving if u lost u will see the opponites fans screaming and yelling just to make u mad lol number 2 happened to some dude that sat a row below me
  2. im sure u know which one is me. lol.
  3. you guys might have heard this one but i sometimes call brind'amour "the mop"
  4. staals leading thats so kool
  5. i like them both theres things that cam can do better that grahame but theres things grahame can do better that cam so its a tie
  6. i dont think it could be any other way but Eric Staal but Cam Ward comes second defently
  7. skate wid the canes rocked while hanging wid the canes we got a good chance to talk wid the storm squad and make more friends wid our fellow caniacs. i was too in the blue group i thought it was funny when they passed around the card and laughed. me and my mom got lots of pics u can see them on our myspaces. my myspace account is www.myspace.com/beacgirl945
  8. i loved it i mean expessialy seeing STAAL man anywho u want to see pics if u have a myspace add me as a friend i have lots of friends so does my mom my myspace account is www.myspace.com/beacgirl945
  9. hey there is a store called canes world right next to the cheesecake factory in crabtree their not all canes stuff but the owner said they are turning into an all hurricanes store sometime this year but i dont know when
  10. yeah im going its pretty kool the gates open 10 minutes early
  11. yeahh i got backup goalie my mom is assistant goalie so yep i guess being a goalie runs in the family
  12. hey i wanna join i can skate and i guess i can control a puck so i can be a tribute to the team not that u need any more help but it wont hurt :-)
  13. no my show comes on then but i can sacrifice it for a chance to see erik staal on home makeover home edition
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